Marvel's Ant-Man and the Wasp is a 2018 live-action superhero film produced by 20th Century Fox and Marvel Studios based on the duo by the same name. It is the twenty fifth film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and a sequel to Ant-Man. It was released worldwide on July 6th 2018.


The first Ant-Man movie was met with enough decent financial success to warrant a sequel in Phase 3. During Comic Con 2015 when the schedule was announced many were surprised to find out that a sequel was in the works that would be starring Evangeline Lilly's The Wasp in not just a supporting role, but as a co-lead alongside Paul Rudd's Ant-Man. Making it the only female co-lead Marvel film since Black Widow and Hawkeye. News also surfaced at the time that Peyton Reed would not be returning to the direct the sequel and would instead of replaced by Indie Director Kelly Fremon Craig.

Another interesting fact revealed at Comic Con was Ant-Man and the Wasp's release date appearing two months after Avengers 3's release date of May 2018, confusing many fans who thought their inclusion in the Avengers was inevitable and/or that Avengers 3 would end with a cliffhanger. Kevin Feige though did reassure fans Scott Lang and Janet Van Dyne would be fighting alongside the Avengers at some point in the future. Though Feige didn't explicitly say it at Comic Con, Ant-Man and the Wasp was later confirmed by Director Kelly Fremon Craig to be a prequel to the events of Avengers 3. That the plot would involve the Overspace, which was set to play a significant role in the events of the upcoming May 2019 film Avengers 4.

Casting for Ant-Man and the Wasp showed that most of the cast for the original film would be reprising their roles in addition to other characters from different Marvel Cinematic Universe properties. Such as Daniel Brühl as Helmut Zemo and Adrian Pasdar as Glenn Talbot, who would be returning from Captain America: Civil War. Filming began and wrapped during mid to late 2017 and met its slated release date on July 6th 2018.


  • Paul Rudd as Scott Lang/Ant-Man
  • Evangeline Lilly as Janet Van Dyne/The Wasp
  • Nathan Fillion as Simon Williams/Wonder Man
  • Walton Goggins as Erik Josten/Atlas
  • Michael Douglas as Hank Pym
  • Laurence Fishburne as Bill Foster
  • Daniel Brühl as Helmut Zemo/Baron Zemo
  • Abby Ryder Fortson as Cassie Lang
  • Michael Peña as Pedro Ortiz
  • T.I. Harris as Charlie Buchanan
  • David Dastmalchian as Valentin Shatalov
  • Adrian Pasdar as General Glenn Talbot
  • Bobby Cannavale as Blake Burdick
  • Judy Greer as Maggie Burdick


The film starts with an establishing shot of the Headquarters for the company Williams Innovations. Inside, CEO Simon Williams is in his office working on a laptop until getting a phone call. He casually picks it up and after hearing what's said on the other line begins running through the hallway into the laboratory until he finds Bill Foster. Simon catching his breath asks him if it's true, he actually found the door to Heaven. Bill replies more than that, he found the key.

The credits begin to roll before cutting to Argentina, where it shows a Hydra plantation Workshop. Two armed guards wait by the entrance until suddenly being killed by what is revealed to be Ant-Man and the Wasp shrunken down. They grow to full size and Janet says it's ridiculous that they only had two guards protecting the entrance. Scott responds that Hydra must be low on men. This plantation is the last known stronghold S.H.I.E.L.D. has in their database, the Insight Accords got everything else, Janet then asks what they're waiting for then! They both shrink down as Ant-Man summons an ant and he flies alongside the Wasp through the plantation until spying on the Workshop Administrator Erik Josten, who's working alongside the Hydra scientists on an advanced ICBM. Ant-Man tells the Wasp she'll go low he'll go high but Janet reminds Scott that she has wings, why would she go low. He takes note of her suggestion and the Wasp jumps off Ant-Man's back before growing to full size and shooting Josten with her blasters. Ant-Man then enlarges himself too and joins the fight, summoning a wide variety of ants to help him in the fight. Erik gets up and despite his wounds is able to put in the coordinates for the ICBM before launching it.

Ant-Man looks over the control panel and realizes the ICBM is heading straight for London, telling the Wasp they need to stop it. Janet says Erik Josten will get away if they leave now but Scott tells her thousands of people will die if they don't! She eventually listens and they both fly after it. Ant-Man and the Wasp eventually land on the ICBM and both shrink down to disable it, successfully doing so as the missile harmlessly drops into the water. Scott and Janet both floating on water due to their small stature giving them enough buoyancy not to sink.

At Camp Hammond, General Talbot grants Scott Lang and Janet Van Dyne with Medals of Honor saying that he's proud to announce that with the dismantling of the Argentina Plantation Hydra is just about dead, and it's all thanks to them. Janet insists there are still pockets of them hidden around the world, they can just go underground again. Talbot claims that the United Nations and S.H.I.E.L.D. will find those scattering rats eventually, but right now the two of them should relax, they've earned it. As Talbot walks away Scott asks Janet why she didn't follow his lead during the Plantation raid. They both bicker with one another about it until suddenly kissing, afterwards Scott sarcastically says that's a pretty convincing point.

Back in San Francisco, Scott and Janet are at their home where Maggie and Blake are dropping Cassie off as per their visitation agreement. It then does a montage of the three of them spending the weekend together where Cassie gets along well with Scott but dislikes Janet, purposely dropping a bowling ball on her foot and throwing an ice cream sundae in her hair. At the beginning of the next week Maggie and Blake come to pick up Cassie and ask how it went. Scott insists it was great but Janet tells them she misbehaved the whole time and should probably be grounded. Maggie asks what happened and Scott explains they were a few hiccups and while they talk Cassie sticks her tongue out at Janet only for Van Dyne to surprisingly do the same right back. After Cassie leaves, Scott tells Janet to please try and get along better with Cassie next weekend. Janet responds that she's trying but Cassie hates her, and she's not going to be pushed around by a ten year old girl. Scott insists she's his daughter and Janet is his girlfriend, insisting that he's asking nicely. Van Dyne tells him fine, but only because she has to get ready for the meeting at Cross Technologies tomorrow anyway. Scott tells her that's right, with Simon Williams on that Ionic Ray prototype.

Act 1

It cuts to a report of a WIRED Insider Interview with Simon Williams himself. Simon tells the Interviewer how the first thing he did after earning his PhD in business was start working for his family's company, Williams Innovations. He then tells the story of how his father, Sanford Williams, grew up in poverty before working hard to break into the science industry and build Williams Innovations from the ground up. After his father died and his brother, Eric, moved on into sports, Simon knew he had to keep the company alive. Williams then goes on to explain that his father always told him he had what it takes and that encouragement is what drives him everyday. The interview then asks what Williams Innovations plans to make next, Simon says they're going to partner with Cross Technologies and research a scientific breakthrough that can change the way they view reality. He can't say much, but when they unveil it, the people of San Francisco and the world are going to be astonished.

At a Church in Cleveland Ohio, Baron Helmut Zemo is dressed in his sleek purple mask as a bunch of Hydra soldiers spare with him. Zemo shows impressive combat skills by physically taking them all down with both his fists and a fencing sword. Afterwards, the Baron scolds his soldiers for being so incompetent. Insisting it's no wonder Hydra has fallen from grace! Baron Zemo then rips his mask off revealing himself to have grown a beard as Erik Josten tells him the world is changing faster than Hydra can keep up, dabbling in genetic engineering isn't going to cut it anymore. Baron Zemo asks Josten what he suggests they do then and Erik says they need to look into a different kind of science. Ant-Man and the Wasp alone took down an entire Plantation by themselves, their ability to change size at will is unprecedented. Superpowers, nanotech, and political espionage were good when their fathers did it, but Quantum manipulation is the way of the future. Baron Zemo gets up aggressively at first before finally praising Erik for his suggestion. Claiming it's refreshing to see one member of Hydra left who still knows how to think forward. Zemo then tells his subordinates to relocate Hydra's remaining operations to San Francisco and start exhausting every possible connection they have in Quantum Technology. The soldiers ask what then and Zemo claims then Hydra will be able to grow.

At Cross Technologies, Hank Pym is working in the lab on a delicate experiment until Scott Lang sneaks inside and spooks him by yelling BOO! Hank isn't amused by the prank and tells Scott he would've knocked his teeth out for that if he didn't enjoy working at Cross Technologies again so much. Janet responds "it's nice to see you too, Hank" and he asks speaking of which, how their new suits holding up in the field. Scott claims there's a little lag between the particle synthesis but Hank replies he's probably just not using the new features right. Van Dyne interrupts saying they can talk about this later, their meeting with Williams Innovations starts in five minutes. The three of them all walk to the boardroom and after opening the door Simon Williams and Bill Foster are seen inside waiting for them. Simon quickly gets up and shakes Janet's hand saying it's good to see her again. Janet responds saying likewise, hoping Cross and Williams can work together as well as they have in the past, even with the Stark Industries buyout. Scott starts clearing his throat to get their attention and Janet introduces Lang as her boyfriend. Simon proudly shakes his hand too and tells Scott he's heard a lot about him, Cross Technologies is lucky to have snatched him up. Scott becomes flattered insisting he doesn't want to brag, but he did come up with a few successful inventions since being hired which might've helped.

Everyone then sits down as Bill Foster sets up a projector and begins to speak. Telling them that for decades Williams Innovations has been working on Project G.O.L.I.A.T.H. based on the theory that if an object was bombarded with specifically tuned Ionic Rays, it would allow the observer to expand its mass to such a large velocity that they would be able to transcend the physical universe and enter an unimaginably large dimension, the Overspace. Bill adds on that he's recently designed the blueprint for an Ionic Generator he believes has the potential to send human beings to enter the Overspace, possibly even explore it, showing them all the blueprints on the projector. Hank Pym stands up and says all of this sounds... very impressive, but then asks why they would come to Cross Technologies for a joint venture on this. Simon says Cross Technologies is the only company today that's dealing with experiments even remotely similar to their research. Bill adding on the fiasco that occurred three years ago where Ant-Man briefly entered the opposite, but equally relevant, Underspace. Scott clarifies he was barely there for ten minutes but Bill insists that's more experience than any of them have. Janet claims that the board's already approved the joint venture, Hank and Scott just need to agree to help with the experiments and they're all in business. Lang says he's game and everyone then looks to Hank, who tells them let's kick some ass.

It does a montage over the next couple of weeks cutting between Cross Technologies and the cellar of a restaurant front for Hydra where they're both working on different Ionic Ray machines. Scott and Hank using Pym Particles and ants to help speed up the construction of a large Ionic Energy Generator at Cross Technologies while Erik Josten slowly and meticulously designs a small Ionic Energy Chamber that gets completed first, but yields very little results. Back at Cross Technologies, Scott Lang is busy tightening screws on the Ionic Generator until Simon approaches him and says that he bought two tickets for a Baseball game later but his friend couldn't show up, he then asks if Scott would want to go with him. Lang is surprised by the offer but agrees to go, thinking it could be fun. At the game, Simon and Scott sit together and talk about the experiment as Williams and Lang both begin to develop a mutual respect with one another. Eventually, Pedro Ortiz is shown to be at the Baseball game too and says "Whazzup" to Scott and Simon. He asks Lang who he's with and Scott introduces Simon as his friend from work. Williams and Pedro shake hands and Simon asks how he and Scott met, causing Pedro to begin telling an exaggerated story of how they were roommates in prison who worked together to stop an evil scientist. Simon's delighted by Pedro's animated storytelling and says how Scott's story of redemption is really inspiring.

At the Lang-Van Dyne Household, Janet is sitting on the table filling out paperwork until Cassie comes up to her saying that her Mom and Blake told her she has to apologize for being "mean" to Janet last week, so she's sorry. Van Dyne though rejects the apology insisting that Cassie doesn't actually mean it and isn't truly sorry for what she did. Cassie yells that she takes it back then and Janet sends her up to her room. While storming upstairs Cassie says she wishes her Dad never even met Janet, Van Dyne noticeably hurt by those words. At Cross Technologies, the Ionic Generator is completed with Simon shown to be wearing a black Williams Innovations shirt with a large red W written on its chest. Hank Pym and Bill Foster are talking to Simon all about the Ionic Generator while subtly arguing with one another about who made the biggest contributions to the project. Janet goes up to Scott and asks him if he's nervous but Lang insists that he isn't, he trusts that Simon wouldn't recommend him for the job if he didn't know he could handle it. Besides, being the first person to literally step foot in the Overspace, that's awesome.

Janet says he and Simon seem to be really hitting it off and Scott confirms that they are, he might actually want to hang out with him after more after this is all done. Van Dyne claims after what happened with her father she usually likes to keep her emotions out of business, but to each their own. Scott claims Simon can just do everything! He's smart, he's handsome. He even started to give him a nickname, Wonder Man. Janet then looks at the W on Simon's shirt and humorously claims "if it walks like a duck..." and they both laugh. Lang then asks Janet how it went watching Cassie last night, did she behave. Before Janet can answer Simon gets Scott's attention telling him it's time. Lang walks into the Ionic Generator while Simon Williams instructs Bill and Hank to start the countdown. As it begins powering up everything goes as planned with the Ionic Radiation showering Scott until an error message appears on the screen and Lang starts to say he's feeling nauseous. Bill Foster explains that there was a miscalculation, the Ionic Rays are being rejected by Scott's nervous system, his cells are fighting against it and it's creating a dangerous feedback loop throughout his entire body. Janet asks what the hell that means and Bill responds he's turning into pure Ionic energy. Hank Pym insists to Bill that he can fix this but Bill claims he'll only make it worse and the two of them bicker as Scott's cells begin to break apart and he starts shouting in pain.

Simon Williams goes past all the scientists and into the Ionic Generator. Lang tells Simon to get out of here but Williams claims that Scott isn't going to die today, he's got a family that needs him. Simon then starts pulling Scott away out of the Ionic Generator before it explodes. Unfortunately, Simon wasn't able to exit the generator in time and was in the center of the explosion. After the smoke clears Simon's body is nowhere to be found as everyone mourns his loss, believing him to have perished. Back at the Lang-Van Dyne Household, Scott and Janet walk in both still having blood and charcoal on their faces. Cassie runs up to her Dad and asks him what's wrong, he stammers for a moment before saying he just had a hard day today. Cassie then hugs Scott and he tells her they can go watch Cartoons together. As they both go to the couch and turn on the Television Janet is about to ask if she can join too, but seeing Cassie give her a dirty look decides not to, instead sitting by herself.

Days later in Muir Woods, the forest is quiet and pristine until suddenly Ionic Energy begins appearing in the air and Simon Williams' body is physically reconstructed in the middle of the forest. Simon is confused about what's going on until taking a step forward only for his foot to become powered by Ionic Energy and create a hole in the ground. Simon shouts in pain before looking at his leg only to see the outline of it transformed into Ionic Energy before changing back, causing Simon to freak out as he accidentally hits a tree, destroying it when his arms turn into Ionic Energy too, causing more pain. Williams then finds himself surrounded by a platoon of Hydra soldiers lead by Erik Josten who demand he surrender with his hands in the air. Simon shouts he's not a criminal, they have to help him! One of the soldiers responds by opening fire, much to Erik's chagrin, and the bullet passes right through Simon, with his flesh shortly after recreating itself with Ionic Energy. After that, Williams starts attacking the entire Hydra platoon with his new found strength and invulnerability until someone shoots a dart into his neck. Simon noticing afterwards his Ionic transformations begin to subdue and turns around only to see Baron Zemo standing behind him in his purple mask before getting bashed over the head with the back of his sword.

Simon Williams slowly wakes up inside of the Ionic Energy Chamber where he tries to find an escape, only for Zemo sitting in the corner to tell him there's no way out. The Chamber nullifies his strength and durability. Simon recognizes him as Helmut Zemo, he's the Baron of Hydra, Simon asking what the hell he did to him! Zemo replies that he had no role in what happened to him. Testing the Ionic Chamber he's standing in right now is what made him whole again, but it was the Generator at Cross Technologies that truly turned him into this. Simon says that Zemo needs to let him out of here, he needs to see Janet and Scott and Bill, they could be infected too. Baron Zemo though assures Simon they're fine, unlike him, Helmut then gets up and informs Williams that Molecular Disequilibrium is a devastating disease. Every cell in his body has been turned into Ionic Energy that's only held together by muscle memory, but those won't last forever. In due time his cells will slowly continue to break down until he completely disappears. Simon bangs against the Chamber wall and asks Zemo why he's keeping him here then!? Baron Zemo then takes a cocktail claiming this is Chemical X07, the dart he shot into him before was full of it. Hydra developed the formula to help with migration in the Overspace, but it also serves the purpose of treating the effects of Simon's illness. Williams observes that Hydra's not going to cure him out of the goodness of their heart, and asks what's the catch.

Zemo explains despite Simon's fatal condition the Ionic Energy he's made of grants him extraordinary abilities no one in Hydra currently possess. He thinks they can mutually benefit one another. Simon will use his powers to serve the Hydra ideal, and in return continue to get treatment with Chemical X07 that will remedy his afflictions while maintaining his powers, the choice is his. Williams tells Zemo he will never work for him even if it means he has to rot in this cage for the rest of his life. Zemo insists Simon isn't a prisoner, putting in the code to open the Ionic Energy Chamber door. He's free to reject the offer and leave if that is what he truly desires, but to know the Disequilibrium will kill him if he does, "and it will hurt". Simon starts trying to walk out of the Chamber but his body constantly turns into Ionic Energy and back causing him immense pain. He collapses onto his knees until physically grabbing Zemo's hand and feverishly drinks all the Chemical X07. As Simon's transformations subside the Baron tells him his company, Williams Innovations, specializes in the construction of Quantum Technology. Being its CEO he must know the headquarters like the back of his hand, that's why his first assignment is to steal the latest equipment they're producing for Hydra to use for their own needs.

Act 2

At the Cross Technologies lounge, Hank Pym is brainstorming what could've gone wrong with the Ionic Generator. Scott Lang asks why he even still cares, someone died because of this and all anyone cares about is trying to do it again. Bill Foster tells Scott what happened is tragic but shutting down Project G.O.L.I.A.T.H. isn't going to bring Simon back. Janet adding on they have to see this through, so his sacrifice isn't in vein. Scott insists it still doesn't feel right until getting a S.H.I.E.L.D. Notification on his phone that the Williams Innovations headquarters is being attacked by Hydra personnel, he and the Wasp have to get on that. Janet and Scott both rush outside while Hank asks how they're going to get to Williams Innovations, it's too far from Cross Technologies to fly in time. Janet responds that's why they have a car and Hank claims that seems a little non-discrete for their tastes. Scott then tells Hank that's why he's been doing a few independent experiments with his Pym Particle rations. Scott and Janet then get inside of their car and press a button which shrinks it down as they begin driving away in a mini-sized automobile. Hank angrily grumbling to himself "why didn't I ever think of that!?"

Scott and Janet drive their car through the streets avoiding any oversized hazards until arriving at Williams Innovations and quickly change into their costumes. Janet bluntly telling Scott that the apology with Cassie the other day went terribly, and she didn't appreciate being left out when they watched TV without her. Scott says she's just a kid but that he'll try harder to make them both feel included next time. Inside, Wonder Man is recognized by his receptionist until she gets shot by Hydra soldiers. Simon ignores it leading the Hydra soldiers to look for any useful equipment in the factories, effortlessly throwing heavy equipment around with his Ionic strength but taking no pleasure in doing it. Ant-Man and the Wasp soon run in and fight off the Hydra soldiers making their way into the main factory, where Wonder Man is busy taking technology right off the assembly line. Ant-Man and the Wasp enlarge to full size with Scott overjoyed that Simon is alive, but Wonder Man simply tells them they need to get out of here! Janet responds that Hydra infiltrated the whole building, they have to stop them. Simon shouts out that Hydra can't be stopped, they can only save themselves!

The Wasp then notices the equipment that Simon is collecting and looks behind him to see that the Hydra soldiers taking the same ones, Janet figuring out and telling Ant-Man that Wonder Man is Hydra. Simon begs Ant-Man and the Wasp to let them do this, he doesn't want to hurt them. Scott insists that whatever Hydra has on him, they can help, he doesn't have to do this! Williams starts slowly turning into Ionic Energy again telling Scott they're the only ones who can make the pain stop! Wonder Man charges after them as Ant-Man and the Wasp shrink before battling him. The duo is quickly beaten by Simon's superior strength and durability as Ant-Man crashes through the assembly line falling and nearly getting flattened or maimed by the machines. Backup Hydra soldiers storm the factory afterwards securing all the components along with Wonder Man as they put everything in the back of non-discreet trucks and drive away. Ant-Man and the Wasp losing them in a crowd of traffic.

At the Lang-Van Dyne Household, Scott and Janet are talking to General Talbot via tablet about Wonder Man being a Hydra asset. Talbot insists that Simon is under indictment of section four article six of the Insight Accords, he'll need to fly over to San Francisco with a Military platoon to personally execute Williams for his involvement with Hydra. Scott is unnerved when he hears the word "execute" telling Talbot that isn't necessary, Simon was caught in an Ionic Generator explosion that altered his DNA somehow, Hydra's using that to force him into this. Talbot insists that there are no exceptions in the Insight Accords, if someone joins or affiliates with Hydra in any way they're placed onto the target list. Scott insists that he's not going to kill Simon because of a piece of paper. Talbot responds that's precisely why Ant-Man and the Wasp are prohibited from interfering with this mission, they all learned their lesson with Steve Rogers and the Winter Soldier. Janet is furious insisting they know Simon, San Francisco is their home town, they're the only Avengers even available right now!

General Talbot responds their connection to Simon Williams makes them a liability, this isn't up for debate. Talbot then wishes Scott and Janet a good extended vacation and ends the call. Ant-Man and the Wasp both rant to each other about unfair Talbot is being until Scott realizes Janet is only upset about not being able to hunt down Wonder Man while Scott is only upset about not being able to redeem Simon. Janet reminds her boyfriend that they both signed the Insight Accords just like everyone else and Scott responds asking what if they were wrong. What if the whole Accords are wrong, that they don't need to kill everyone even loosely connected to Hydra. They're Avengers, they're supposed to be helping people not hurting them. Besides, hasn't she known Simon for years, how can Janet just turn her back on him. Van Dyne claims he was a business partner, but now he's a terrorist who needs to be taken down. Scott offers a solution that since neither of them want to listen to Talbot's orders they work together to find Hydra on their own. He promises that once they do he will set Simon straight again. The Wasp responds that if he's wrong, justice will need to be served, even if he was their friend, Scott claims it's a deal. Janet then asks how they're going to find Hydra again, no Talbot means they don't have access to any of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s resources, Scott though insists that he has an idea.

At the X-Con Security Consultants Headquarters, Scott and Janet are meeting with Pedro Ortiz who runs the business alongside Charlie Buchanan and Valentin Shatalov. Pedro express gratitude towards Lang and Van Dyne for coming to the X-Cons in their time of need, that he did some research on Hydra and learned all about their leader, some creepy dude named Helmut Zemo who's wanted internationally for human rights violations. Scott apologizes claiming that he knows this is asking a lot but S.H.I.E.L.D. won't help them and they don't have anyone else to turn to. Pedro insists that it's no problem, his hands are shaking and his heart is beating really fast, but he doesn't think it's related. Janet talks to Charlie and Valentin admiring how they're using their skills for more than just petty theft. They're both grateful and Valentin offers Janet a pastry but Charlie reminds him not to go through the donuts so fast, they have to keep the food budget down. Shatalov though insists everything else they have in here tastes terrible and while he and Charlie argue Janet slowly turns her attention back to Pedro, asking him how long it'll take to find Zemo. Pedro insists one to two days tops, Hydra ain't gonna know what hit them when the X-Cons come knocking on the door!

It then shows Erik Josten opening the door out of the Cellar and walking through the kitchen all the way to the table where Zemo is eating with Wonder Man by his side. Josten asks the Baron what he wanted to discuss, he and his team are in the middle of very delicate construction on the Ionic Energy Chamber. Zemo asks Josten why he continues to waste their time and effort on this useless machine. Erik responds, with respect, that this is what Zemo wanted, research and study into the reality warping effects of Quantum Physics. The Baron though insists Josten promised him power and has delivered nothing! The only valuable weapon this experiment has yielded being Simon Williams. Wonder Man cringes with anger over being objectified like that, but nonetheless biting his tongue. Zemo insists this is not the time for risks, Hydra must use Quantum Physics to work towards what they know, weapons. Ionic Energy can offer strength effects ten times greater than Gamma Radiation while completely avoiding the side effects. Figure out how to do that instead. Erik asks what about the Overspace and Zemo asks what about it.

Inside the Cross Technologies lab, Bill Foster contradicts the previous scene stating that the Overspace is the closest scientific proof they have for God itself. They can't afford to give up on the Ionic Generator because of one hiccup! Hank Pym responds that he's heard this same empty propaganda to pressure him into giving up the secret formula for Pym Particles, what happened to Simon Williams cannot happen to anyone else! Bill asks how long human beings have looked into the stars and wondered just how much was out there. They have the actual chance to find out right now and he wants to throw that away, over one mistake!? Hank tells Bill the well being of innocent people will never take a back seat to satisfying scientific curiosity. Bill insists that he agrees, which is why they need to put their heads together to make the Generator right this time. Hank asks what if he says no and Bill replies then he might as well just pack up and leave because he clearly no interest in being a scientist. Hank gets in Bill's face shouting how dare he insult his work like that! In his time at Cross Technologies he's been able to discover dozens of Quantum theories before any of the yes man in this lousy institution were even out of diapers. Bill is about to retort back but hearing Hank's words about his Quantum theories gets an idea for what went wrong in the Ionic Generator and how they can fix it! He explains his idea and even Hank agrees that could actually work.

It does a montage of Bill and Hank rebuilding the Ionic Generator with a new and improved design while Erik Josten, in contrast, takes apart the Ionic Energy Chamber. The X-Cons ironically are also shown to be doing research on their job for Ant-Man and the Wasp, eventually connecting the dots and finding out the location of Hydra's Restaurant front, Pedro himself sending Emails to Scott, Janet and Hank Pym saying that he found where Wonder Man is. At Cross Technologies once again, the Ionic Generator is fully completed. Hank is reading Pedro's Email until Bill Foster gets his attention volunteering to be the first test subject. Hank puts his phone away and tells Foster that this better work with Bill quipping back to him that if it doesn't, it'll be his fault too. Pym turns on the Generator and Foster is showered with Ionic Radiation as both scientists hold their breathe. Bill then begins enlarging bigger than the entire planet, he continues to get larger and larger until he starts to transcend the physical universe, his mind blown by the experience.

On Earth, Hank starts talking through the transceiver asking Bill if everything's alright up there. He doesn't get a response for a solid five seconds until Foster answers saying he's okay. It then shows Bill Foster floating around in the actual Overspace, telling Pym that it's beyond anything he ever hypothesized. The structure looks to be connected to the entire electro-magnetic light spectrum, that all light in the universe might've originated in the Overspace. Hank says that it must also be the source of Wonder Man's abilities, his body is composed of pure Ionic Rays that were taken from the Overspace in their first experiment, it's trying to get back home. Bill insists if he could get a sample of local subatomic particles he might be able to find out more but Hank insists that Bill needs to shrink down and save that for later, the Overspace is just what Ant-Man and the Wasp never knew they needed.

Act 3

At the Lang-Van Dyne Household, Scott is talking to Cassie in her room. She tells her Dad she's worried about him, that one day he isn't going to come back home. Scott assures her that will never happen but Cassie insists it's dangerous out there and he promised before that was going to take a break from being Ant-Man. Lang assures his daughter that he and Janet just have one more bad guy they need to catch, and then they'll have all the time they want to be together. Cassie understands and then asks if she can take his Medal of Honor to show and tell for school tomorrow. Scott though claims she can't because he doesn't want it to get dirty or lost. Cassie seems to be disappointed by his answer and Scott claims he's still got an hour before he has to leave, maybe they can play a game of scrabble in the meantime, which cheers Cassie up again. As they take the game out Janet barges into the room and informs Scott that Hank wants to talk to them about something at Cross Technologies, they have to leave right now. Scott sorrowfully informs Cassie that he needs to deal with this, but they can play later, he promises.

Wonder Man is in the Cellar getting his X07 cocktail from Erik Josten, who tells him that his disequilibrium is getting harder to control. He's soon going to need twice the dosage just to keep his Ionic bursts stable. Simon says that the Energy Chamber could've helped with that and Josten reminds him that isn't an option anymore. Simon then asks Erik why he puts up with Zemo when clearly they don't have the same goals for Hydra anymore. Josten responds saying because being Hydra means knowing your place, Zemo is the Baron, which means his word is law. Williams questions if Zemo told Josten to jump off of a bridge he would do that too and Erik says that's the problem with the world today, everyone thinks they know all the answers. Zemo was trained his whole life to be a Baron, just like his father and his father before him. Williams questions if that automatically means he's right and Josten asks Simon how he inherited Williams Innovations, he confirms from his father and Erik claims exactly. He was bred to be a businessman just like Helmut was bred to be a leader. When everyone serves their purpose in the world prosperity is the result. Simon then asks what if someone is forced to serve a purpose they aren't built for, Erik responds asking Williams if he really thinks he could ever go back to the way things were. He made his choice when he started accepting Zemo's treatments, S.H.I.E.L.D.'s going to hunt him down for the rest of his life now. None of them care about what's happening to Simon, they won't try to redeem him or look for a cure, all they see him as is another Hydra asset that needs to be terminated. Simon heeds Erik's words as he looks heartbroken over what he's hearing.

At the Cross Technologies lab, Hank Pym gives Scott and Janet each a vile of blue liquid. Van Dyne asks what this is and Hank explains they're Ionic Particles, they can be used in the field and mixed with the Shrink Discs to act as "Growth Discs" that can enlarge objects past their normal capacity. Scott looks at the serum and asks what if he replaced the Pym Particles with Ionic Particles, would he able to grow huge instead of shrinking. Bill Foster tells him that wouldn't be a good idea, outside the stabilizers in the Generator Ionic Rays are too dangerous to be toyed with conventionally. If he tried to use Ionic Particles the way he uses Pym Particles it could very well turn him into the same thing as Wonder Man. Hank then says that speaking of Wonder Man his powers are their opportunity to strike Hydra where they least expect it, through the Overspace. Scott is surprised they actually figured out how to get up there and Hank explains not only that, they figured out the same Ionic Energy Simon's body is comprised of comes directly from the Overspace and into our dimension, and he thought since doors go both ways... Bill Foster cuts him off saying they want Ant-Man and the Wasp to go into the Overspace and follow the Ionic Energy right to Simon.

Janet is excited about the idea but Scott is nervous asking if this is safe, Hank tells him he doesn't know, but that this is the only way for them to be able to talk sense into Simon while simultaneously raiding Hydra's base of operations. Lang reluctantly agrees after hearing that as he and Van Dyne both step into the Ionic Generator. Bill and Hank begin booting it up while Scott tells Janet that he just needs five minutes to talk to Simon, Van Dyne though insists she'll give him two. Afterwards they both begin growing large enough to enter the Overspace, Scott starts to panic claiming that he doesn't want to pass out in another dimension! Janet tells him to relax or else he's gonna miss the view, it's beautiful. He takes her advice somberly admitting it isn't as horrifying as the Underspace. Janet then uses the transceiver telling Hank that they're in and asking what to do now. He tells Janet to take out the Ionic Ray tracker and use it to pick up Simon's Electro-Magnetic trail, she does just that following it until Scott notices an incursion with Ionic Rays flowing through it. He tells Hank the tracker lead them to some big hole in the universe, Bill realizes though it's a dimensional fold created by Wonder Man's Quantum Entanglement in the Overspace. If Scott and Janet go through it and shrink down they'll appear right next to Simon. Van Dyne asks Scott if he wants go first but he insists that's all hers. The Wasp then goes into the incursion and begins shrinking out of the Overspace back to Earth once again with Ant-Man not far behind.

Wonder Man is laying on a cot in the cellar, trying to rest until he starts coughing frantically as Ant-Man and the Wasp emerge from his chest. He quickly gets up and asks how the hell they got in here, or how they found this place. Scott and Janet open their masks with Lang insisting that there's no time to explain, they're here to save him and stop Hydra. Janet adding on with the three of them working together they'll be able to clear this whole place out and finally put Zemo in the ground. Simon closes tries to hold back tears before telling Scott and Janet that they really shouldn't have come here. Scott says that he doesn't understand, isn't Simon being forced to work here against his will. Wonder Man insists it's all he has left, the world's never gonna forgive an Agent of Hydra, not even if Ant-Man and the Wasp do. Simon then blasts them both with Ionic energy from his eyes as they fly across the room. Scott and Janet both shrink to battle Wonder Man. Ant-Man promises he can make a life for him, Captain America and his Secret Avengers are actively opposing the Insight Accords, they'll take him in and keep him safe. Wonder Man responds that he's lying, Tony Stark is the only reason Scott ever turned his life around, he's never gonna betray him! The Wasp says that Simon is right, and that's why they're going to kill him instead! Despite Scott yelling for her to stop, Janet flies up to Wonder Man's head and uses his stingers to blast his eyes.

Ant-Man and the Wasp begin to overwhelm Wonder Man while bickering if they should kill him or not until Erik Josten along with a platoon of soldiers joins the conflict. Janet along with Scott easily fight off Josten and his goons before running upstairs with the Wasp going into the kitchen and Ant-Man to the dining hall. Both heroes using their impressive combat skills and growth discs to dispatch all of the Hydra soldiers who stand in their way. The Wasp is then sucker punched by Wonder Man out of the kitchen and into the dining hall. Scott helps Janet up with Wonder Man slowly walking forward oozing with Ionic Energy, telling them he'll try and make this quick preparing his eyes for another Ionic blast until the three of them all hear clapping as Baron Zemo is seen standing in the middle of the room walking forward, saying that it's a shame his henchmen are so feeble in the face of adversity, fortunately, he is not so. Zemo then takes a device out his pocket and Ant-Man says that looks like a bomb but the Wasp insists he's bluffing, he wouldn't kill himself. Zemo corrects Janet that this indeed a bomb, except it's not going to kill anyone. Helmut then throws the device at them releasing an EMP surge that disables Ant-Man and the Wasp's size regulators.

Baron Zemo then quickly puts on his mask and takes out his sword, easily overwhelming the now powerless Wasp in hand to hand combat with Wonder Man doing the same to Ant-Man. They both get defeated with Zemo holding his sword to Janet's neck and asks Scott what he would do to save her life. Scott responds he'd never do anything for Hydra! Not as long as they torture and enslave innocent people. Lucky for him, he's got a few tricks up his sleeve too. Scott then takes a miniature ant farm out of his pocket and using a growth disc releases a group of enlarged ants. The giant ants distract Zemo and Wonder Man while Janet picks Scott up and with her wings flies them both out of the restaurant. Baron Zemo and Simon finally kill all of the ants with Helmut telling Wonder Man that if the Avengers have found their hideout they have to be gone by tonight. Simon insists there was nothing he could've done to stop them and Zemo responds that he knows. He might be the head of Hydra, but Simon is the teeth that allows him to tear apart his enemies, they would be nothing without him. Wonder Man simply responds saying Hail Hydra.

The Wasp continues flying with Ant-Man over San Francisco, he thanks her for saving his skin back there and Janet proceeds to aggressively drop him on the rooftop of a building. Scott asks what that was for and Janet exclaims he was going to let Zemo kill both of them, just to protect Simon. Ant-Man tells her he's a victim of Hydra no different than anyone else but the Wasp yells out that he is Hydra! Scott responds that he was no different! He used to be criminal who made his living robbing houses, but Hank saw something in him and now he's a hero, doesn't Simon deserve the same. Janet corrects Scott he was a petty thief Wonder Man is a Quantum powered terrorist. Lang responds by telling Janet that he made her the Wasp suit because he thought she cared about doing what was right, about saving lives, but this is all just a job for her. Following the rules and killing your enemies without ever questioning why, he thought they were one and the same. Scott starts walking away and Janet offers to fly him home but Lang insists that he'll go by himself. At Camp Hammond, General Talbot is looking over a WHiH News report of Hydra's restaurant cover being blown in California by Ant-Man and the Wasp. Realizing that they acted against orders, Talbot commands his soldiers that they need to fix this mess pronto.

In San Francisco, Hydra is shown to have relocated into an abandoned high rise. Zemo tells Wonder Man that they won't be staying in this "shithole" for long, he then approaches Erik Josten and asks him how his inventions are coming along. Josten insists that his Atlas Vests are fully functional now, showing Zemo a red vest with blue shoulder pads on it. Wonder Man asks what they even do and Erik explains it's funny he'd be the one to ask, these vests are based on him! Well, his abilities anyway. Josten puts on an Atlas Vest and powers it up, afterwards proceeding to physically punch down an entire wall, he then walks over and casually lifts the large wall over his head in the Atlas Pose. Saying to Simon that the vests harness Ionic Energy and grant the wearer enhanced strength and durability, just like him. Simon saying under his breathe they weaponized Quantum technology. Baron Zemo announcing every Atlas Vest available is going to be fitted on their soldiers to commit a massacre downtown, Zemo then holds Wonder Man's by the head insisting that he is going to lead the charge by his side. No one will be able to stop them and once it's done, Hydra will be once again establish itself to what it once was. Wonder Man then says he needs his X07 cocktail but Zemo claims he'll get it after the mission is done, he needs to be at full strength.

At the Cross Technologies lab, Hank Pym confirms that the Ant-Man and the Wasp suit size regulators are damaged beyond repair. Janet asks how long it'll take to make new ones and Hank claims at least a week. Scott interjects remembering that he has spare costumes at the house, he shrunk them down and hide them inside his Medal of Honor, they can just use those regulators! Janet is peeved to hear that asking if that's the same Medal of Honor Cassie took to Maggie's house last night? Scott pinches his nose realizing she's taking it to Show and Tell, asking Janet why she didn't confiscate it. Van Dyne claims she was trying to get be nice like he's always telling her to! Scott clarifies being nice doesn't mean letting Cassie take his suit to a public school! Hank tells them enough, to just go to Cassie's school and get the Medal back. Scott takes a deep breathe saying that he guesses that sounds easy enough. At the Lang-Van Dyne household, General Talbot and the Military are searching the house until realizing that neither Scott nor Janet are here. Blake Burdick shows up along with Maggie who says that Talbot can't do this, with Blake assuring her that he actually can with probable cause. Burdick then asks Talbot what this is about and Glenn explains Scott Lang and Janet Van Dyne have violated article sixteen paragraph three of the Insight Accords by committing unlawful pursuit of Hydra affiliates despite orders to stand down.

General Talbot then asks Blake and Maggie if they know any of Lang or Van Dyne's close friends or possible places of interest they would be hiding. Maggie insists she doesn't know but Blake tells Talbot about Cross Technologies and the X-Cons, which Maggie slaps him on the wrist for saying. At the X-Con Security Headquarters, Pedro Ortiz is arguing with Charlie and Valentin for falling for a van cleaning scam which General Talbot agrees with. Pedro though is confused about who he is and Talbot introduces himself claiming that Scott Lang and Janet Van Dyne are currently wanted by S.H.I.E.L.D. yet the two of them are nowhere to be found. Pedro insists that sucks but Talbot says Ortiz and his band of buddies have a history of collaborating with Lang in the past, he thinks they knew where Scott and Janet are, maybe even acted as accomplices to their crimes. Valentin insists that he can't prove anything while Charlie demands he get out, Talbot responds by saying if they want to play hardball he can play hardball. The General then says they're now officially suspects for a Hydra related conspiracy, which grants him the option to extract information through alternative means. Valentin Shatalov begins to panic saying that he's going to torture them but Talbot assures he's not going to torture them, injecting each of the X-Cons with a syringe. Talbot explaining that's a top of the line sodium pentothal derivative some friends of his cooked up in the lab, it makes people highly responsive to questions.

Pedro says it's a Truth Serum but Talbot is about to argue that it isn't until thinking about it and realizing it actually is. He then gets back on topic and bluntly asks Pedro where Scott and Janet are. Ortiz responds by answering that Scott and Janet are in a complicated place emotionally speaking before going on one of his long winded exaggerated stories about when Scott first started dating Janet after becoming Ant-Man which lead to her becoming the Wasp. Pedro was so inspired by them he turned around his life of crime and started X-Con Security Consultants but that his dream is soon coming to an end since they're days away from going out of business. Charlie and Valentin are horrified to learn that but Talbot sternly asks Pedro once again where are Scott and Janet are literally speaking! Ortiz quickly answers Cassie's Elementary school looking for replacement size regulators, Talbot demands to know where that is and Pedro gives him the exact address. Talbot and the Military personnel then start leaving while Pedro quickly calls someone. There, Hank Pym and Bill Foster are able to convince the Military they haven't seen Scott or Janet for days. Afterwards, Hank picks up the call from Pedro who says that the Military came to him too and he confessed everything, they need to help Scott and Janet somehow! No one else is gonna be able to stop Wonder Man or Hydra in time. Hank thinks about it and then asks Pedro if he'd be able to drive over here in under five minutes which Ortiz confirms he was born to do! Hank then tells Bill he's going to need to lend out his Ionic Generator to a bunch of ex-cons.

At Cassie's Elementary school, Ant-Man and the Wasp are both walking through the campus until seeing the Military there waiting for them. Janet wonders what they're doing here and Scott says it must be Talbot going after them for violating his orders not to intervene. Janet insists they can't let that stop them, she and Scott might have different ideas on what it means to be a hero, but still knows for a fact that they both want to finish this. Lang claims he's got no argument here and they both sneak into the school, desperately toying with their broken regulators to try and get them to work. Janet's successfully shrinks but Scott's only shrinks halfway, simply becoming the size of a small child instead of an insect. Van Dyne laughs and Scott angrily asks her to help him! Janet though says what if the regulator doesn't shrink him again, this is better than nothing, he's in a school he can fit in... looking like this. Scott sighs realizing she's right and goes into the Lost and Found to grab a sweat shirt to cover himself with as he wanders the hallways. Eventually, a teacher finds him and asks for his hall pass which Scott responds to by simply running away into Cassie's classroom, while the teacher decides it's not worth the effort and lets him go.

In the classroom, Scott and Janet return to normal size and find Cassie's backpack. Scott then opens it and begins removing her stuff including her diary, which the Wasp sees open on a page that talks about her. Cassie writing that she wants to like Janet but feels like she's too serious and won't let her or her Dad have any fun. Van Dyne quietly reacts to that while Scott finds the Medal of Honor and takes the spare suits off the back of it before exchanging the regulators. Suddenly, the Military catches up to them as Ant-Man and the Wasp both shrink down and fly out of the school. Blocks away, they both return to normal size as Janet realizes if Talbot knew they were at the school he's probably got soldiers at the house and Cross Technologies too. Scott asks where they're going to go then until hearing Pedro Ortiz's van honk to get their attention. Pedro then runs out of the van and says there's no time to explain, opening the trunk revealing it to contain a miniaturized Ionic Generator which Pedro insists will bring them right to Wonder Man just like before. Scott tells Pedro he could kiss him right now and Janet claims she could too, which Pedro awkwardly claims he would be more okay with. Ant-Man and the Wasp then both jump into the Ionic Generator and expand themselves into the Overspace once again.

Hydra vans are driving downtown with Wonder Man sitting in the same automobile as Baron Zemo. Simon tells the Baron he doesn't know how long he can hold back his Ionic Bursts and Zemo warns him not to sabotage this. They've come too far for everything to be ruined at the last second. Simon then starts coughing until The Wasp emerges from his chest. Before anyone can figure out what's going on she uses her blasters to fight off the Hydra goons until noticing Ant-Man isn't there. In another van, Ant-Man emerges from the chest of Erik Josten. While Scott is confused about what happened, Josten tells all the other Atlas Soldiers to attack him and Ant-Man begins getting beaten with their Ionic Generated strength. In Zemo's van, the Baron claims that he didn't think he'd be seeing Janet again, she's more resilient than he thought, the Avengers will mourn her death. The Wasp tells him but not his and is about to attack until Wonder Man blasts her with Ionic Energy out of the van, the Wasp catching herself mid air with her wings as she takes a miniaturized car out of her pocket and quickly enters it to chase Zemo, calling Scott to ask what happened.

Ant-Man after escaping the Atlas Soldiers on an ant tells Janet that something went wrong in the Overspace and they emerged in different places. Wasp asks how that's possible, Simon is the only person on Earth who manually generates Ionic Energy until Scott theorizes that maybe he isn't! That van he went in was full of Hydra soldiers that were armed to teeth with advanced tech, they must've figured out a way to weaponize Ionic Rays too. Janet claims he can't let them get to civilians and Scott asks how he's supposed to stop them and the Wasp says to figure something out, she right on Zemo's tail and can't help now. The Wasp then uses her mini car to drive beneath a Hydra van and expand while under it flipping it over. Afterwards, Janet notices another one chasing after her and looks through anything she can use in the car only being able to find a Pez Dispenser, which she throws out the window and expands using a Growth Disc is crash the other Hydra van off the road. Ant-Man meanwhile is trying to slow down Josten and the Atlas Soldiers with the help of his ants but to no avail. Scott curses under his breath that the Ionic Energy is too strong until looking down at his viles of Ionic Particles and getting an idea. Lang then removes the Pym Particles from his suit and replaces them with the Ionic ones, tightly closing his eyes hoping that this won't tear him in half Scott then presses the buttons on his gloves and physically enlarges becoming a sixty foot tall Giant-Man! Scott is exhilarated that it worked, telling himself he needs to stop listening to Hank when says things are impossible. Erik Josten and the Atlas Soldiers all get out of their vans to start trying to attack him but are no match for Giant-Man's massive strength.

General Talbot is outside the Elementary School continuing to look for Lang and Van Dyne until being shown by one of his subordinates a new story about a "Giant-Man" spotted downtown. Talbot yells out dammit before rhetorically asking since when he can do that!? Downtown once again, the Wasp is continuing to chase Zemo and Wonder Man. They both drive past Lombard Street with Zemo's van eventually crashing in Union Square. Zemo forces himself out of the vehicle, revealed to only be slightly bleeding and rendezvous with Wonder Man. The Wasp exits her car too and prepares to fight only for Helmut to give the signal to Simon who begins engaging Janet. Fortunately, the fight is cut short by Giant-Man who casually flicks Wonder Man out of the way. Erik Josten meanwhile is helping wounded Hydra soldiers until seeing Giant-Man in the distance and in envy turns his vest's Ionic meter to its maximum setting, which at first strains Josten's body until he slowly feels himself growing. On the other side of the city, Janet thanks Scott for the save, but he should've killed Simon. Scott insists they'll deal with that later, right now there's someone he actually wants to kill. Giant-Man then starts reaching for Zemo who actually shows fear towards Scott until he's tackled by Erik Josten, who's now as tall as a skyscraper.

Afterwards, the Wasp tries to hit Baron Zemo with her blaster only for Wonder Man to stand in her way and take the blast. Simon then starts brutally beating the Wasp much to Zemo's approval. Giant-Man and Atlas are similarly fighting above San Francisco with Erik taunting Scott he might've figured out how to become a size big enough to his ego, but he doesn't understand the first thing about Ionic Rays. Atlas then punches Scott to which Lang bluntly replies telling Erik yet he never even got the chance to see the Overspace. That it's beautiful, he'll just have to take his word for it. This angers Atlas as he charges at Giant-Man once again. On the ground, Janet struggles to defend herself from Wonder Man until Simon's whole body begins turning into Ionic Energy as he screams in pain as the Wasp stares in concern. Wonder Man yells at Zemo that he needs the Cocktail but the Baron insists that he'll only get it once his mission is accomplished. Kill Janet Van Dyne and all his pain will be relieved. Simon forces his flesh to return to normal and starts going after the Wasp again who tells Simon to please not do this, they worked together, they knew each other! Wonder Man says that didn't stop her from trying to kill him all those times before. Janet says that she knows, but now she sees that he's not a monster, he's just a desperate man in pain. Simon punches Janet and breaks her mask, Van Dyne continuing on to say Zemo is the real monster here, and thousands of people are going to be right where Simon is right now if keeps using his powers to serve Hydra. His life might be lost, but nobody else has to die if he just does what's right.

Baron Zemo then tells Simon others might suffer, but he'll be content, he promises him that. Once Hydra has reassured its place as the New World Order he will be a lion amongst sheep. Simon looks around at all the chaos that's been caused from the fighting and blasts Baron Zemo with a surge of Ionic Energy. Helmut falls to the ground horribly burnt from the attack muttering under his breath to Simon that he can't do this! Wonder Man begins slowly walking toward the Baron who commands him to stand down, warning Simon he'll be nothing without him, but Williams uncontrolled by Hydra anymore simply crushes Zemo's head under his foot. Giant-Man is still being outmatched by Atlas until Scott knees Erik in the crotch, insisting that sometimes you just need to rely on the old classics. Giant-Man finds Atlas' Ionic meter and shrinks him back down to regular size, Scott then does the same turning into Ant-Man once again. Just as he's about to detain Atlas he suddenly gets shoot dozen of times as General Talbot and a Military platoon arrive. Scott is relieved they're here saying there might still be some Hydra vans around the city and if they look right now he might be able to get find them before they escape. Talbot though responds to Lang by placing him under arrest for violation of the Insight Accords.

Wonder Man begins turning into Ionic Energy once again while Janet begins looking around saying that Zemo had to have been keeping a cocktail somewhere nearby. Simon though insists not to bother, he's a dead man anyway, he's accepted that now. Van Dyne claims he shouldn't have to though, he's a hero. Wonder Man though insists that he's only one because her and Scott did, because they believed in him when no one else did, they're the real heroes. Simon then fully dissipates into Ionic Energy as Janet begins to shed a tear, the Military then arrives to arrest her and instead of resisting Janet simply gets on her knees and puts her hands behind her head before the soldiers even say anything. While driving away in a military truck, Talbot asks the Wasp how she did it. Janet questions did what and Talbot clarifies kill Zemo, he was dead at the scene. Van Dyne though insists she didn't do anything, that was Simon Williams, which Talbot is surprised to hear. Scott though insists that he knew he could do it.

Months later in court, the Judge announces the case of The United States vs Scott Lang and Janet Van Dyne will begin. Days pass as the case rages on and both the defense and prosecution make their arguments for why or why not they should be arrested for their crimes. Eventually, character witnesses are brought in with Pedro Ortiz, Hank Pym, as well as Maggie and Blake Burdick all speak highly of Ant-Man and the Wasp. In addition Cassie Lang also comes up to the stand and does the same, even praising Janet Van Dyne alongside her father. The Judge claims that despite the outstanding character witnesses they both still violated the Law and for that reason she's sentencing them both to one year of court mandated House Arrest. At the Lang-Van Dyne household, Scott and Janet are both being fitted with ankle monitors specifically programmed to not let them leave the premises without notifying the authorities. After Talbot finishes putting on Scott's monitor he tells Lang that he knows he can come off as callous sometimes, but on behalf of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the United States Army him and Janet both deserve to be thanked for stopping Zemo. Maybe, just maybe there was a silver lining to ignoring his order after all. Scott humorously says he loves him too and awkwardly hugs Talbot who then finishes calibrating the Ankle Monitor telling Scott he'll see him next year.

After General Talbot and the Military leave Scott and Janet look at each and smile as it does a montage of Cassie being dropped off by Maggie and Blake at the house while she along with Scott and Janet all have fun together. Bill Foster in the montage is also seen on a WIRED Insider Interview talking about remembering Simon Williams and how he was a hero and his contributions to science will never be forgotten. Foster even claiming he looks forward to working with Hank Pym on future projects involving the Overspace too. Pedro along with Valentin and Charlie file X-Con Security Consultants for Bankruptcy, with Ortiz optimistically telling his friends they'll find another job, one they're all really good at, one that'll help people. It then shows Scott and Janet with Cassie at a Drive In Movie Theater with Cassie claiming this is awesome and Van Dyne agreeing saying she knew they could still go to Drive In even under House Arrest. The camera panning out revealing them to be inside a shrunken car watching the movie on an IPhone screen playing Honey I Shrunk the Kids. Scott says he's always having fun being around his two favorite girls... and when he gets to watch movies that remind him of how awesome it is to be Ant-Man. They all laugh and continue to enjoy the movie as well as each other's company.

First End Credits

Teasing Avengers: Forever

Scott and Cassie are shown to be playing inside a tunnel made of taped together cardboard boxes at the house. Cassie and Scott end their game by "escaping" the tunnel by going down a slide that leads out to backyard, where Janet and Hank Pym are busy preparing lunch on the picnic table. Hank asks if stuff like this is a regular occurrence and Scott claims he has no idea the lengths he has gone to entertain Cassie when she's here on the weekends. Janet insists while Scott's been building that she's been perfecting these new barbecue recipes. Cassie runs to the table while Scott looks at the slide claiming it's not a competition but he thinks he's been more... when he turns around all he sees is dust where Janet, Hank and Cassie used to be. Confused by this, Scott starts calling their names and looking for them only to soon come to horrifying realization they're nowhere to be found.

Second End Credits

Teasing The Wasp

It shows an Emergency Broadcast playing on the TV inside the Lang-Van Dyne home, as the broadcast goes on to explain what's going on a group of looters break into the house and start stealing everything they can. Eventually, finding the miniaturized Ant-Man and Wasp suits hidden behind the Medal of Honor. The looters contemplate keeping them until realizing since they're not food or supplies the suits are worthless and tosses both them onto the ground.


  • The events of the film address the minor questioned raised in Avengers: Infinity Gauntlet of why Ant-Man and the Wasp were under House Arrest and unable to participate in the Battle of Wakanda.
  • The plantation in the Netherlands that was raided at the beginning of the movie is a live action adaptation of Zemo's plantation base in the comics, where it was located in Brazil instead of Argentina.
  • The Insight Accords, which play a significant role in the plot, were proposed and ultimately established during the events of Captain America: Civil War. Ant-Man and the Wasp actually fought alongside Iron Man to root out Captain America's mutiny against the Accords.
  • Simon Williams reveals in the WIRED Interview to have a brother named Eric. This is a reference to Simon's brother in the comics, Eric Williams, the alter ego of the supervillain Grim Reaper.
  • Pym Particles in the comics are capable of both enlarging and shrinking objects. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe however, Pym Particles only exhibit shrinking abilities while Ionic Rays are responsible for growth, unlike in the comics where they have no connection to size manipulation.
  • Ant-Man is stated to have experience in the Underspace, a reference to the climax of the first film where Scott Lang went subatomic in order to defeat Yellow Jacket.
  • Pedro's business X-Cons Security Consultants is based on an organization in the comics called Ant-Man Security Solutions which was owned and managed by Scott Lang, who in the Marvel Cinematic Universe works as a respected engineer at Cross Technologies.
  • Chemical X07 that Hydra uses to surppress Wonder Man's condition is actually the name of a regenerating compound used by A.I.M. in the comics.
  • Bill Foster being the first person to enter the Overspace is an homage to his superhero identity in the mainstream continuity called Goliath, which the name Project G.O.L.I.A.T.H. also pays homage to.
  • Likewise, the vests invented by Erik Josten are nicknamed Atlas as a reference to his comic book identity of the same name. Which he is never referred to as in the film.
  • Ant-Man and the Wasp traveling through the Overspace to discreetly enter Hydra's Restaurant front was done similarly in the comics by Hank Pym and Eric O'Grady through the Mindscape during the Small World story arc.
  • The EMP bomb that Zemo uses to disable Scott Lang and Janet Van Dyne's size regulators is made of the same technology used by the Mandarin in Iron Man 3 which originated in the mystical city of K'un-Lun.
  • The shot of the Wasp carrying Ant-Man out of the Hydra Restaurant is a direct recreation of the cover for the first comic the Wasp appeared in, where she's too flying Ant-Man away from danger.
  • The first end credit scene where Scott notices Janet, Hank and Cassie having disappeared is the result of Thanos snapping all six Infinity Stones to wipe out half of all life in the universe. Scott survived, but nobody else with him did.
  • The second end credit scene shows the direct effect Thanos' snap had on the survivors. Where an Emergency Broadcast is played by the United States government and civilians are looting homes for supplies. The looters are even able to find the Ant-Man and Wasp's suits hidden behind the Medal of Honor, implying that Scott and Janet will need to find better hiding places for them in the future.
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