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Real Name
Mairead ("Mawr + aid") Doyle
Current Alias

Martinique Regan Wyngarde (currently used name), Regan Jasons




Jason Wyngarde (father), Megan Gwynn (half-sister), Regan Doyle (mother)


Base Of Operations
Avalon, Asteroid M





Unusual Features


Marital Status

adventurer, terrorist, student


Place of Birth

First appearance




Powers and Abilities


  • Illusion Casting: Mastermind is a mutant with the power of illusion casting, a stronger variation of the same ability her father had. She can project sophisticated illusions that are extremely convincing indistinguishable from reality into the minds of others. Her power seems to contain both a telepathic and telekinetic quality to it.
  • Range: Mastermind can cause only one person among many who are present to see her illusions, or cause everyone within the range of her power, which currently can extend over an entire city.
  • Hypnotic Element: Her illusions are hypnotic; therefore, her victims tend to accept them as fact, even when the images and scenarios they are confronted with are sudden, inconsistent or improbable. An example would be, when under Mastermind's control, a person would not question the sudden existence of a hundreds of Magnetos or random jumps in location and time. As such, her powers can be used as a very effective brainwashing tool.
  • Persistence: Martinique's illusions have also been shown to persist even after she has been rendered unconscious.
  • Sensory Manipulation (Telepathic): She can psionically cause other people to see, hear, touch, smell, and/or taste things which do not actually exist. For example, she can seem to make a solid wall appear in an empty space. She can also cause people to experience real things in ways that they would not do naturally. For example, she can make herself look and sound like a different person, look and feel like a wall, or even seem invisible. Her power works so strongly on the mind that even if her victims know they are being subjected to an illusion, they will still react to the illusion as if it were reality, unless they can rid themselves of all suspicions that it is indeed reality. Hence, if Mastermind creates the illusion of a wall, most people, even if they know it is an illusion, will still be unable to walk through it. Invariably Mastermind's illusions are so realistic that most people are unable to help having the feeling, at least subconsciously, that they are not illusions but reality.
  • Psychosomatic Symptoms: Martinique's powers can also kill, as her victims’ bodies respond as if her illusions are real. For example, if she confronted an opponent with the illusion that he or she was drowning, he or she would suffocate because the victim’s body would cease breathing, believing it to be real despite having no physical injuries and being in a room with sufficient oxygen. Another example includes the following: a victim would bleed through the pores in his or her back when he or she was under the illusion in which he or she had been stabbed.
  • Block Senses: Martinique can use the sensory facet of her illusion casting to completely block one of or all of a victims' senses. For example, she could cause a person to go blind. If she negates all six senses (including balance) then her victim is stuck in the prison of his or her own mind.
  • Sensory Enhancement: Since Martinique has the ability to manipulate others' perceptions of reality, she can also enhance or alter the normal human perception. For example, she can alter a person's vision range from the visible spectrum to infrared, allowing people to see in the dark by seeing heat signatures. She can also grant telescopic and microscopic vision, hear sounds outside the human range, etc. She can grant these enhancements to herself as well.
  • Coma: Her illusions are also capable of putting her enemies into a permanent coma like state if she telepathically places her victims mind in a maze from which there's no escape, thus effectively trapping her victims mind in a psychic prison.
  • Memory Override: Martinique can also use the telepathic/sensory facet of her illusions to enter a person's mind and then override memories with other experiences by replacing the sights, sounds, smells, etc. with new illusionary sensory experiences. Following a memory override, her victims will not suspect any foul play even though a memory altered could completely contradict a previous or later memory. It takes more time and effort for Martinique to alter long-term memory than short-term memory.
  • Illusion Immunity: Martinique is able to see through most psionic illusions. She will see the illusions but the images are recognizable as immaterial illusions, causing them to have no impact on her. However if she consciously chose to, Martinique can allow herself to give into her own or others illusions.
  • Projections (Telekinetic): These are not hypnotically induced visions, but rather real projections that everyone present can see. These projections are three-dimensional images composed of tangible entities of psionic force that also distort and manipulate the light around the projections to make them visible. She has created illusions of terrifying giant birds that can scare even seasoned warriors, and giant gripper vines or monstrous space serpents. These projections appear to impact only the senses of touch and sight, but these projections also affect visual and tactile electronic devices due to the projection's use of bending light.
  • Appearance Alteration: Martinique can use the psionic energy that composes her projections to disguise her own appearance on camera.
  • Invisibility: Martinique can use the psionic energy that composes her projections to also make her appear invisible on camera.
  • Mid-Level Telepathy: she also has the added ability of mid-level telepathy, which she uses to glean information from her victims by reading her foes minds. This allows her to make the illusions even more realistic and all the more accurate. She can also project the illusion directly into a person's mind. Martinique can also use her telepathic abilities to communicate with others in an undefined limited area. She typically makes a mental link between her and her allies so that they can coordinate with each other during battles.


  • Voice Imitation: Martinique is very talented at altering her voice to imitate others' voices. Since this is a human skill, she must hear someone's voice before imitating it. This skill also allows her to mimic accents. She tends to only use this ability when around auditory recording devices or voice recognition devices because her illusions would have no impact on these auditory devices.
  • Expert Marksman: Martinique is a very accurate marksman skilled in sharpshooting.
  • Master Seductress: She is an expert in the field of seduction. She has been infamously known to bend many different men to her will and sometimes even get them to do her bidding for her. She sometimes continues deceiving certain men through means of acting if she still has a further use for them.
  • Expert Spy: Martinique is a dangerous secret agent trained in espionage, stealth, disguise, infiltration, and demolitions.
  • Talented Hacker: Martinique can hack into most computer systems without tripping any firewalls or security.
  • Expert Acrobat: She is an Olympic class athlete, gymnast, acrobat and aerialist capable of many difficult feats.
  • Adept Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Irene has a degree of training in hand-to-hand combat due to her training with the Brotherhood.

Strength level

Mastermind possesses the normal human strength of a woman of his age, height, and build who engages in intensive regular exercise.


  • Limited Range: Her range of illusion-casting is limited by her telepathic reach. Currently, her range can encompass an entire city; however, she can't watch a live television broadcast from another state or country and then cause an illusion to occur at the broadcast's point of origin.
  • Non-Selective Illusions: Mastermind's illusion power is not completely selective, in that Martinique can not create multiple illusions for different people in the same vicinity. She can select people who do see her illusions and who doesn't see her illusions but only one illusion is available to be seen.


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Transportation: None known.
Weapons: None known.


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