Twenty-one years before the Scarlet Witch said "No more mutants..." and caused the X-gene to disappear from the human genome, there was a mutant with amphibious powers comparable to those of Prince Namor of Atlantis named Marrianus Harris. Mark did research as a marine biologist in the service of the government, and once ventured into the sea and was attacked by "creatures" who, like him, could breathe underwater, but who were not happy to see him nor did they welcome him into their kingdom. These beings were Atlanteans. Despite his powers, Marrianus was not a warrior; he was only a researcher in love with the sea and its mysteries, and he would have easily been shattered by his tormentors (like a single dolphin against a school of sharks) if someone had not interfered. A beautiful Atlantean amazon interfered in the fight and put his attackers on the run. That warrior was Andromeda, the daughter of Attuma and sworn enemy of Namor and the other Atlanteans. At the time, she had just rebelled against her tyrannical father, who never recognized her as a worthy heiress simply because she was born a woman. Despite his powers being on par with those of Namor, he was despised and considered inferior by the Atlanteans...and yet Andromeda chose to save him. Grateful for his rescue, Marrianus became captivated by her, and she felt the same way about him. Soon their feelings blossomed into love, and after marriage, a half-mutant half-Atlantean hybrid was born with pale pink skin, red hair, and ankle wings. This baby was named Mark Harris by his mother, who knew that he was a hybrid with powers analogous to those of Namor.

Trained early in combat by his mother and in marine biology by his father, Mark grew up with the ocean as his vast home, and its creatures as playful siblings. That is, until M-Day arrived, and with it the Decimation. His father lost his powers while at sea, and drowned before his son's eyes. At that time, Mark was twenty-one years old. During the long period of wars that followed, Mark saw Namor summarily sacrifice Atlantis in exchange for the survival of the other mutants, something that did not please him, and made him give up life on the island of Utopia. Mark thought first and foremost who would defend the sea if Namor no longer cared about it. That's when he met the New Warriors and sympathized with their cause, eventually deciding to join them. Mark reluctantly agreed to use the nickname Speedball gave him as a codename: "Namorito". Together they thwarted the plans of the now-Worthy Attuma to cause the "second deluge". Since then he has remained on the team ... but has also made it clear that he is a warrior first, not an aquatic prince.

Powers and Abilities

Biologically, Mark is a half-Atlantean and half-human mutant, which makes him a mutant with the X-Gene. He is one of the few remaining amphibious mutants in the world who retained his powers after M-Day, most likely thanks to his hybrid nature comparable to that of Namor. He has all the natural abilities of both species, although due to his hybrid / mutant nature, many of his natural abilities are much greater than those of any human, mutant, or Atlantean. As an Atlantean mutant, he has countless superhuman attributes, including:

  • Superhuman Strength: On optimal levels, he is capable of lifting and moving more than 100 tons on land or in water.
  • Limited Invulnerability: He has highly resistant skin capable of withstanding the impact of projectiles, although not as well as Namor.
  • Amphibious: His Atlantean heritage grants him multiple superhuman attributes underwater. He can swim at incredible speeds, underwater, and hold his breath for as long as a dolphin. He is immune to the cold and deep sea pressures, able to see clearly in cloudy water, and his strength and health are naturally replenished in the water.
    • Improved Physical Attributes: His speed, reflexes and endurance are greatly enhanced, especially underwater.
  • Optical Bursts: Namorito has the unique mutant power of projecting optical bursts of highly destructive heat and cold that can produce devastating explosions of thermal energy. This power is apparently a secondary mutation.
  • Sonar: Namorito has a sonar sense, and can use it for eco-navigation and to orient himself in situations where his vision is not enough. In addition, his sonar also gives him the unexpected power to be able to emit ultrasonic screams capable of pulling flesh from the bones.
  • Water Control: He can produce a protective shield made of water, much like his mother. He can also create solidified water constructs, creating objects of various sizes and forms with this power. He can render himself invisible in water, and animate and control water to use in different ranges and utilities. He can liquefy and transform his body entirely into water or ice, assuming most different configurations. And since the bodies of living beings are made up of 80% water, he can also command this water by blowing bodies up like water balloons.
  • Flight: He has two pairs of wings at the ankles like Namor's that allow him to fly.

Mark is well versed in Atlantean combat and fighting methods, having been trained by his mother in armed and unarmed combat, with expertise in close melee combatant. He is also fluent in marine biology and linguistics such as Atlantean, English, and others.

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