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"I'm looking for Justin Hammer, tell me where the son of a b*** is!!!" Maria threatening Marcus Right

Maria Martinez, aka Rico, is a Anti-hero from Marvel universe, she is a former Hellrider, but maintains her supernatural powers. She is a member of the Rangers or South Avengers, a sub group of the Avengers. She is a mechanic, who repaired a derelict military train and created the Rangers mobile HQ the Damned train.

Maria was a Hitman who aided her two fellow Hellriders Billy Joe and Joseph O'Neil take down Satan's army in London, destroying much of the city in the process. Maria is described as the third lady death, and her power of Flames of hell help cement that nickname.


Maria is cold and hard on people, she is prone to cussing and trashing objects in pure anger, from a vending machine not giving her cola, to a Stark peacekeeper robot calling her a terrorist during the war in London arc.

Maria does show some form of emotion and kindness, she saved a young girl from Starlord when he accidentally blew up a gas station during the invasion by the Kree, she then turned back into her cold self and punched Starlord into several buildings.


Maria is a Latina based superheronine, she is 4 feet 6 inches tall, making her the shortest character in the team. Maria is unusual compared to the other Hell/Ghost riders as she is human in appearance, though she painted her face to look a Mexican day of the dead skull mask.

Maria wears light clothing her top is a black tank top torn and black leather jeans biker apparel, she wears combat boots.


Early Life

Maria grew up in a poor portion of the American commonwealth of Puerto Rico. Her father left them when she was young. She grew up with crime and injustice. She attended college, and lived with her mother and little sister.