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Maria Hill is the current Deputy Director of SHIELD, who is known for being tough-minded and by the book. She grew up with an abusive father, who blamed her for her mother's death, which led her to be cold and tough, she focused herself on training and studies. After they moved to the US from Wales, she became extremely close with her good friend, Nicola Fury, which led to Nicola picking her to join her on the newly opened SHIELD as her second-in-command. She is just as much of a leader figure as Fury is, and is the one responsible for forming and commanding the unit known as the Thunderbolts.

Powers & Abilities

  • Expert Marksman - Maria is incredibly skilled with firearms, her favourite is her trademark heavily customised Glock 19 pistol.
  • Expert Martial Artist - She is highly trained in martial arts and is a master combatant, but she prefers not to get her hands dirty.
  • Master Tactician - She is a is a great strategist and is able to predict moves and actions seconds before they are made.
  • Master Spy - She is extremely well trained in the art of espionage and often takes the lead in many black ops and espionage missions.
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