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Marcus Daniels
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Marital Status

Exposed to Darkforce at a physics lab where Daniels worked as an assistant

Brent Fletcher


Early Life

Daniels was born in 1972 in New York. His education included a science degree in physics from a university between 1990 and 1996. Before his arrest, he worked as an assistant to Dr. Abner Croit. During an experiment involving a force called Darkforce, Daniels was subjected to a lab accident that granted him the power to absorb any form of energy, empowering himself. He used his abilities to pursue the target of his affections, cellist Audrey Nathan, but his advances were thwarted by Agent Phil Coulson of S.H.I.E.L.D., who imprisoned him in the Fridge.

However, rather than attempt to rehabilitate Daniels or remove his powers (as thought by Agent Coulson), the staff at the Fridge experimented on him, increasing his power.

Raid of the Fridge

During the HYDRA Uprising, HYDRA Agents John Garrett and Grant Ward infiltrated the Fridge in order to obtain the confiscated technology that was hidden inside. As a distraction against Phil Coulson and his team, Garrett freed the prisoners using one of the weapons he collected. Among the freed prisoners was Daniels. As Daniels was escaping, Garrett told him to "follow his dreams," noting that he would keep Coulson particularly busy.

Hunting Audrey Nathan

Daniels then arrived at a dock where he killed a man and stole his truck in order to get to Portland to continue his pursuit of Nathan. Daniels referred to her as "his light."

Daniels approached Nathan while she was jogging but Coulson's Team cut him off and attempted to overload him with high powered lights but he knocked them down with a blast of Darkforce. Eventually, Daniels came to the theater and was again attacked by Agents Coulson and Antoine Triplett with the concentrated lights but this time with the addition of Cloak and Dagger's powers and he exploded.

Powers and Abilities


Darkforce: Blackout possesses the ability to tap and manipulate an intense black form of extra-dimensional energy called the Darkforce. This energy, which appears to be related to the extra-dimensional black gas-like substance manipulated by Cloak and the Shroud, possesses mass and form, whereas the substance employed by Cloak and the Shroud does not. Although Blackout draws Darkforce from the same dimension as the Shroud's gas-like substance, it is not yet clear whether this is the same dimension of darkness to which Cloak's powers are connected. Blackout's powers seem to have been identical to those of the mutant Darkstar, although Blackout's were gained by experimental means and Darkstar was born with the genetic potential to manifest her powers.

Blackout can project the Darkforce as concussive energy with tremendous force, the limits of which are unknown.

Blackout can cause the Darkforce to take on simple mentally controlled forms such as discs, cubes, cylinders, and so on. Before Moonstone helped him extend his control of his powers, Blackout could form objects that had the maximum density of hardened rubber and the consistency of tar at 40 degrees Fahrenheit. As well, he could form objects with a maximum volume of approximately 150 cubic feet, sufficient to encompass two average human beings. However, under Moonstone's guidance, Blackout learned to project sufficient Darkforce to envelop the entire Avengers Mansion. Moreover, the wall of Darkforce that Blackout created about the mansion was strong enough to resist bazooka fire; the extent to which the wall was impenetrable is unknown. Darkforce objects created by Blackout after his training by Moonstone absorbed energy directed against them; the limits to the amount of energy these objects could absorb harmlessly are also unknown. The objects that Blackout created from Darkforce were solid and well-defined when he consciously willed them to be. Blackout could exercise control over his Darkforce constructs within a range of about 1,000 feet from his person. A fully-formed object that he ceased to control consciously would remain solid for about five minutes before it began to lose its solidity and shape. Within about two minutes, the object would have totally dissipated; Blackout can dissipate at will an object he has formed from Darkforce.

Blackout can mentally open apertures into the Darkforce Dimension, which remain open as long as he maintains mental control over them. He could also envelop a person or object with Darkforce and then project that entrapped person or object into the Darkforce dimension.

The Darkforce is apparently unaffected by gravity. Hence, Blackout's Darkforce-constructs remain in the air (in their relative positions to the Earth's surface) unsupported, and only move at his mental command. By standing on a disc of Darkforce and making it move through the air, Blackout can fly. He can travel at any speed and height at which he can still breathe (about 50 miles per hour and 10,000 feet above sea level).


None known.

Strength level

Normal human strength for moderate regular exercise.


Controlling the Darkforce for too long a time caused him to be strained. Also, light.


Equipment: None known.
Transportation: None known.
Weapons: None known.


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