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Real Name
Marc Spector
Current Alias

Jake Lockley, Steven Grant, Yitzak Topol, Fist of Khonshu, Crescent Crusader, "Moony", Crescent Wrench, Lunar Legionnaire, Sheet Face, Spider-Man, Bullseye, Mister Knight



Khonshu, Defenders, former Employer of Buck Lime, U.S. Marine Corps, CIA, partner of Frenchie (Jacques Duchamps), partner of Raoul Bushman, the Committee

Elias Spector (father, deceased)
Unnamed mother (deceased)
Randall Spector (brother, deceased)
Seth Phalkon (alleged great-great-grandfather)


Base Of Operations
New York City, New York





Unusual Features
Scar over his left eye


Marital Status

Adventurer, entrepreneur, vigilante; former prize fighter, spy, soldier (U.S. Marine commando), C.I.A. liaison, mercenary, cab driver

High-school graduate, extensive C.I.A. training

On a mercenary mission in Egypt, Spector was left for dead. An idol of the Egyptian moon god, Khonshu, saved him, and gave him his moon-based powers.

Place of Birth


First appearance


Quote1 I'm a ghost now... A spectre of the moon... the moon's knight of vengeance---and I got work to do. Quote2
-- Moon Knight

Early life

Spector's father, a rabbi, managed to escape Germany when Hitler invaded Czechoslovakia. Spector was born in the US. His mother died soon afterward. Marc refused to follow his father's calling; he could not understand why Elias never fought back against persecution. Instead he became a prize fighter, but when his father got into the ring one night to stop him, Marc punched him.

US Marine Corps

The next morning he enlisted in the Marines, and he never saw his father again. After two tours of duty, he became a field agent of the C.I.A.. There he worked with several people who would later interact with Moon Knight, including William Cross, Amos Lardner, and his own brother, Randall Spector. Randall killed Spector's girlfriend Lisa with a hatchet to keep her from exposing a gun-running scheme; Spector retaliated with a grenade and killed Randall.


After leaving the CIA, Spector became a soldier-for-hire. During this period he befriended "Frenchie" Duchamps, who became his professional partner. They took on several assignments, mainly in Africa and South America. Spector later went to trial for assassinating the president of Bosqueverde, a South American country; such assignments paid well, though, and Spector invested wisely.

Mercenary Work

Spector and Frenchie took on a job in Sudan for Raoul Bushman. Whereas Spector worked for the money, Bushman seemed to enjoy plunder and killing. When Bushman massacred the inhabitants of Selima, as well as archaeologist Peter Alraune, to find an Egyptian pharaoh's tomb, Spector could stomach no more. He got Alraune's daughter Marlene to safety at the tomb and challenged Bushman, who mortally wounded him in the desert. Spector managed to reach the tomb before he collapsed, and Marlene and the crew laid him beneath an idol of Khonshu. His spirit had an encounter with Khonshu, who promised to save his life in exchange for his service. Spector agreed, although he later considered this encounter a hallucination. Restored to life, he punished Bushman's men, while Bushman himself escaped.

Moon Knight

Finally having found a purpose in life, Spector applied himself fully. He, Franchie, and Alraune (now his lover) moved to New York, taking the idol along. With their help he developed the costume, equipment, and persona of Moon Knight. With his fortune he could not only support his new career of fighting crime, he could create another persona: Steven Grant, financier. Finally, to gather information at street level, he created a fourth persona: Jake Lockley, cab driver. His original persona, with its multiple facets, faded into the background. Still, leading four separate lives put great mental stress on Spector. Lockley developed a network of informants, including the homeless Bertrand Crawley, diner owner Gena Landers, and her sons Ricky and Ray.

Spector's first major job as Moon Knight came when the Committee hired him to capture a werewolf named Jack Russell. He succeeded, in large part thanks to the silver cesti he was equipped with. However, he learned that the Committee planned to turn Russell's sister into another werewolf and use them both as weapons. He did the honorable thing and switched sides; Spector and Russell shut down the Committee.

Powers and Abilities


As a testament to the human brain Moon Knight's state of mind has always caused his "Powers and Abilities from Khonshu" to come into question, as he himself, at times, is not a reliable source. It's been stated that he may suffer from a madness so powerful it can only be describe as magic.

Split Personalities: As a consequence of having become Khonshu's avatar, Marc has developed several personalities throughout his life.

  • Moon's Might: Spector's multiple personalities may cause his glands to constantly produce adrenaline, thereby enhancing his physical strength, speed, reflexes & stamina. He is also exceptionally durable in this state.
  • Accelerated Healing: Spector can sub-consciously manipulate his own "Chi" (the infinite energy inside every living being) as well as his increased adrenaline & metabolism. This causes his wounds to close & heal at an accelerated rate. Like Iron Fist, he may have a prolonged lifespan due to his Chi Empowerment.
  • Telepathic Immunity: Spector's multiple personalities give him some protection against certain psychic powers such as possession.
  • Adaptive Personality: Though Marc Spector at his core, one of his personalities is a blank slate, allowing it to be filled with another, anyone who'll best suit his ends. Most of these I.D.'s are a "One-Night Stand" type of guise.
  • Pain Resistance: Insanity, spiritually gifted, or simply numb from all the years of damage to his body, Moon Knight has an apparent strong threshold for pain, so far to the point of seemingly turning it off sometimes. It is theorized that he can consciously turn off his pain receptors.
  • Fear Inducing: Though Marc Spector himself is a scary person, it's been stated multiple times that Moon Knight, for unknown reasons, strikes debilitating fear in his targets as if from another force.

Currently, Spector claims no superhuman powers.


Over the course of his life as a boxer, U.S. Marine, mercenary, and costumed superhero, Marc Spector has become an expert at hand-to-hand combat techniques and various martial arts. He is an Olympic-level athlete and a skilled acrobat and gymnast, and excels as a combat strategist.

Expert Pilot: He is an excellent pilot and aviator due to his years as a US Marine and a mercenary.

Skilled Detective: Spector is a good detective/private investigator with broad skills, knowledge and understanding of the criminal underworld. He also knows many of the streets of New York very well due to being a cab driver in the alias of Jake Lockley.

Interrogation Expert: He is an expert at interrogation often employing military secret police methods of torture.

Expert Marksman: He is capable of hurling all types of projectiles with great aim and pin point accuracy as well as an excellent sharpshooter/marksman. He is able to slice a bullet in half with a crescent disc.

Weapons Master: Spector is adept with nearly every weapon ever invented ranging from many types swords, combat knives, batons, chains, brass knuckles, thrown projectiles such as shuriken, longbows, bolos, boomerangs to use of all types of firearms such as pistols, sniper rifles, automatic assault rifles, submachine guns, machine guns, grenade launchers, anti-tank bazooka, and even electronic remote firing stations such as 20/30mm anti-aircraft full auto chain guns, Gatling cannons, mechanized mortars, missile launchers etc.

Master Martial Artist: Spector is a former heavyweight boxing champion who underwent intense training as a commando, intelligence operative and mercenary. He is skilled in armed and unarmed combat with training in Boxing, Judo, Savate and Kung Fu; his knowledge is extensive enough that it has been shown that he can use pressure points against his opponents, striking nerve clusters to stun or even instantly incapacitate. On more than one occasion without powers he has fought the Punisher to a stand still.

Strength level

  • Currently, Spector has the strength of a normal human male of his age, height, and build who engages in intensive regular exercise. He could formerly press lift twice his bodyweight; 450 lbs, but since losing his powers he has been routinely weightlifting and is likely stronger. According to the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe #9, at his strongest, under the light of the full moon, he can lift about 2 tons.


Brain damage: While it was initially believed Marc suffered from dissociative identity disorder, it was determined that the different personas he has developed throughout his life are a consequence of having become Khonshu's avatar. Khonshu is said to have four aspects; Pathfinder, Embracer, Defender, and the Watcher of overnight travelers. Spector cycles through these aspects, and his brain applies identities to them in order to explain them. In essence, Marc's mind has been "colonized" by Khonshu, and the different personalities Marc displays are a way to cope with the damage.


Equipment: Moon Knight's Suit: Spector's original costume included Kevlar armor. It had a built-in two-way radio system so that Spector could summon du Champ, who typically provided backup in a helicopter. Spector later upgraded the Kevlar to Adamantium, and du Champ added dart throwers to the gauntlets.

  • Glider Cloak: Although Spector cannot fly, he can spread his cloak and slow his descent from great heights. To a slight extent he can steer his fall. Because it must be flexible, the cloak is not armored. Du Champ created the cloak.
  • Carbonadium Armored Vestment: Before he moved to the West Coast to operate there, he was wearing a costume that was made of carbonadium which he claimed was almost as tough as adamantium but more flexible. The suit had several features identified: Crescent Dart Launchers in his wrist, Crescent Cable line used for swinging or for grappling, jump jets, Laser cutting torch, a few other features.

Transportation: Moon Knight's Helicopter
Weapons: Although he has mastered almost every weapon ever invented Moon Knight displays an obvious fondness for certain moon themed object referred to as his toys. These include throwing darts, nunchaku, and a truncheon.

Crescent Darts: Most likely his favorite weapon these symmetrical throwing blades function as "calling cards" as well as weapons. Spector keeps a dozen of them in protective holsters spaced around his belt.

Truncheon: This ingenious device functions as a simple club, nunchaku, and a grappling hook. By itself, it can be wielded as a blunt instrument or thrown. It separates into two shorter clubs (linked by a chain) to entangle a weapon or limb, or to lengthen the club's arc of travel and thus its force. The hook springs forth from one end and, with a cable attached, allows Moon Knight to climb to, descend from, or swing around a fixed point. It weighs 12 pounds (5.5 kg) and is 12 inches (30 cm) long. When not in use, it fits into a holster on his left calf. Later improvements include upgrading the stainless steel to adamantium, incorporating the cable with the hook, and adding the option to extend to 8 feet (242 cm) long.

Crescent Launcher Pistols He was using 2 pistols which fired crescent darts with cables that allowed him to grapple, trip or pin his enemies to surfaces. These had enough force to push a man back into a wall and pin him there.

Energy shield: Buck Lime built him an energy shield similar of Captain America's Vibranium shield.

Web-Shooters/Wolverine's Claws: Buck Lime created a pair of bracers which can be used as a Web-Shooters (like Spider-Man's) or Metal claws (like Wolverine's).

Silver Cestus: On his first mission as Moon Knight (bringing in the Werewolf By Night for the Committee), Spector wore two silver cesti on his arms.

During his time as the Fist of Khonshu, Spector used another set of weapons, keeping them in a leather pouch or on his person.

Ankh: This Egyptian symbol made of gold lit up in the face of imminent danger. Like the truncheon above, it could serve as a thrown or hand-held club. It weighed 12 pounds (5.5 kg) and was 12 inches (30 cm) long.

Other Weapons: Moon Knight also used other weapons such as scarab darts, a ivory boomerang, grappling hook / lariat, bola, san-setsu-kon (three-piece staff), and a truncheon with built-in taser.


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