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Major Marvel

Colonel Marvel, Captain Marvel, Captain Mar-Vell, Dr. Walter Philip Lawson, The Marvelous Kree, Marv-Ell, Protector of the Universe


Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers (honorary member; formerly); formerly the Imperial Kree Army, Kree Void Science Navy: Defenders for a Day (former member; defunct)

Genis-Vell (son), Phyla-Vell (daughter), Dorrek VIII (son); Una (former lover; deceased), Princess Anelle (former lover; estranged), Veranke (former lover as "Anelle"; deceased), Wendy Grant
(lover; deceased)


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Mobile throughout the universe







Marital Status

Major, colonel, and captain in the Kree space fleet, former astronomy assistant, adventurer, and "Protector Of The Universe"

Kree Military training and Imperial Academy Graduate

Kree mutate

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Modern Comics:
Guardians of the Galaxy
Vol 1 16
Modern Comics:
Secret Invasion
Vol 1 6


Quote1 I will die, as all things will. There was peace. Rest. Reward for a life spent in service of others... It's been a great pleasure serving for all of you... Quote2
-- Major Marvel

Early Years

Mar-Vell was a member and was also a captain and eventually a major of the Kree Empire, the imperial and governmental system of the alien humanoid warrior race of the same name which has forged an empire throughout the galaxy known as the Large Magellanic Cloud. More specifically, he was one of the so-called "Pink Kree." This Kree race has the same color skin as Caucasian Earth humans; their existence was the result of interbreeding of many of the original blue Kree race with humanoids of other worlds, and they now far outnumber the blue Kree, who, however, still dominate positions of wealth and governmental power in the Kree Empire.

Later on, Mar-Vell was eventually promoted by highest of the Kree superiors into the position of Major in the Kree Military, causing him to have several new missions that granted him to travel across the rest of the entire undiscovered universe, giving Mar-Vell the advantage to explore the many different wonders of each and every galaxies they've discovered, during the times he and his crew were sent into countless interstellar expeditions.

Crashing onto Earth

At one point during his mission, Mar-Vell was given orders to infiltrate the planet Earth by his higher-ranking commander, Colonel Yon-Rogg, who was jealous of both Mar-Vell’s reputation as a warrior and his relationship with the spacecraft’s medic, Una. One day while Mar-Vell was returning to the ship to renew his supply of breathing potions, Yon-Rogg tried to assassinate him by “accidentally” firing the ship’s laser beams towards him. However, a small private plane came between the beams and Mar-Vell, and it was destroyed instead, while it was still flying.

Mar-Vell went to the aid of the plane, leaving his own ship to crash as it enters the Earth's surface, where he found the only occupant to be the now-deceased Dr. Walter Phillip Lawson, whom Yon-Rogg had just unintentionally but not accidentally murdered--and who bore an astonishing resemblance to Mar-Vell himself. Lawson was later revealed to be an expert on missiles and robotics who had just been transferred to the nearby military base. Seeing this opportunity to infiltrate military base known as the Cape, Mar-Vell decided to assume Dr. Lawson's identity and pose as him.

Before the plane manages to crash on to the surface of the ground, located near the Cape, Mar-Vell manages to fully transform his appearance into Dr. Lawson, before the plane had a really rough landing, and by rough, the plane crashes hard into the ground, scattering all its separated parts around the military base's entrance. Mar-Vell remained unconscious inside the wreckage of the plane, until he was eventually found by Lawson's subordinates as the only known survivor of the crash. Thinking of him and seeing him as the real Lawson, the subordinates rescued him, and brought him back into the military base for him to recover from his injuries during the plane crash.

Meanwhile at the orbit of Earth's outer space, Yon-Rogg would continue trying to assassinate Mar-Vell, and as a result, he activated a dormant Kree Sentry from his spacecraft through an escape pod, in the hope of that it would kill him once it lands and finds Mar-Vell on the Earth's surface. While at it, Yon-Rogg remained patient and still waited for the assassination of his most hated subordinate, to be successful, before returning to his homeworld to lie to the superiors, and will be informing that Mar-Vell "didn't make it," during the mission.

Mar-Vell's lover, Una, was unfortunately unaware of all the events going on. The only knowledge she had known, is that Yon-Rogg told her that Mar-Vell's own spaceship had crashed on to Earth, and are doing their very best to find him. Despite what Yon-Rogg said, Una still had some doubts that Yon-Rogg was actually telling her the truth, believing that Yon-Rogg had all of this as a part of his sinister scheme. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to Mar-Vell at the time, Yon-Rogg had murdered Una after finding out about the true whereabouts of her lover, all for the sake of keeping his dirty little secret hidden among the rest of the Kree Imperial Navy.

Mentoring Carol Danvers

Upon Mar-Vell's rough but safe crash-landing onto Earth as the recently-deceased Dr. Walter Philip Lawson, he manages to find himself waking up at the medical headquarters of the military base where he last had crash-landed. Waking up, he was being waited in his room by Lawson's commander-in-chief General Bridges and his assistant officer, Carol Danvers, whom he would later befriended as they kindle a friendly and a mentor-mentee type relationship during her N.A.S.A. days, which had lasted for a long while.

His Lines of Succession

During his stay on Earth, Mar-Vell would also find peace and harmony living among most humans after finding out how much he blends well with them. At one instance, Mar-Vell as Lawson became enamored with a scientifically-enthusiastic woman named Wendy Grant, whom connecting with her reminded him of his late lover Una. Their brief yet blooming romance even seeded a boy that would be named Genis-Vell, albeit at the cost of Wendy's life for giving birth to her and Mar-Vell's son, much to his sorrow. Trying his best to look on the bright side, Mar-Vell took the child on his own and had him be delivered in Kree-Lar, where he could be raised on the very heart of his home planet. The child would grow up to be just like his old man, though the two wouldn't even get the chance to reunite until the 2010s, wherein the met face to face, with both getting themselves back on Earth coincidentally.

At some point during his return as a cosmic vigilante and a representative for the Kree Void Science Navy, he became reunited with a Skrull who claimed herself to be his old flame Princess Anelle (though she actually was the religious fanatic Veranke in disguise). However, Mar-Vell was unaware of this deception that his state of infatuation was merely a essential for a disguised Veranke to take advantage of him after she sired a child with him while Mar-Vell was intoxicated during a passionate night, hoping that their child would be the key to outlive the Kree-Skrull War as Veranke herself morbidly believed that as long as the war wages on, the Kree and the Skrulls' fate were destined to drive each other into extinction. The pregnant Veranke feared how the Skrull Royal Family and the Kree Empire would react the moment they discover her child with Mar-Vell, and on the day she had given birth to her child, she knew she and her followers would be attacked by the covert Kree armed forces, seeing the child as an abomination due to his hybrid nature. As a result, Veranke instead had the child secretly smuggled off and hidden on Earth, where it was found by a nurse named Mary-Jo Altman. There, young Dorrek VIII was raised to believe he was a human named Teddy Altman, unaware of his true heritage for years, until he would get the chance to meet them on separate occasions once he reaches his teenage years.

Ms. Marvel, Unleashed

Mar-Vell confronted Yon-Rogg after the latter had mostly been observing a few moments of his whereabouts from the Earth's orbit, who had abducted Carol Danvers as a hostage to use against him. Mar-Vell defeated Yon-Rogg, who apparently perished (at that moment) when a nearby powerful Kree engine device that was the Kree Psyche-Magnitron has exploded. But in the course of this fight, Danvers was bombarded with radiation from the Kree Psyche-Magnitron, which caused her to develop a half-Kree physiology that was similar to Mar-Vell and Yon-Rogg's own; and with Danvers using the super-human powers she had accidentally acquired by this means, Danvers later became the first costumed adventurer and cosmic heroine known as Ms. Marvel.

Helping the Avengers

After working several cases with the Avengers during their hunt against several Kree resistance fighters which were led by Yon-Rogg, Ms. Marvel herself finally accepted the heroes' invitation and volunteered to join the the Earth's Mightiest Heroes after the traumatic events of Ultron Offensive, and with some of assistance coming from Mar-Vell himself, the Avengers were able to defeat and subdue the extraterrestrial war criminal in the end. Despite Mar-Vell's little of concerns, he let her joined the courageous alliance, after realizing and seeing that she's already done with her long training, and is finally ready to be herself as the marvelous and wonderful hero, Ms. Marvel.

Eventually days after Carol became the new member of the Earth's mightiest heroes, with her first mission as an Avenger was defeating helping the team what's left of several Hydra bases across the world, her fellow ally, good friend, and leader Tony Stark, helped Mar-Vell in fixing his wrecked spacecraft, and afterwards, Mar-Vell was able to say his warm farewell to Danvers and a few of the Earth's heroes, before successfully launching into space and leaving Earth for the very first time, at least for now.

A Welcoming Return

On his way back to his home planet Hala, the home of the Kree Empire, he was accompanied by his old archenemy Yon-Rogg and the rest of his lower subordinates inside the spacecraft, whom he had under cryogenic hibernation, while wearing power-dampening cuffs and other restrains, just in case he and his comrades might accidentally escape. As he returned to Kree-Lar, he had receive a extremely warm welcome by his people as the heroic survivor during their intergalactic expedition, and with it, his superiors in the Kree Void Science Navy honored him for sparing the lives of his former subordinates, most especially Yon-Rogg whom he deeply hated for being responsible towards the death of Una, who had turned into resistance fighters. Because of his selflessly heroic and outstanding actions, he was given the medal of honor by the Imperial Navy.

The Guardians of the Galaxy

At some point in time continuously serving peace and justice on Hala once again, Mar-Vell somehow found himself earning several promotions since he had returned in his division within the Kree Void Science Navy and the Imperial Navy for almost a year by then. Two of his most notable achievements since his return were his honorable promotions of becoming the rank of Colonel in his division, before eventually, he was also successful in earning the significant high rank, finally becoming a Major, to which he was eventually referred by the Kree and the other neighboring communities by his newly-gained title, Major Marvel.

Since his promotion as Major, he started leading his own military science division that replaced the former imperial division originally led by Yon-Rogg. As a major of the Imperial Navy, Mar-Vell has eventually caught the attention of the band of intergalactic outlaws known as the Guardians of the Galaxy, who were seen to be secretly dealing with a Kree black market arms dealer as they were buying military weapons, during his private investigation. As he has caught the wrongdoings committed by a rogue portion of his own people, Mar-Vell immediately had his next plan to be set in motion in his mission to subdue the Kree black marketers, and apprehend the Guardians at the same time.

A Man on the Inside

At first, Mar-Vell and his military team tries to battle the Guardians in the means of apprehending them before dealing with the black marketers, only to be sincerely told by the Guardians themselves that their actions were misunderstood, mistakenly referring their dealings as actual crimes, though in truth, they have actually been recruited by the Nova Corps as undercovers for their mission, which also has the same objectives with Mar-Vell's team in taking down the Kree black market in secret. Realizing that both alliances have the same mission, they joined forces for the mean time as they would later investigate and figure it out that the true behind the rogue dealings was one of the most respected and noble generals of the Imperial Navy, Ultimatus, who also revealed his dark backstory as a intergalactic fugitive to several intergalactic military and police forces across the cosmic community, including the Nova Corps.

As a response to his intentional confession, both the heroic forces battled the unhinged and traitorous superior, but the latter was proven to be extremely powerful for the heroes to handle, since he was then revealed to be a Kree Eternal, who was one of his rare kind. In the conclusion, the heroes have only proven themselves truly victorious when Mar-Vell used one the Guardian's most powerful weapons by the time, the Hadron Enforcer, where he was able to amplify its power up into extreme, immeasurable levels as it repeatedly fires at a powerful but an arrogant and megalomaniac Ultimatus, only leading to the villain's humiliating defeat by the very end, in which he was later handed over to the Nova Corps.

In the aftermath of the small conflict, it was later revealed that the true mastermind responsible for the secret arms dealing was actually the tyrannical emperor of the Skrull Empire himself, Dorrek VII, who was secretly mind-controlling Ultimus as his puppet from the planet Skrullos. This revelation wouldn't even be known to Mar-Vell, the Guardians, or even the rest of the Kree Empire, since this motive was intended to be kept as a secret plan for the Skrull Empire, in order to initiate their next move in starting another war against the Kree, causing for the Kree-Skrull War to reignite across the intergalactic community once more.

Finale of the Kree-Skrull War

During his times as a newfound part-time member of the Guardians of the Galaxy, Major Marvel and his team came across a few adventures along the way as they freely travel the cosmos. However, their cosmic adventures were proven to have been short-lived, as he and the rest of the Guardians then were morally-obligated in helping to restore peace between his people, the Kree, and their longtime rival race for millions of years now, which were the Skrulls, during the Kree-Skrull War, participating during the galaxy-wide conflict, not to side with the Kree, nor the Skrulls, but to end the chaotic war as both races have caused nothing but death and destruction for over millions of years.

The Final Resort

Realizing that they were miserably losing and were on the pinnacle of failing on their mission in ending the war by themselves, Mar-Vell then ultimately makes up his mind, and immediately rides his spacecraft to leave the planet, seemingly leaving the entire warzone behind, though in actuality, he left so that he could go to his last resort, who was also the final key into ending the Kree-Skrull War once and for all, which was his old friend and ally back on Earth, Carol Danvers. As he panicky hurries his destination on his travel towards Earth, he had no other choice but to activate his craft into full speed, and as a result of his unthinkable but somehow sufficient decision, he was able to reach the Sol Solar System at only five jump points. Arriving at Sol in time as expected, his ship's starts to malfunction due to him overusing the control panels, causing for him to lose control of the vessel as it heads straight towards the Earth's atmosphere, as it finally crashes on the surface, roughly landing within the landscape of the famous Cape Canaveral.

Right after his ship has crashed, a generous stranger immediately approaches the scene to investigate the unfortunate occurrence, the was former was revealed to be Carol Danvers herself, who was surprised to see that the pilot was in fact her long-time ally, whom she reminisced with once again. As she helps Mar-Vell leave the unsalvageably damaged craft, she looked upon him, only to notice that he was extremely somber and traumatized, as if he barely escaped a war or a battle so chaotic, and so destructive, that he could have never handled it on his own. Mar-Vell then warned Danvers that he came back to her, all because "they" would be desperately needing her help. Answering Danvers' question on why he would be needing her help, he briefly responded, telling her that her ultimate godly powers would be the final key into ending the galactic war that he and the rest of his allies and teammates had always been fighting for hundreds of years even before they existed, once and for all.

With the help of Mar-Vell's psychological method in order to make Carol tap into unlocking some more of her powers' capabilities, Carol discovers and unleashes her newfound cosmic abilities, most importantly her new powers of cosmically flying through the vacuums of space as Mar-Vell helps her get into the planet's orbit, that she would also be coming with him to the planet Skrullos, the last known warzone between the Krees and the Skrulls, as well as the latter's homeland. Now fully unleashed, Carol suits up in her new special uniform and finally flew off the Earth's surface, leaving the planet as she travels with Mar-Vell at the speed of light to the violent planet of Skrullos, since she was destined and obligated to help a friend in need, along with a galaxy hopelessly in need of salvation from the deadly hands of the Kree, Mar-Vell's ruthless race capable of destroying a fleet effortlessly, and the Skrulls, a bloodthirsty race of shape-shifting conquerors.

Ending the War

Upon their arrival at the planet, the two safely crashed in the barren parts of Skrullos' desert, an area far away from the city of the Skrulls, where the ongoing war between the two empires was still occurring. Witnessing another massive explosion at the city, Mar-Vell and Danvers swiftly flied towards the havoc being wreaked across the entire battlefield. As they promptly fly towards the warzone, Danvers sees the Accuser Huran trying to trigger another quantum explosive device, but in this case, hurling it directly towards the Guardians of the Galaxy, closest to an unconscious Gamora, in the arms of Star-Lord. Thanks to Danvers' ultrasonic speed, she was able to catch the explosive in time, where she embraces it with her own body, surprising the rest of her allies. Due to Danvers' action, the explosion of the quantum explosive was fully minimized. Suddenly, Carol emerged from the explosion's crater, unknowingly aware that she had discovered her new cosmic power to regenerate at an accelerating rate through absorbing the explosive's energy.

As it follows, Ms. Marvel finally joined the heroes' cause in winning this final battle, battling both the forces of the Skrulls and the Kree, in order to truly end the Kree-Skrull War once and for all. During the battle of Skrullos, Danvers easily overpowered and effortlessly obliterated both hostile forces, along with Mar-Vell defeating his former superior-turned-rival, Yon-Rogg and the rest of the Kree forces, and the Guardians and the Nova Corps apprehending most of the surviving Skrull fleet. As several hours went by, it was announced and declared by the Nova Corps to the entire galactic community that the war that lasted for hundreds of thousands of years has finally ended with a peace treaty between the two races.

Secret Invasion

Unluckily, however, the heroes themselves found out that the heads of the Skrull Empire secretly commanded the disguised Skrulls hiding on the planet Earth to begin the "next stage," to their mysterious plan known as the "Earth Protocol," to which they would later explain that despite their conflict with the Kree had already ended, their conflict on conquering Earth has only just begun, and decided to infiltrate and finally invade it after so long. The Guardians of the Galaxy, along with Ms. Marvel and Mar-Vell onboard their ship, immediately travel to Earth after the end of the Kree-Skrull War, warning the heroes of Earth of the threat that's about to occur on the planet, which were the Skrulls themselves who were all currently hiding on the planet at the moment, and were willing to help them fight them and prevent them from ever invading Earth.

Final Sacrifice

A stealthy invasion secretly planned by the ruthless Skrull race comes to fruition, as the Ultimates (both the 50-State Initiative of Iron Man and the Anti-Registration Forces of Captain America), S.H.I.E.L.D., the Thunderbolts, the Dark Avengers, and most of the Earth's super-powered individuals must unite to stop the conquering villainous extraterrestrial race, aided by the Guardians of the Galaxy themselves and the entire Ravager Network. In the midst of the finale, Mar-Vell and the Guardians infiltrated the mother Skrull ship where they discovered the Skrulls were preparing an explosive-like weapon, mainly powered by an unstable artificially-made Tesseract, which would convert most of humanity on Earth into Skrulls and subsequently terraform into a more habitable, colonized Skrull world for their empire.

Before sacrificing himself to save mankind by destroying the weapon that was going to be detonated by the Skrulls all around the globe, Mar-Vell tearfully asked his sons Noh-Varr and Theodore Altman to keep saving and protecting the Earth as his last will, before telling him how much he was proud of him and tells that he would always love him as his only son. Seconds follow, Mar-Vell accepts the very fate he has chosen, and by holding the weaponized Tesseract before it self-destructs in the vacuum of space with a massive explosion, destroying the last resort of the Skrull Empire armada's and saving billions of earthly lives in the process at the cost of his life, something that he never regretted having to live most of his life serving and saving others, not harming them.

Inspiring Legacy

Greatly inspired by his father after seeing him perish from the great sacrifice, the still grieving but motivated Noh-Varr made his way to New York City and participated in the battle against the remainder of the Skrull invaders, helping to turn the tide and end finishing the final battle once and for all. When the battle had ended, Noh-Varr willingly surrendered to the authorities, returning to his secured cell in the Raft for a short while as he quietly mourns for his father's passing. During the end of the Secret Invasion, a seemingly reformed Norman Osborn, who was doing by the heroic ironed persona of the Iron Patriot, killed the escaping Veranke, the Skrull Queen and the mother of his youngest child Teddy Altman (who was devastated by her sudden demise despite knowing how dangerous she was), which ended the war and the attempted invasion on Earth, once and for all.

Mar-Vell's untimely death was later found out by the Kree Empire, who surprisingly honored and recognized his actions by giving his own medal of honor, but there were some of his former comrades and subordinates in the Kree Army who thought of his noble sacrifice to save Earth as a "disappointing weakness" and an "act of idiocy," something that his last and greatest teammates, the Ms. Marvel and the Guardians of the Galaxy found annoyance in the Kree soldier's unnecessary and disrespectful bickering, considering the fact that Mar-Vell was and will always be more of a hero than they could ever be combined. As a way to honor his memory, Ms. Marvel finally changed her heroic identity into one of Mar-Vell's former title, Captain Marvel, which took to Carol's liking when Mar-Vell himself first suggested it to be Carol's next codename a few years before his death. In his passing, his untaken mantle as Major Marvel was later succeeded by his son Noh-Varr, who also joined the Guardians of the Galaxy to redeem his reckless past on Earth as they venture into the stars just like how his father did.

Powers and Abilities


Kree Mutate Physiology: Originally, Captain Mar-Vell possessed no super-humanoid powers. However, the various Kree races had all evolved with higher strength levels than Earth humans to combat the heavier gravitations of their home worlds. However the Kree Void Science Navy altered Mar-Vell's genetic structure so that he could absorb solar energy and convert it for various after volunteering for an experiment. He then relied on the solar power rather than the nega-bands for flight, and would leave a glowing trail resembling a star-field behind him.

  • Solar Energy Metabolics
    • Flight
    • Solar Sustenance (Starvation & Thirst)
    • Photon Energy Blasts
    • Super-Humanoid Speed
    • Virtual Invulnerability
    • Teleportation (conditionally activated; briefly)
  • Superhumanoid Strength
  • Superhumanoid Speed
  • Superhumanoid Stamina
  • Superhumanoid Durability
  • Superhumanoid Agility
  • Superhumanoid Reflexes
  • Minor Molecular Control
  • Nega-Bands Based Energy Absorption
  • Cosmic Awareness
  • Kree Physiology
    • Resistance to poison, toxins and disease (systemic antidote)
    • Higher natural strength level and more durable body than a human
Power Grid [1]
Energy Projection
Fighting Skills


  • Experienced Spy
  • Multilingual
  • Extensive knowledge of the technologically advanced vehicles and devices of the Kree Empire
  • Expert Combatant

Strength level

Class 100+


None known.



  • Nega-Bands
    • Immunity to Cold
    • Immunity to Radiation
    • Immunity to Micro-Pressure
    • Immunity to Suffocation
  • Captain Mar-Vell's Kree Uniform


  • Flight
  • Teleportation (conditionally activated; briefly)

Weapons: None known.


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  1. Modern Comics: Secret Invasion Vol 1 1


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