Mandarin was a super villain who possessed ten rings, each having a different power. He has joined three separate Anti-Avengers organisations.


The Mandarin who an enemy of Iron Man. He joined Kingpin's Masters of Evil, an organisation created to destroy the Avengers. The Mandarin was later recruited by Loki. However, the Mandarin was betrayed when he found out Loki's true intention for to destroy all non-Asgardians.

Afterwards, the Mandarin went back to working solo. After being defeated by Iron Man, he was approached by Mankiller and asked to join Man-Ape's Masters of Evil. The Mandarin was reluctant, as he knew only too well how both his previous team-ups had failed, but Man-Ape convinced him to join by promising to make him a "master of the world".

The Masters of Evil were defeated again and the Mandarin was arrested.

Powers and Abilities

The Mandarin's ten rings all possess a different power;

  • Ice Blast
  • Darkness Generation
  • Mind Control
  • Disintegration Beam
  • Electro-Blast
  • Air Manipulation
  • Fire Blast
  • Impact Beam
  • Gravity Manipulation
  • Alchemy

The Mandarin was also skilled in martial arts.


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