Man In The Mask is the second episode of Iron Man: Armored Avenger



Jack Huston as Tony Stark / Iron Man

Deborah Ann Woll as Pepper Potts

Tyrese Gibson as James Rhodes

Mark Valley as Happy Hogan


Sam Rockwell as Justin Hammer

Doug Jones as Boris Bullski / Titanium Man

The Episode starts as we see Tony flying around.

Tony: Whoo Hooo!!

H.O.M.E.R: Incoming call for Ms. Potts sir.

Tony: Hey Pepper

Pepper: Tony, you have a meeting with a guy from Hammer Corp.

Tony: I'm almost there.

Pepper: I hear flying, are you in a plane?

Tony: I'll explain later, bye.

It shifts to the front of Stark Enterprises, it then shifts into an office.

Justin: Hello Ms. Potts.

Justin kisses Pepper's hand

Pepper: Oh umm hi.

Justin: Where's Mr Stark.

Pepper: He's running late

Tony rushes in wearing a tuxedo,

Tony: Sorry I'm late.

Justin: Mr Stark, the Prodigal son returns.

Tony: I guess so.

Justin: So, I am making my own designs for a suit.

Tony: Is it about that Iron Man guy?

Justin: Yes.

Tony looks worried as Pepper notices him.

Pepper: Who would pilot the suits?

Justin: Some army men, but I need to.

A bunch of men with guns break in.

Guard1 : Don't move!!

Guard 2: Justin Hammer your coming with us.

As they escort Justin, Tony notices that he is calm with the incident that happened

Tony: That's weird.

Pepper: Totally

Tony: I'm going to investigate some more.

Pepper: Wait Tony!! Ah forget it.

Commercial Break

It shifts to a strange building where we see 100 designs for the new suits.

Justin: It needs to have an Arc Reactor, similar to the Iron Man.

Scientist: Its too hard sir.

Justin: How dare you?

Justin picks up a gun and shoots the scientist dead

Justin: Guards throw this scum away.

The Guards look at the dead body and then at Justin, they then pick up the body.

It later shifts back in the Armory.

Rhodey arrives

Rhodey: Hey Tony.

Tony: Hey buddy.

Rhodey: I sort o found out, your secret.

Tony: Who told you?

Rhodey: H.O.M.E.R

Tony: I meant for this crusade to be just me.

Rhodey: Tony, when were you going to tell me?

Tony: Soon, just not now

Rhodey turns on the TV and notices Pepper being captured by an unknown man.

Tony: What the heck?

Rhodey: Looks like its a job for Iron Man.

Tony suits up and flies out,

Rhodey turns around and sees designs for a new suit called the War Machine.

Rhodey: Dang man, next time for sure.

Commercial Break

Pepper wakes up in a dark room, where we see Justin Hammer arriving

Pepper: Hammer, why am I here?

Justin: I need your help Ms. Potts, Its urgent.

Pepper: I'm sorry.

Justin walks over to her, and calls Boris Bullski

Boris: Yes sir?

Justin: I want the Iron Man dead, do you understand?

Boris: Yes.

Boris suits up as the Titanium Man,

It shifts to when Iron Man arrives

Iron Man: Ms. Potts.

Pepper: How do you know me?

Iron Man is about to answer but he is blasted in the back by a Repulsor.

Iron Man: Aghh!!

Titanium Man: So your the famous Iron Man?

Iron Man flies straight towards him, and the two tussle in the air

Titanium Man punches Iron Man into an airplane.

It shifts to Rhodey driving a Porsche, he then calls Pepper

Rhodey: Pepper, hello?

It shifts to Pepper's location

Pepper: Rhodey, I'm here

Back to the car, Rhodey's in

Rhodey: I'll pick you up, where are you?


Iron Man sees people falling out of the plane, so Iron Man dives after them.

Iron Man: Come on!! Grab my hand.

A middle age man grabs Iron Man's hand

Iron Man flies over to the next person,

Iron Man: H.O.M.E.R, how many can I carry?

H.O.M.E.R: Ten sir.

Iron Man: Oh boy

It shifts back to Rhodey who shoots some, of Justin Hammer's agents

Rhodey: Pepper!!

Pepper runs to Rhodey, as they both look at Iron Man in the sky.

Rhodey: Lets go.

Pepper: Ok.

Iron Man then saves the people but notices that Titanium Man escaped.

It shifts later to the armory, Rhodey walks in on Tony

Rhodey: You did a heck of a job out there.

Tony: Thanks pal, Its just that before this, I wanted to do it all alone.

Rhodey: You don't have to, You have me, so whoever you go against next, I'll be there for you.

As Rhodey prepares to leave, he turns around

Rhodey: Oh yeah, and Tony you should create a Mark 3, maybe red and gold, Dark blue is hard on the eyes.

Tony smiles and watches as Rhodey leaves

It shifts to an unknown Lab, where we see a Chinese man with rings

Unknown Man: Hammer, I want Iron Man destroyed, if you don't I will.

Justin: Ok. What's in it for me?

Unknown Man: Immortality, Fame.

Justin leaves as he thinks about what The Mandarin saidm and smiles.

End Of Episode

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