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The Man-Beast is a genetically-engineered mutant beast created by the High Evolutionary to gain a humanoid bestial form and intelligence. Unlike the previous New Men, he was created using a new isotope that gave him genetically enhanced superpowers and physical abilities. However, unlike Earth-616's original Man-Beast, instead of giving him greater ambition, this counterpart of Man-Beast instead saw an immense responsibility towards the New Men and the High Evolutionary. He had learned the teachings given by his creator, and saw himself as responsible for watching over his "father"'s work, protecting his less developed brothers and leading them in the ways of their new humanity.

When a revolt led by Lord Tyger, Sir Ram, Lady Ursula and Lady Vermin broke out among the New Men who wanted to dethrone the High Evolutionary's command, Man-Beast remained faithful to his creator and the other New Men who remained loyal to the code of the Knights of Wundagore, and helped to defeat and expel the traitors, preventing them from creating an army of artificially evolved super powerful animals with the help of Thor.

After the High Evolutionary left for space, the Man-Beast was personally tasked by him with protecting the citadel of Wundagore and preventing its resources from being used for wrong purposes. He wisely led the remaining New Men until he was threatened by Magneto and the Brotherhood of Mutants, who defeated and imprisoned him to take the citadel for their own diabolical goals, and started brainwashing the remaining New Men to help them out using the same evolutionary isotope to create a race of "super mutants." Thanks to the intervention of Wolverine and Kitty Pryde, the Man-Beast was freed and led the New Men alongside the X-Men to defeat Magneto and the Brotherhood.

Later, Man-Beast would be called to space by his creator and would help create Counter-Earth, helping him protect it from the attacks of the Stranger, aided by Adam Warlock. Thanks to the combined efforts of the two genetically-engineered beings, the Stranger was stopped and the High Evolutionary was successful in creating a perfect world (in this reality, the errors of First Earth would not be repeated on Counter-Earth, which became a utopian paradise devoid of blemishes). Man-Beast and Warlock fought side by side together to protect Counter-Earth, but they failed to prevent the planet from being abducted from its orbit by the Beyonders, who placed it in their own miniature universe as one of the "perfect worlds" that would help populate that universe. The High Evolutionary released Man-Beast from his task of protecting Counter-Earth since it was gone, and gave him the freedom to go looking for his own destiny.

Later, he helped the Fantastic Four on the sub-atomic world of K'ai in battle against the Psycho-Man, who was hiding under the guise of Hate-Monger, and the Man-Beast used a psionic device specially designed to induce extreme emotional imbalance in Psycho-Man the same way that he used his "Control-Box" to transform the Invisible Woman into Malice, allowing him to free her and the rest of the Fantastic Four in time for them all to defeat Psycho-Man. Man-Beast later used the "Control-Box" to remove the last vestiges of "Malice" from her mind, preventing her from suffering any further mental disturbances caused by Malice's separate identity. Shortly afterwards, he returned to Wundagore to help the New Men who still secretly resided on Earth.

The Kingdom of Wundagore

When the High Evolutionary finally returned to Earth, he created a new generation of his royal guard, the Knights of Wundagore, which would include a new Man-Beast genetically engineered through the same process that created the original Man-Beast. Fearful that his most loyal son would not trust another Man-Beast, he dressed him entirely in armor and nicknamed him "Lord One". Unknown to anyone, however, Lord One was secretly killed and replaced by Dark Beast, who used this position to infiltrate the team. Allying himself with the mutant Exodus, he tried to claim Wundagore as his own genetic research laboratory on Earth, only for him and his allies to be defeated by the Knights of Wundagore led by the Man-Beast. After they lost the battle, Man-Beast used the High Evolutionary's evolutionary device to transform Dark Beast and Exodus from mutants into normal humans permanently, with all memories of their previous lives erased. Unanimously recognized as a right leader by the New Men, Man-Beast declared that Wundagore would now be a kingdom among the other kingdoms on Earth and that he would help guide the New Men to be accepted by their own values ​​among the peoples of Earth. The Man-Beast remains at the head of the newly founded nation of the New Men on Earth in the kingdom of Wundagore reigning as a wise king.

Powers and Abilities


Man-Beast is as massive and muscular as Sasquatch. He has superhuman strength and high endurance, as well as a high degree of injury resistance, which allowed him to fight on an equal footing against the Hulk and survive (in a quick appearance, Man-Beast fought against the Hulk for fun, to test the limits of his own strength). Man-Beast is strong enough to lift a navy destroyer and hold a DC-10 against the thrust of its engines and then launch the airplane 1,000 feet back (after making sure that it will not harm the occupants of the airplane).

In addition to strength, he has a very high resistance to injury, due to a healing factor. He has sharp claws, they are strong enough to cut materials like stone, wood, and even metals equal to steel and titanium. He also has a dense coat of brown-orange and ocher yellow hair, which protects him from the cold weather.

The Man-Beast is the ultimate end of the evolution of a genetically engineered organism, possessing the combined powers that a beast and a human will have a million years in the future. He can feel life forms a million kilometers away. He has the ability to destroy the temporal sense of another being, leaving them unable to move. He can erect impenetrable psychic barriers and trigger a psychokinetic explosion capable of disintegrating matter at a molecular level. He can shoot out an elemental psychic blast to disable another being, create an unseen force field which no energy or matter can penetrate, not even Thor's hammer Mjolnir, and he also has the power to psionically control his atomic density, allowing him to become intangible and traverse solid matter such as people, inanimate objects, walls, etc. in this state.

He has also shown an ability to induce emotions in humans, making him more attractive or more intimidating at his will, probably using pheromones.


Super-Genius Intelligence: The Man-Beast possesses a brilliant scientific mind once said to be fifty-thousand years beyond contemporary thinking. He has also shown enough skill to create his own technological and scientific devices.

Master Combatant: The Man-Beast possesses the knowledge of every form of combat a million years in advance of the current timeline.



The Man-Beast had a mechanical device which increased his own natural bestial powers. He is also capable of creating super advanced technology of a million years in the future.

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