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The Hybrid

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The Hybrid

The Ripper, Demon









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Pharaoh, Artist, Collector

10,000 year old Vampire, Werewolf Hybrid.

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Malachai was born a werewolf 8000 BC in Egypt, air to the pharaoh throne he had a good upbringing and had an eye for chariot racing. Malachai didn’t know he was a werewolf to after he got a witch to make him immortal, and due to the effect to work Malachai had to drink the blood of he’s slave. Doing so Malachai couldn’t stop and killed the slave starting he’s werewolf curse making him the first Hybrid. In the first few days of becoming immortal Malachai had a big taste for blood killing more and more slaves every day. Eventually he was able to control he’s hunger and take seat on the Pharaohs throne. Being the first of he’s kind Malachai didn’t know of any he’s powers not knowing that he’s blood could heal or turn other people Malachai spent the first thousand years without turning anyone. After 3000 years of being in a deep sleep Malachai was awoken by the Defenders in order to help them defeat the Hand. It was Daredevil that discovered him, but it was his team mates Iron Fist, Power Man, Power Woman, and the Punisher that helped him.

Powers and Abilities


Malachai powers and abilities grow stronger with age, blood, or by transforming into his werewolf form.

  • Super Strength - Being the Hybrid, Malachai is much stronger than vampires, werewolves, and humans. He is able to decapitate other species with a single chop and shatter windows and doors with small objects. Like vampires, he grows stronger with time, his muscular physique is much more defined and his muscle mass is enhanced.
  • Super Speed - Being the Hybrid, Malachai is much faster than vampires, werewolves, and humans. He is able to stop other supernatural species in their tracks and run miles in mere minutes. His speed also grows faster with time.
  • Heightened Senses - Being the Hybrid, Malachai has a far more enhanced sense of hearing, sight and smell that far exceeds those of any werewolves, and humans. His senses improve over time.
  • Super Agility - Being the Hybrid, Malachai possess much more superhuman stamina, flexibility, reflexes, agility and dexterity than any vampires, werewolves, and humans. He can move, jump, climb and run incredibly fast without difficulty or exhaustion. These abilities improve over time.
  • Enhanced Healing Factor - Being the Hybrid, Malachai can recover/heal/regenerate from any injury much quicker and more effectively than any vampires, werewolves, non-original hybrids and humans. He also seems to heal much more quickly when exposed to vervain or wood.
  • Super Durability - Being the Hybrid, Malachai can take far more trauma than any vampires, werewolves, and humans, without much discomfort or injury. Vervain, Wolfsbane, wood do not weaken him, making him virtually indestructible.
  • Mind Compulsion - Being the Hybrid, Malachai can compel the minds of most sentient creatures: humans, and vampires. It is unknown if he can or cannot compel werewolves.
  • Immortality - Being the Hybrid, Malachai does not physically age. He is immune to all forms of illnesses, toxins or poisons. He does not need to eat, drink or breathe. He has eternal youthful beauty with perfect features and flawless smooth skin. He also possesses an almost eidetic memory and cunning intelligence.
  • Dream Manipulation- Being the Hybrid, Malachai can control dreams and subconscious. He can produce and modify dreams, bestow nightmares or lucid dreaming. Other effects of this ability are the distortion of reality and being able to trap someone in their dreams.
  • Emotional Control - Being the Hybrid, Malachai has a limited degree of control over his own emotions, allowing him to switch off his humanity, making killing easier.
  • Day Walking - Due to his werewolf heritage, Malachai is able to move around during the day.
  • Healing Blood - Only Malachai's blood is capable of healing a vampire from the bites of a werewolf.
  • Transformation Control - Malachai has complete control of his transformation since he first transitioned from Vampire to werewolf to the Hybrid, a hybrid can transform partially, displaying their wolf eyes and teeth. It can be assumed that unlike non hybrids, Malachai has complete control and awareness of his actions, even in his werewolf form.
  • Werewolf Bite - Werewolf bites contain a poison which is fatal to vampires.
  • Lie Detection - Due to his werewolf heritage, Malachai can sense if someone is lying to him or not.
  • Lycanthrope Enhancement - Being the Hybrid, Malachai can use his werewolf traits to further enhance his own abilities.
  • Claws – Malachai’s claws are sharp enough to penetrate very durable skin.
  • Procreation - Due to his werewolf heritage, Malachai has the ability to procreate.
  • Immunity to Silver - While Malachai can be hurt by silver physically, he appears to immediately heal from the wounds caused by it. Magic bonded to silver cannot affect Malachai due to his werewolf heritage.
  • Shapeshifting - Being the Hybrid, Malachai can turn into a werewolf at will.
  • Eidetic Memory - Being the Hybrid, Malachai possess perfect recall and is unable to forget. His mind is often called "vaults" in which he store all his information permanently.
  • Fangs - Being the Hybrid, Malachai has two sets of fangs and his eyes are yellow.


None known.

Strength level



Need for Blood as a half vampire Malachai must intake at least 5 pints of blood a day.

The moon amulet of life in order for the witch to make Malachai a Hybrid she had to bind he's soul with a object from he's human life. If this object was destroyed it would make Malachai a normal Vampire.

Sire Malachai is not able to make other hybrids he can only turn and sire vampires.


Equipment: Coffin: Malachai has a coffin for when he puts himself into a 500 year slumber.
Transportation: Malachai can run at high speeds and has know use for any other transportation.
Weapons: He uses he's hybrid powers as he's weapons


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