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Howard Graham AKA Magneto 2099 was the 2099 version of the original Magneto. He possesses the same powers as him. He is an enemy of Professor X 2099 the future Professor X and a clone of the old one.


Diego Sanchez (who would later change his name to Howard Graham) was born in a family of Mexican farmers. He lived on a farm for years with his parents, but unfortunately when he was eleven he lost his parents in a boating accident. He was then adopted by his mean uncle Pedro Sanchez who was very cruel to him. He neglected Diego and Diego didn't get along with his uncle. He would later figure out that Pedro Sanchez was really an evil crime boss. Shocked he tried to run away from his mean uncle but was stopped by his mean uncle. He killed his pet dog Ulysses which made Diego very very angry he got even more angry which triggered his powers and he could control metal making a metal bookshelf collapse upon his uncle killing him (it was a huge bookshelf). Diego thought he couldn't really control metal and assumed it was a coincidence. But police figured out that he had murdered the crime boss somehow so even though that Pedro was evil they still wanted to put young Diego in a juvenile hall. So Diego became a fugitive traveling from many places for years running from the police. When he was eighteen he went to New York city where he changed his name to Howard Graham and became a salesman selling electronics like cell phones and ipods. Because Howard liked electronics and ever since he was a child that had been his dream job. Eventually he discovered he had the power to control metal so he wanted to use it for evil because over the years his rage had made him become corrupt, he had been corrupt since he killed Pedro Sanchez. He decided to call himself Magneto just like the old one. But Howard was the new Magneto, Magneto 2099!

As Magneto 2099