Erik Lehnsherr, aka Magneto is a superhero of Earth 357 and the good counterpart of Earth 616 Magneto


Birth and Early Life

Erik Lehnsherr was born to a pair of German Jews during a time of civil unrest and the rise of Hitler and the Nazi regime. When he was four years old he and his family were moved to a ghetto and a year later they were moved to the Auschwitz concentration camp. He would spend another five years in the camp, watching as his people were worked to death, shot trying to escape, abuses or tossed into gas chambers all in some twisted and horrifying show for racial superiority. His parents would be among the many sent to die.

At the age of eleven he was being escorted to a gas chamber, fighting and struggling against his captors. This would cause his X gene to activate and discover his ability or manipulate magnetism by crushing the helmets of the guards, killing them. He would soon use his new power to tear open the fence and escape along with many others.

Powers and Abilities

Magneto has the power of magnetic manipulation allowing him to manipulate fields around objects, especially metal as well as flight.

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