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Real Name
Magnios Atomus
Current Alias

Dr. Matthew Reeves (adopted Earth name), Matt, Dr. Matt Ferrous



The Maximums; partnership with wife Vitalla

Amanda Atomus/Reeves (Vitalla, wife), Magnios Atomus II (Magnum the Miracle Maker, alternate future son), Magnus Atomus (father, deceased), unnamed mother (presumed deceased)


Base Of Operations
The Hero Hood, Queens, New York City, NY; formerly Magnakaimos




Unusual Features
Magnator is a mutant of a reptilian species from the planet Magnakaimos. Thus, he possesses a snake-like face, metallic, silver skin, pupiless eyes, a two-pronged silver horn with red and blue at the tips, and a tail with two red-and-blue-tipped prongs at the end.


Marital Status

Professional superhero, costumed adventurer, metalworker, metallurgist

Doctorate in condensed matter physics, specializing in the concept of magnetism, as well as doctorates in metallurgy


Matthew Cousens and Brad Dotson

First appearance

The Maximums #1


Magnios Atomus was once the young prince and future king of the planet Magnikaimos. His father, Lord Magnus Atomus, the king of Magnakaimos, had caused a civil war before he was born, causing complete and utter chaos on his planet. His mother, not wanting to live on the planet that they had loved and watch it suffer, decided that they should leave. Leaving by rocket, Magnios and his mother flew light years away from Magnikaimos, before the magnetism within his body caused the rocket to malfunction, disrupting the rocket’s flight, and causing it to fall on the planet Earth. Magnios and his mother landed in the middle of the North American desert in the year 1982, where they were abruptly “greeted” by a rampaging Allorus, who had just sold his soul to the evil Bio-rex and Dark Overlord. Magnios’ mother attempted to defend Magnios, but Allorus was far too powerful and vicious. In order to save Magnios, his mother had no choice but to place him in a metallic cocoon derived from the ship from which they traveled in. Magnios never saw his mother again.

He stayed in suspended animation within the cocoon for a few years, aging in the process and becoming one with the metal. Eventually, he was found by the villain Dark Overlord, who wished for his most powerful minion, Bio-rex to release him and make him his new partner. Bringing him back to their labs, Bio-rex freed the magnetic being, but found out that he had been dreaming of the villain Allorus and how he planned to have revenge on him for taking his mother. When he awoke to see Bio-rex, he mistook him for Allorus, and viciously assaulted him with an onslaught of magnetism and metal. In the assault, Bio-rex pretended to be dead, causing Magnios to leave. Before he did, however, Bio-rex managed to attain a small piece of him, which he used to create Magnios’ future archenemy, Negnator.

Wandering in a half-dazed state for days, he was eventually found by the superheroes Stryker and Hearttaker, who wished to help him. Magnios told the two about his plight, and wished to join them. Stryker agreed, and with the Maximums’ help, Magnios learned how to fully control and utilize his powers. Magnios was given an image inducer and a new identity in order to fit in with Earth’s population. Calling himself Matthew Reeves as a citizen of the United States, and Magnator as a superhero, Magnator became an official Maximum. He greatly helped Lego Lad and the Maximums in building the Hero Hood, the official headquarters of the Maximums.

He became friends with members Lego Lad, Psychodude, Quickbolt, Bluemoon, Hearttaker, Stryker, and Tidal Wave. However, he also gained a fierce rival in the form of Terrain, a terrakinetic with a constant attitude. The two would constantly bicker at the headquarters and always trying to outdo the other. As the months passed, he learned that Bio-rex was still alive and well, had only pretended to be dead, and had cloned Magnator in order to create Negnator, his new archenemy. He also gained enemies in the forms of Mister Malleable, a sophisticated gentlemanly villain with complete and total elasticity, malleability, and plasticity over his body (who later reformed), Circuit Breaker, the archenemy of Maximum teammate Quickbolt, Allorus, who he found was the real killer of his mother, and his own father, Lord Magnus Atomus, who had enslaved his entire race and possessed magnetic powers rivaling Magnator’s.

Powers and Abilities


Magnator is a mutated alien with the superhuman power of magnetokinesis and ferrokinesis resulting from an extremely high level of electrolytes in his blood. His powers make him the most powerful magnetokinetic/ferrokinetic in the universe. Now, however, he not only possesses complete control over magnetism and metal, but all four fundamental forces.

  • Superhuman Physiology:
  • Transformation - Magnetism: Magnator possesses the ability to transform and convert his body into any magnetic force, gaining the properties of any form of magnetism itself, including attracting and repulsing ferrous materials from great distances. He is capable of doing everything he could with himself as he would with normal magnetic fields.
  • Magnetokinesis: He can shape and manipulate magnetic fields that exist naturally or artificially in any way he wishes.
  • Magnetic Attraction/Repulsion: Magnator can thus lift, move, and manipulate any metal objects (sometimes weighing many thousands of ton) via magnetic attraction/repulsion.
  • Magnetic Bloodflow Manipulation: He can manipulate bloodflow to others' brains to cause aneurysms, unconsciousness, or even death.
  • Electromagnetic Spectrum Control: He can absorb electricity, project destructive, repulsive blasts of magnetic energy, alter his or a target(s)'s magnetic repulsion or attraction, causing objects to repel or attract to him/them from undefined distances as large as buildings, cause magnetic repulsion within his body in order to become ephemeral (allowing him to past through solid objects), jam electronic transmissions, redirect the path of ferrous objects in flight, disrupt the functions of nearby electrical equipment, control ferrous particles in the atmosphere, increase his own strength to the extent of being able to exchange blows with at least Lego Lad, magnetically repel apart parts of metal objects, such as machines, robots or computers, fly in or beyond the Earth's atmosphere via magnetic repulsion, create a magnetic repulsion force field, repelling attacks from him that he can quickly expand to protect large areas, create an electromagnetic pulse that can shut down all electrical equipment between a 1 to 100,000,000,000-mile radius, and even alter a planet's, including Earth's, magnetosphere, a region in space which phenomena is dominated or organized by its magnetic field. With the primal forces of nature at his command, Magnator can stop armies, move mountains, and even devastate the world with apocalyptic floods and earthquakes. Magnator once accidentally blanketed another alien planet with a self-generated electromagnetic pulse that caused widespread devastation. It is unclear, however, whether he must draw magnetic force from outside himself (if so, then he can do so over vast distances).
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