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Luke Charme

Luke Charme is a fun loving and highly skilled mercenary. He has similar abilities as his relation, Neena Thurman, A.K.A, Domino. He is highly skilled with firearms, hand to hand combat and usage of his powers, and he owes loyalty only to the highest bidder. He can be considered an Anti-Villain.


Luke is a half-welsh guy of average height. He was born in Wales but raised in Las Vegas. He developed his powers at a young age but was told to almost never use them. that changed when he turned 16. He started training on his own, becoming quite adept and sublte in the use of his powers. He has used them to an adventage quite a lot, such as convincing the casinos to let him play, and then keep all the money he won. When he turned 18, he was already quite wealthy. He became a Mercenary and co-founded a Private Military Corporation Called Blackpine International.


For the most part, Luke is a professional. However, He also has a good sense of humour and is always ready with a witty and sometimes flirty remark. Although whimsical, He is intent on achieving the goals of whomever hires him. He readily involves himself in confrontations as long as he gets paid. He does not toy with his opponents and prefers to bring them down without hesitation. He does not care if he fights for good or evil, and is always up for a challenge, but has shown compassion to many, especially during his military service.

Powers and Abilities

Luke possesses the power of probability manipulation. He can cause random unlikely events to occur more often, and liable events to not happen. For example, if Luke were to stand before a hail of bullets he could miraculously dodge just perfectly to avoid every single shot.

He can cause seizures and heart attacks, increased accuracy, winning the lottery, and can even increase or decrease fighting skills. He can endow good or bad fortune, such as breaking something actually causes bad luck, or carring around a "lucky charm" actually causes good luck. He can also project his power into raw energy blasts. Other than that, He has Enhanced strength, heightened Agility, Reflexs and Stamina. Luke is also a very formidable opponent in physical combat and a master in the martial art Kali. Using his powers in tandem in combat means he is a very deadly and highly formidable opponent.


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