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Lucifer Morningstar (Earth-61615)
Real Name
Lucifer Morningstar
The Devil, Mister Devil, Satan, Fallen One, Prince of Darkness, Prince of Lies, Greeix, Jack O'Lantern, Lucifer Lightbearer, The Pride Prince, Red Dragon, Horny Devil, Mephisto, Evil God, and many countless others



Hell Lords (founder; formerly), Legions of Lucifer (founder and leader; defunct); formerly Chthon (situational ally): Broodlings of Chthon (armies; mostly deceased)

Yahweh (father/creator), Jesus Christ (brother), Angels (brothers and sisters): Samael Morningstar (twin brother; estranged), Demons (brothers, creations, and minions), Zarathos (son/creation)

Base Of Operations
Lucifer's Realm of Hell
(formerly; destroyed)






Unusual Features


Marital Status

Ruler of an extra-dimensional known as "Hell", trickster and deceiver, fallen general of Heaven

Omniscient knowledge

Fallen Archangel (Hell Lord)

Place of Birth

First appearance
Last appearance

Modern Comics:
Ghost Rider Vol 1 1
Modern Comics: Armageddon Vol 1 6


Quote1.png It's like what everyone says. If you dance with the devil, you don't change him... He changes you... And finally, the heavens are gonna have its grand dance with me... Quote2.png
-- Lucifer Morningstar

Dawn of Time

Lucifer Morningstar, often simply referred by his first name only, was the infamous angelic figure commonly found and foretold in Judeo-Christian and other Abrahamic theologies. Lucifer was originally a resident of the pocket realm commonly referred to as Heaven and was one of the greatest Archangels. At birth, Lucifer had a twin brother named Samael, who surprisingly was just as mischievous, playful, and somewhat rebellious as Lucifer, though he later banished him into the unknown regions outside of Heaven after being defeated in enslavement during that middle of the Great Angelic Rebellion by the more deceptive, diabolical, and prideful Lucifer, as the latter proved himself to be the "superior" Morningstar among the archangels, much to the annoyance of his comrades for him doing such unforgivable antic just to prove his point. At one point later on, he was responsible for leading an army of angels to banish the demonic cosmos entity N'Garai from the benevolent pocket realm of Heaven approximately one million years prior to his rebellion and fall against the Unified Cosmos, God personified itself.

Like Father, Like Son

At one point, Lucifer had created an angel offspring he created after taking his own elixir using it on the mysterious technological method of the Celestials, something that would eventually be known by humans as alchemy. Thinking it was a mistake, Lucifer decided to eliminate the result he made but God stops him from killing his own "son" and still accepted the offspring, giving him the name of Zarathos. Lucifer then raised his son as a powerful and skilled warrior just like him, and eventually Zarathos rebelled against Yahweh that led to his downfall when he was tricked by one of the earliest Hell-Lords, Mephisto (who still isn't a fully-formed Hell-Lord back then). Lucifer became proud of his son for rebelling against the Creator, but became very disappointed when he let himself get fooled by the manipulative tricks of Mephisto, since Lucifer believed himself to be the greatest trickster there was, thinking that Zarathos hasn't learned much from his creator, his "old man."

Great Angelic Rebellion

Lucifer's disillusionment and rebellion inevitably sparked the War in Heaven

At some point afterwards, Lucifer finally decided to lead a rebellion of up to one-third of the angelic host whom he deceived in an attempt to take over heaven from Yahweh, God of the entire creation. His revolt failed in the process of almost winning against most of God's defenders of Heaven, only to be defeated by his brother, Jesus Christ himself, by the moment he was close into killing one of the most loyal archangels of God, Michael. In his defeat, Lucifer would later bitterly accuse God of loving his human creations throughout the universe even, especially on planet Earth, more than the angels that lie in the heart of Heaven, even before reality itself was unintentionally conceived into existence during the Great Multiversal Rebellion of the Beyonders against the godly Celestials, a later conflict (something that was coincidentally inspired by Lucifer's rebellions actions) that would end in the subsequent creation of the central reality of the multiverse known as the Modern Universe.

Banishment from Heaven

As an extreme punishment for his attempted takeover he and his lieutenants Beelzeboul, Kazann, Malachi, Olivier, Pazuzu, Xaphan and others were all cast down into the pocket nether dimension at the edge of the multiversal void called "Hell" wherein they eventually became degenerate-looking beings called "demons" as a result of cosmic mutation. In Hell, Lucifer looked nothing like the high form of angel he once was. He and all of his loyal lieutenants had degenerated into demons, some through instruction, others adapted more naturally. But they had all over time, changed into twisted creatures of evil. Lucifer eventually rose to claim dominion over hell in the shadows, announcing his new names as the Devil, or Satan, as it was translated in some other languages. Though some speculate to whether the Devil is actually real since he has not been seen for millennia. It was only in recent times Lucifer himself has emerged.

Battles with Jesus Christ

His servants in the mortal world of planet Earth has regained for thousands of years, willingly offering their souls to the Devil, causing for Lucifer to emerge on Earth several times, though temporarily after his battles with a mortal and reincarnated Jesus Christ, the begotten son of God and his peaceful brother, whom he kept on deceiving but still had failed in the end during Jesus' crucifixion, causing for him to be banished by God once again back in Hell for a hundred years more.

Founding the Hell Lords

Before he even resurfaced on Earth during modern day, Lucifer had several encounters in other realms of Hells with other powerful demons including Mephisto, the Asgardian godess of death Hela, the Faltinian entity Dormammu and a few more, each in control of their respective 'Hell' dimensions and are known to use the infamous title of "Satan" as an act to manipulate mortals over and over again. From time to time groups of them meet to discuss issues concerning all of them. Many of the other Hell-Lords have taken on the appearance or even claimed to be the true Devil to play off his reputation. But nevertheless Lucifer is still credited as the one who originally created his son Zarathos, the demonic entity who acts as the source of the Ghost Riders' powers. As a Hell-Lord, he eventually became the most powerful one in the demonic society, and overtime Mephisto started disliking him due to his own way of leading to the alliance, becoming selfish to his own fellow leaders.

Modern Day Encounters

One of his notable incidents during modern day, his resurfacing servants in the mortal world manipulated Johnny Blaze into damning his own soul to hell so Lucifer could torment him. The only thing that can be taken for granted is that Lucifer recently came into possession of the soul of Johnny Blaze. Lucifer tricked Johnny Blaze into escaping Hell along with Lucifer. The stress of the journey broke Lucifer into 666 pieces which inhabited the recently deceased.

Deceiving Zarathos

Zarathos, Son of Lucifer, would later redeem himself as a Spirit of Vengeance, becoming a Ghost Rider on Prime Earth

This version worked to arrange their own deaths while causing as much mayhem as possible. Each time one dies, its power would be absorbed by the rest until Lucifer fully reformed on Earth onto his own powerful self. The Ghost Rider, possessed by Lucifer's son Zarathos, hunted down and slew most of these versions himself. In the end, they had a final showdown when Zarathos went berserk against his father, controlling over Johnny's body turning the flames of the Ghost Rider into red before attacking each other. Lucifer seemed to be getting defeated at first but still manages to gain the upper hand on Ghost Rider, choking him. Before manages to kill his own son and absorb his soul and powers onto his own, the skies of heaven shines through Lucifer and there, an army of angels and archangels charges towards Lucifer before all of them along with Lucifer vanishes in a blink of an eye, leaving only Ghost Rider on the scene before reverting back to normal form, back to Johnny's form who was seemingly confused about what happened to Lucifer.

Deal with Mephisto

The angels battled him and Lucifer killed half of the angels until he eventually was defeated after he was miraculously vanished into another realm of Hell, ruled by one of the Hell-Lords, Mephisto. Mephisto welcomed his fellow archdemon into his realm, though the former reminded the latter that in order to successfully negotiate with him, Lucifer must impress Mephisto, otherwise the deal would be through even before its terms would be set. Using the omnipresent power of Hell across its neighboring dimensions and realities, Lucifer's interest was piqued when the Elder God Chthon was imprisoned in its own dimension, pursuing to free him in order to impress Mephisto. Seeing that Lucifer had confident freed the Chthon from imprisonment that was his own dimension after Lucifer tricked a certain Ghost Rider into releasing him using the mystical book Darkhold, Lucifer now manages to grip the chance to make a concrete deal with Mephisto by giving Lucifer his own realm of Hell to Mephisto to rule it on his own in the exchange of getting him the largest army which is a number of countless centillion legions perhaps, of demons and rebel angels, enough so he can finally to lead a another rebellion against God and whoever stands on his way in an attempt to take over Heaven, one last time.

Battle of Armageddon

Eventually, due to Chthon's awakening, an amused and persuaded Mephisto finally granted Lucifer's deal by making him the largest army of fallen angels and demons he could've ever offer to him, armies he gathered from the abandoned realms of Gog and Magog. An army composing of countless centillion legions, a thousand times more than most of Heaven's different angelic hosts combined, outnumbering them. Lucifer led his entire army, and charges against the gates of Heaven, who was guarded by the entire angelic host. The angelic host seemed to be defeated and each angel of God begins to perish immediately due to their seer strength in numbers. This day was known before by Judeo-Christian theology and everyone else as the "Battle of Armageddon," due to the battle being taken at the ancient city of Armageddon, a city which was located closest to the gates of Heaven.

They were close to reaching the gates until another beam of light shoots through the battleground, signaling the upcoming arrival of the Spirits of Vengeance, a team of benevolent beings who protected mankind during ancient times that is composed of all Ghost Riders from each different timelines in history. Assisted by several members of the Masters of the Mystic Arts, the spirits headed on the armies of deceit and darkness. They were sent to help the warriors of God defend the gates of Heaven, charging towards the remaining legions of Lucifer.

They battle for an unknown amount of time, until all of Lucifer's armies were eliminated, leaving only a few of Lucifer and his few surviving lieutenants. The lieutenants were extinguished and due to Zarathos' hatred for his father, Johnny Blaze let him control as the Ghost Rider one more time, and they battled each other once again, but was still outmatched in the end by his father and creator.

Back in Hell

In the finale of Armageddon, Lucifer embodied Hell itself, harnessing his ultimate power

Lucifer unleashed his innermost and truest power of a Hell-Lord, embodying the realm of Hell itself having mastered over the dimension, and rapidly attacks Zarathos annihilating him in battle. While the angels and the Spirits of Vengeance charges towards Lucifer to help Zarathos in defeating the Devil, but due to Lucifer's most powerful state, they were all defeated and some were disintegrated, killing most of them in the process, even fatally wounding the fearless Ghost Rider Danny Ketch. The remaining angels who were severely injured by the Devil had no choice but to watch as Lucifer is a about to strike his final killing blow to his son, until the last beam of light shoots through the battleground, aiming straightly towards the Devil. The individual who attacked Lucifer was revealed to be Jesus Christ himself, who singled-handedly outmatches Lucifer with His true powers, before finally vanquishing him from the battleground of Armageddon, transporting him in his own realm of Hell to replenish his cosmic and mystic power that he was starting to lose against his benevolent brother.

Lucifer told Jesus that it would be a very big mistake if He transported the Devil in his former realm, since it was now ruled by Mephisto after their deal before Armageddon. Jesus sarcastically questions him "What deal?" before smashing him into the grounds of Lucifer's hell, leaving him to pass out for a short while. Once Lucifer woke up, Jesus vanished, and due to his defeat Lucifer started taunting and cursing the Holy Trinity until realizing that he was actually betrayed by his fellow Hell-Lord, Mephisto who never followed their deal properly, though in his own defense, Mephisto "slightly" changed their deal's "terms and conditions agreement" behind Lucifer's back, giving the latter his own taste of medicine for being so recklessly mischievous. Even his great ally Chthon had no other choice but to leave him to his own devices in order to survive the ordeal that was defeat at the hands of the sorcerers and spirits of vengeance, fearing that he once more who return to his eternal slumber had he been caught by his adversaries sooner.

Grave Mistake

After taunting the Holy Trinity, he tried to unleashed his most powerful demonic powers in the realm as he was now the embodiment his own Hell, until everything in Hell starts to collapse. Lucifer was so distressed and tries to seek every way out to escape the collapsing state of Hell. He seemingly finds a way out but it was revealed to be an illusion made by Mephisto, thinking that there is a way out of this trap. Once Lucifer touches the illusion, he became depowered, losing all of his angelic or demonic powers and abilities. Lucifer realizes that he is entirely doomed, but innately denies his grand failure, screaming with anger and distress before falling into the depths of the realm once known as Hell, was now converted into a worst imaginable version of the Lake of Fire, along with his other fellow legions who slowly burned to death throughout eternity, and Lucifer had no choice but to suffer for a very long time before he supposedly dies in despair, slowly melting in the place he once ruled now became his own eternal torture chamber and his final demise. Lucifer died in great agony, yet he kept on living at the same moment as his infinite punishment, wishing his endless pain would stop, ironically taking place in the very realm that once served as his great kingdom, figuratively and literally suffering in his own personal Hell forever. Meanwhile on Earth, his more charismatic and frisky-like manipulative twin brother Samael (who was living a free and careless lifestyle somewhere in California), unbeknownst to Lucifer that his twin was actually an important factor in helping the mystical alliance of heroes enter Heaven in order to successfully prevent the eradication of Heaven during the battle of Armageddon, revealing that he was also responsible for changing the terms in the deal of Lucifer with Mephisto which led to the former's downfall.

Powers and Abilities


Demonic/Angelic Physiology: Lucifer is a fallen angel (particularly an archangel) and a demon, which possesses vast cosmic and supernatural power, which is apparently inherent within him. His powers are greatly enhanced when he's in his own realm. Many other magical powers on par with Mephisto, Hela, or Satannish.

  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Speed
  • Superhuman Stamina
  • Superhuman Durability
  • Regenerative Healing Factor
  • Light-Speed Flight
  • Telepathy
  • Telekinesis
    • Teleportation
  • Immortality
  • Mystical Manipulation
    • Eldritch Magic Manipulation
    • Hellfire Manipulation
    • Weapon Manifestation
    • Structure Manifestation
    • Armor Manifestation
    • Dark Magic Generation
  • Ensnare Astral Bodies
  • Netherworld Dimensional Power Tap
    • Domain Manipulation
    • Realm Connection
    • Hell Manipulation
    • Hell Lordship
  • Angelic Wings
Power Grid [1]
Energy Projection*
Fighting Skills*
* Stats are increased when empowered


  • Omniscience
  • Occultism
  • Swordsmanship
  • Indomitable Will
  • Master Manipulator
    • Master Deceiver

Strength level

Class 100+


Despite his vast power Lucifer is trapped in hell and cannot leave it under his own power. He had to trick Johnny Blaze into freeing him. Lucifer's metaphysical essence was said to be too great for Earth resulting in his fragmenting. His fragments could not commit suicide due to that being a sin would have condemned that fragment to Hell, making it impossible for him to ever truly reform.


Equipment: None known.

  • Innate Superhuman Speed
    • Teleportation


  • Conjured Weaponry
  • Sword of the Spirit (formerly)


  • Lucifer more than many other demons claims to be the true Satan or Devil which may have been an actual entity but also refers to the absolute ruler of evil. In reality, Lucifer couldn't care less what he deemed as "inferior beings" call him. Lucifer even confessed that he was aware of Marduk Kurios being the paradoxical progenitor of the Satan title due to time travel, which he only thought was amusing and nothing more, but since his superior omnipresence saw Kurios' tragic fate, concluding that his mind and soul was too weak to be a Satan.
  1. Modern Comics: Ghost Rider Vol 1 66


  • The "free and careless lifestyle" that his twin brother Samael was living in California was a nod to DC Comics' Lucifer, whom the character of this universe's Samael was actually (and loosely) based on.

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