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American Son

Real Name
Lucas Rodgers
Current Alias
American Son

Son of the Captain, Widow Kid, The Next Captain



Young Avengers, New Avengers Squad, SHIELD

James Rodgers (Father), Natasha Romanov (Mother), Kaitlyn Carter (Paternal Half sister)


Base Of Operations
Avengers Academy, Los Angeles, California; Formerly SHIELD Helicarrier, New York City






Marital Status

Leader of the Young Avengers, Junior SHIELD agent

High School Level


Place of Birth


First appearance




Lucas is the son of Steve Rdogers and Natasha Romanov, a result of a short lived romance between the two. The two were working with SHIELD at the time that they were together, but when the famous Black Widow discovered her pregnancy she took a leave of absence from spy work until the time Lucas was born. But at some point before his birth, Natasha and Steve called off their relationship when Steve rekindled a relationship with Agent 13. Yet, despite this set back Steve was there when Lucas came into the world but agreed with Natasha to allow him to be taken with her.

Little over two years following, Lucas was watched over and raised by his mother until she felt it was time to return to SHIELD. Following this decision, Lucas was raised at SHIELD while also living a semi-normal life. His time from two years and up was split between staying on the Helicarrier to be trained as a spy and soldier and being a normal person, such as going to school among kids his own age. Yet, by the time he was about nine Lucas began to display signs of having enhanced features like his parents before him which was taken notice of by teachers at first.

Lucas was showing signs of greater strength, speed, and stamina than most children and got in trouble a few times for not only finishing his work but getting bored and falling asleep. Natasha's attention was brought to this when contacted by his school's principle sometime after he turned ten, forcing her to have to up his training and discipline. Between that and to his high school years Lucas had nearly double the work of any other children and found his regimen becoming a grueling one back home on the Helicarrier. He even began training alongside other young agents, at the time being tutored by his own father alongside his half-sister Kaitlyn and his best friend, Samuel Wilson Junior. But it was at fifteen that things began to change when Lucas realized him and Kaitlyn had a connection: Captain America as their father.

When the two discovered this, Kaitlyn's and Lucas's friendship soured to the point of accusations between them turned into occasional fist fights. This triggered Sam having to cut into stop them and Steve unfortunately having to end tutoring the three and put them in SHIELD's hands. After that Lucas was separated from his sister and worked with Sam instead.

Taking up the Mantle

When the time came that Lucas turned sixteen, things began to look up for the young soldier spy. Lucas quickly became popular in high school for his athletics and good looks, something he inherited from his father and mother, while also dating one of the smarter, prettier girls in the school. Unfortunately, that began to change quickly the moment Lucas was one day being transferred out of the school by Natasha much to his displeasure.

Six months later, Lucas would turn seventeen with his schooling being done at SHIELD up until he discovered why he was taken from his school. He was instead brought to the newly opened Avengers Academy where he was united with with old faces and new, being put on the Alpha squad.

Powers and Abilities


Lucas was born human but received many of the enhancements his father and mother had from their respective exposures to two different versions of the Super Soldier Serum. But it was stated by some doctors that the combination of the two have made him practically superhuman, making his enhancements greater then that of Steve Rodgers.

  • Superhuman Strength:Lucas has shown to have three times the strength of the average man, being able to easily lift a small truck and throw it like it was a small pebble. He also has shown in his earlier life to be able to punch and dent steel plating.
  • Superhuman Stamina:Lucas can participate in physical activities for hours before fatigue toxins build up in his body and begin to impair him. This is better then the greatest human athlete and go above the average human before shows signs of tiredness.
  • Superhuman Durability:Lucas's body tissue and musculature is far more durable then the average human. He could easily take the impact force that usually would be lethal to most humans and usually come out unscathed. This results in taking far greater force to even break his bones or cause fractures.
  • Superhuman Agility:His reflexes, coordination, and balance are above that of the finest human athlete, allowing Lucas to perform exceptional feats most cannot do or would take years to train in.
  • Superhuman Speed:Lucas has shown to be faster then the finest human athlete, being able to move at speeds of 70 mph.
  • Superhuman Reflexes:Lucas's reaction time is greater then any average human, allowing him to react far quicker in situations. It also has allowed him to perform feats in conjunction with his agility.
  • Minor Healing Factor:Lucas's healing factor is faster then the normal human's recovery time. Minor wounds take minutes to hours to heal while more severe injuries might take a short amount of time then the average given time span such as taking a few weeks or a month to heal. He also is immune to mild doses of poison, disease, and most alcoholic substances.
  • Peak Human Senses:All five of Lucas's senses are enhanced beyond the limits of the average human allowing him to see with great clarity, hear sounds from further away, and smell things normal humans could not detect. His taste is likewise sensitive enough he can tell the slightest change in food and his touch allows him to feel more to a surface, objects, and other things some might miss.
  • Extended Longevity:The Super Soldier Serums he inherited through his parents' transferred to his DNA thus his natural aging process was slowed. It's suspected even in 60-70 years from now he will look like a man in his prime.


  • Master Martial Artist:Lucas has been trained extensive in unarmed and close combat while also being trained in martial arts. He is considered a master martial artist and one of the best in the junior SHIELD agents.
  • Master Spy:Lucas is also a talented spy, having been trained in stealth and espionage much like his mother.
  • Skilled Gymnast:Lucas also has some gymnastics training, allowing him to perform some incredible acrobatic feats but isn't exactly a master.
  • Bilingual:Lucas is also Bilingual in English and Russian, being fluent in both.
  • Lucas has shown he also is highly intelligent, but not really a genius level.

Strength level

His strength is about two to three times that of a man is age and height.


  • Despite his enhancements Lucas is still susceptible to everything a human is, including dangerous diseases, weapons, and fatal injuries.
  • His power is greatly affected by his physical and mental health.
  • Lucas does occasionally suffer from self-doubt of his abilities.



  • Captain America's shield:The original shield owned by Lucas's father made of a adamantium-vibranium alloy. It was given to him by Maria Hill following Steve deciding to give it up. He has shown to use it with excellent efficiency and allows him protection from just about anything.
  • Holographic Gauntlet Stingers:This is a mix of Tony's holographic gauntlet that once was used by Steve when he first lost his shield and his mother's gauntlets. It allows him to make solid holographic weapons, including a copy of his father's shield. As a secondary feature he can eject two prongs allowing him to send an electrical surge through them and stun someone enough to immobilize them or knock them out. He also has an additional magnet inside in which to attract his shield back to him when necessary.

Transportation: Academy/SHIELD Vehicles, New Quinjet
Weapons: Holographic Gauntlet Stinger, Father's shield, sometimes various weapons


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  • Lucas was once suggested to take his father's codename but has refused to do so on the grounds of being angry at his father.
  • Has stated he is not a big fan of things that are too sweet.
  • Sometimes Lucas is doubtful he could ever be as good as his parents.

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