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Real Name
Lorna Sally Dane
Current Alias

Mistress of Magnetism, Magenta, Magnetrix, Magneta, Magneto, Princess of Genosha, Conquest


Brotherhood of Mutants; formerly the X-Men (frequent allies), Horsemen of Apocalypse (Conquest; formerly)

Max Eisenhardt (father), Suzanna Dane (mother; estranged), Arnold Drake (former step-father; deceased), Wanda Maximoff (paternal adoptive sister), Pietro Maximoff (paternal adoptive brother); Alexander Summers (husband)


Base Of Operations
Genosha; formerly Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters; formerly mobile across Northern California





Unusual Features
Her green hair marks her as a mutant


Marital Status

Adventurer, princess of Genosha, mutant rights activist, (frequent) terrorist, geophysics graduate student

Master's degree in geophysics


Place of Birth

First appearance

Modern Comics:
X-Men Vol 1 1


Quote1.png I may be siding by my father's side and what he believes in, but I'm nothing like him... You could say I'm worse... Quote2.png
-- Polaris

Early Years

After the short-lived affair between her mother Suzanna Dane and Max Eisenhardt, the mutant supremacist and terrorist Magneto, Lorna Sally Dane was around the late 1970s in Northern California. When she was born, Lorna's hair was already green, something that anxiously gave her mother the notion that she was like her former lover, a mutant. Growing up as a forcibly-secluded adolescent who discovered her powers at an earlier age in the form of manipulating silverware in her home, Lorna was often bickered and scolded by her mother for being "too much like her father," since her mother hated the Master of Magnetism with a burning passion after he left her alone, disrupting her chances of having a proper childhood. Even her mother's later husband, Arnold was more mutantphobic than most of the people Lorna have met in her early life. While her mother has already told her about the truth of her biological father's life and work, she only had heard his name and seen glimpses of his face in the news. Relating her life experiences with his biological father's extremist philosophy and belief that humans will always be afraid of mutants because of their "inferiority," Lorna often looks up to Magneto's principles, except for the whole killing and harming anyone due to her still innocent mindset. Knowing that her life couldn't get any worse with her bigoted, hateful, and unsupportive parents, Lorna who was almost in her early teens packed her valuables, stole some of her family's money, and tried to run as far away as home in search for her biological father, believing he would understand her better than both of her parents.

Unfortunate for Lorna, her father would quickly find out her attempt to leave home, stopping and abusively beating her in the process due to his internal hatred for mutants. Fortunate for Lorna herself, her mother still have some of care for her daughter within her, to which she instinctively goes to Lorna's side to protect the latter from her own husband. Arnold retaliated back by giving Suzanna a hard pus which hits her head hard on the wall, giving her a severe concussion. Seeing blood drip from her mother's head, Lorna was devastated, rendering her to snap out from her father's abuse for the past several years in the form of fully manifesting her powers for the very first time. As she stares at Arnold with a fearful wrath, everything metallic item and appliance within her house starts to float into the air, all of it aiming at her step-father, much to his genuine fright.

As each of the comes striking towards him, Arnold receives either a painful bruise, or an agonizing laceration to each and every part of his body. With no one to stop her, Lorna was on the verge of killing Arnold, only to realize how much her mother would be helpless without anybody on her side, forcing Lorna to suppress her hatred, spare her step-father's life, and focus on ordering him get her critically wounded mother to the nearest hospital after she called 911 for her aid. Knowing that the situation wouldn't stop her step-father's abhorrent phobia, a tearful Lorna finally left her residence, while her father cradles her unconscious mother who waits for the ambulance, and continued her journey in search for her biological father, Magneto. As days pass, Lorna used her packed money as she traveled across the state only to find little traces of the notorious master of magnetism, which in the end only left her to find herself in New York City, wherein she never slept day or night in desperation to fulfill her quest. Eventually running out of her spared cash, Lorna had nowhere else to go, feeling hopeless that she'd never find her father no matter how she tries. That was the case, right until the moment she saw a poster from Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, something that gave her a peek of confidence that she may be able to find and meet her father by staying at the X-Mansion, even if would take her a few more years.

Training Days

After taking a cab to the X-Mansion, Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, she was met and welcomed by Xavier, expecting to raise Lorna as one of his own "children" by helping and teaching her learn to control her powerful yet unstable ability, though he was also secretly shocked and bewildered to find out along the way on the fact that she was the illegitimate daughter of Magneto, something that he verified after reading her mind. She then later meet and befriended several mutants including Professor Charles Xavier and Professor Warren Worthington II, two of the academy's teachers, and several other students such as Hank McCoy, Ororo Munroe, Jean Grey, Scott and Alex Sanders, whom the latter had unintentionally caught Lorna's lonely heart, revealing later that the situation was also vice-versa; thus making her feelings for him mutual on Alex's side just as well.

During the night of her first prom, Lorna and Alex finally hit it off together as a couple, embarking the start of a fresh and fiery romance that would last for the entirety of their remaining high school years, even when Lorna herself had finally debut as an X-Man by the codename of Magnetrix, something only Storm, Jean, Alex, and Xavier knew it was based on her father's infamous moniker. Despite her slightly-conflicting beliefs and view towards Xavier's pacifist teachings, everything seemed good and everything felt great for the two as they spend their days and night together as one of the first couplings formed in the the X-Mansion. Lorna even trusted Alex enough that she told her her secret of being Magneto's daughter, to which he also became more open to her in return, strengthening their unconditional relationship to a greater extent.

The Brotherhood

Despite joining the Brotherhood, Polaris still feels conflicted having lived two different lives

As a resident of the X-Mansion, Lorna herself often considered of choosing whether she'd stop the search for her father, considering how she practically find a new whole set of family in the mansion she ended up living in for the past few years. Unfortunately, this lifelong goal and reminder that she was close into letting go latently came slapping back to her face when she and the X-Men had once again faced their greatest nemesis, the Brotherhood of Mutants, still and would always be led by her biological father, Magneto. Going to an undisclosed location wherein they found the Brotherhood in, the X-Men was on a mission to prevent their attempt to fly and levitate the Genoshan city of Citadel into the Earth's orbit through destructive means since their methods would end up causing an irreversible damage on the Earth's magnetic field and create a geomagnetic reversal on the planet's polarity once it happens.

Knowing this would be an opportunity to introduced herself to her father, Xavier was discreetly worried that Lorna may abandon them for his father, only instilling his faith in her that she stays within the X-Men. Before taking off on an X-Jet with her teammates, Xavier entrusted Jean to plant a psionic shield to keep Lorna at bay and erase this memory once their mission was over, just in case the worst that he feared was to come: Lorna joining Magneto's side. During their encounter at Genosha, the X-Men battled the Brotherhood with their powers, as usual. Lorna used hers to try and help her teammates on stopping the Brotherhood's anti-gravity machine from levitating Genosha, easily destroying the metallic machine which enraged the rest of the Brotherhood, but only piqued the interest of Magneto when he noticed how worried Jean and Alex were looking after her as she looks at the supremacist with tears starting to fall from her eyes. Confused on what was bothering her, Lorna feels a strong magnetic pulse within herself the more she gleefully stares at him. At the same moment, Magneto begins to feel the same energy in himself as he glances at the young mutant, questioning whether his polarizing instincts were wrong, or it is really true that he is somehow related to Lorna. Fearing that the worst would finally happen, Xavier (who was from the mansion using Cerebro) and Jean sensed Lorna breaking through the psionic barrier due to the strong connection she has to her father. While the rest of her teammates were confused by the truth of Magnetrix's true parentage, Alex and Jean tried to keep Lorna from coming close with Magneto but everything was too late.

Magneto and Lorna warmly and honestly opened up to each other, verifying their as father and daughter, respectively. Acknowledging her biological daughter for the first time, Magneto was filled with the greatest of delight and contentment to have a family living all this time ever since his foster children left him. Magneto then crowned Lorna as the precious princess of Genosha, in which the latter's persevere teammates still try to convince and talk her out of joining her father's side. Trying to listen to her friends, Lorna internally felt conflicted on what side to choose, knowing how many years has she spent her times with her fellow youngster, seeing them as practically her family. Lorna didn't know what to do, right until she was telepathically paralyzed by Jean under Xavier's orders, forcing her to go home with them. Unfortunate for the X-Men, Magneto was infuriated to what Jean has done to his daughter and as the team had tried to leave the location on the X-Jet, the Master of Magnetism himself shook the aircraft off until it falls apart, rendering the mutants to leave their vehicle before it crashes back into the island.

Using this chance, Magneto ordered his Brotherhood to keep the X-Men distracted while he picks up an unconscious Lorna and wakes her up. Upon getting back from the ground, Lorna was baffled and overwhelmed by the ensuing chaos caused by both her and her father's teammates, letting her remind of the night she tried to run away from home, a memory that made her snap once again, setting her powers loose against both sides towards stopping their brawl. Lorna told her teammates that she had enough and that she made her choice realizing how dangerously-clingy Xavier could often be, thereby siding with his father and his cause. Furthermore, Lorna also looked back at her Professor Xavier's pacifistic teachings and utopian-like views, confessing that she has always doubted his ideologies due to how unrealistic it seems. The X-Men was severely brokenhearted, especially Alex (the man she loved for years) and Professor Xavier (the man who practically became her father despite her conflicts with his ideologies), but so was Lorna for making a choice to begin with. As her choice to stay by her father's side, marked the end of her journey as an X-Man, and began her allegiance to the Brotherhood. Initially leaving the X-Men stranded on the island, Lorna fixed the damaged X-Jet enough for it to function, something that already made Magneto proud, though slightly disappointed since Xavier had made him somewhat soft. Nevertheless, Magneto let her daughter do what she pleases, before both the two metallic-manipulating mutants along with the rest of the Brotherhood summoned a portal back to their headquarters, the island of Genosha. Lorna's last words to her now former teammates were: "I'm sorry... But this is where I stand... This is who I am," before following her father's footsteps into the portal. On the day the Brotherhood arrived at their nation, Polaris was born, in which she was welcomed by its people as their newfound royalty, making the Lorna tear up in joy and realize that she still has a family to go home to, a home that is a newer and a larger one.

Powers and Abilities


Homo Superior Physiology: Lorna is an Alpha-Level Mutant who has the ability to manipulate magnetism. Although she has the potential to exercise all of the powers that Magneto has, as yet she has only used powers involving the manipulation of magnetic, electrical, and gravitational fields. Moreover, she has yet summoned as great an amount of energy as Magneto has. The exact limits on the amount weight that she can magnetically lift at present have not been measured. Since she has, in the past, preferred not to use her powers in combat situations, and has decades less experience with them, she is not up to par with Magneto's level of experience. As with Magneto, it is unknown whether Polaris's powers are purely psionic or whether they derive from her physically.

  • Magnetokinesis
    • Magnetic Field Manipulation
    • Magnetic Force-Fields
    • Magnetic Flight
    • Electromagnetic Sight
    • Magnetic Pulse:
    • Energy Absorption
    • Geomagnetic Link
    • Organic Iron Manipulation
    • Metal/Matter Manipulation
    • Electromagnetic Spectrum Manipulation
Power Grid [1]
Energy Projection*
Fighting Skills
* Potentials of her mutant powers.


  • Expertise in Geophysics

Strength level

Class 20+


  • Mental Illness
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Depressive Episodes



  • Polaris' Armored Suit
  • Polaris' X-Suit


  • Flight
  • X-Men Blackbird
  • The X-Jets

Weapons: None known.


  • Due to her rough childhood, Lorna's beliefs contradict Professor Xavier's belief and ideas of a better future for both mutant and human harmoniously living together as one society, though she sometimes thinks that he may a point, or a few more, in some aspects of his pacifist ideologies. Much like her father Magneto, she sees that war and violence is an inevitability among humanity, but she never see mutants as the superior hominid race. Mutants are merely different than humans, and has a lot more chances of surviving an extinction event compared to the latter.
  • Despite being separated most of the time, both Lorna and Alex never considered themselves to be legally separated and both of them has never even thought of considering a divorce to their marriage.
  1. Modern Comics: X-Men Vol 1 26


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