Loki Laufeyson is the adopted brother of Thor Odinson. He was the half-Asgardian child of a Frost Giant warrior named Laufey. Laufey came to Asgard to warn of an attack his people had been planning, and when the Frost Giants discovered Laufey turned against them they murdered him and his Asgardian wife. Odin decided to raise Laufey's son as his own, and Loki eventually became the God of Mischief, using magic and trickery to aid his brother Thor in battle.

Powers & Abilities

  • Magic - Loki can cast several types of spells and curses, all for different uses.
  • Teleportation - Loki can use magic to teleport from place to place.
  • Mind Control - Loki can use magic to control the minds of his enemies.
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