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Ronin Mutantverse
Real Name Logan Howlett
Current Alias Ronin
Alias(es) Hawkeye
Affiliation Avengers, formerly Big Hero 6
Alignment Good
Universe Mutantverse
Gender Male
Eyes Blue
Hair Black
Quote1The man under the mask? Wouldn't you like to know. Trust me, nothing anybody wants to see in here. Just another hero who wears the uniform for a reason.Quote2

Logan Howlett is the mutant adventurer named Ronin, and a member of the Avengers.


Gaijun Dog

Logan Howlett was the son of a wealthy (formerly Canadian) businessmen who resided in Japan with his mistress. He was often ignored by his father for the sake of business and pleasure, leaving Logan to entertain himself most of the time. He would often steal his family's swords and venture out into the wilderness to see where it took him. However, his father was very protective both of his "pup" and the Clan's swords, so he would physically reprimand him each time he did this. Logan continued to venture out on his own, though. One day, this led his father into a blind rage, where he killed his mother and tried to kill Logan. He ended up impaling him on the sword. Logan's mutant gifts then manifested, and he healed from the injury while his body rejected the sword.

Having no home or life to return to, and being thought dead by the authorities, Logan took up the identity of James Hudson, a Canadian tourist traveling abroad for work. He proceeded to join the team of Japanese defenders known as the Big Hero 6. The ninja group known as the Hand later saw right through his disguise. They kidnapped him and fused his bones to Adamantium, leaving him temporarily paralyzed and amnesiac. He broke free after about 2 months, killing anyone and anything in his way. He rejoined the team, but after his family came calling, he was forced to flee.

Canadian Crusader

Picking Up a Bow

the Hooded Man



The Ideas of Artemis Thorson tag was added for the idea of a Wolverine born in Japan and manipulated by the Hand. All other ideas belong solely to X, though a Howlett as Ronin was inspired by Rin's Boien Howlett (Earth-0228).

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