Lockjaw was a normal pug owned by Blake Boltagon and Madelyne Amaquelin. When Mr. Sinister's Terrigenesis bomb went off in Central Park, Blake and Madelyne were taking Lockjaw for a walk, and thus Lockjaw was given powers.


As A Pet

Lockjaw was just a little pug at a pet store, when he was adopted by Madelyne Amaquelin. He lived with Madelyne all his life, and became very loyal and attached to her. He also became attached to Blake, Madelyne's boyfriend.

Terrigenesis Bomb

When Mr. Sinister's Terrigenesis bomb went off, Madelyne and Blake were taking Lockjaw for a walk in Central Park where they were supposed to meet Madelyne's sister Crystal. Lockjaw became an Inhuman along with his owners, and gained the ability to hear people's thoughts and project his/other peoples' thoughts into the minds of others.

Thor Corps

Thor pug

Lockjaw with the power of Thor

When Ymir attacked Asgard a second time with his entire Frost Giant army, Thor and his allies were greatly outnumbered, so Thor's brother Loki used his magic to summon a huge group of those worthy of Mjolnir, and divided some of Thor's power between all of them, forming the Thor Corps. Lockjaw was one of the many beings summoned, for he was worthy of wielding Mjolnir. Lockjaw was given some of Thor's power, and sent into battle alongside the rest of the Thor Corps. In the end, they managed to overpower and kill Ymir, forcing all the other Frost Giants to retreat.

Powers & Abilities

  • Telepathic Communication - Lockjaw can communicate with people through his Inhuman abilities of telepathy. He can project his own thoughts and other thoughts into other people's minds. However, he still cannot actually talk.
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