Sensational Spider-Man is an American animated television series based on the Spider-Man comics published by Marvel Comics.

Series Overview

Season Episodes Originally aired DVD release dates
Region 1 Region 2
1 13 13 June 2012 2 October 2012 28 October 2012
2 26 14 September 2013 6 April 2014 20 April 2014
3A 13 13 October 2014 2 February 2015 12 February 2015
3B 13 11 December 2015 TBA TBA

List Of Episodes

Season One

# Title Original Air Date Villains
1 "The Spider And The Cat" 13 June 2012 Black Cat, Doctor Octopus
Spider-Man gets caught up in a robbery that results in him scuffling with a cat burglar and a criminal mastermind.
2 "The New Avenger" 20 June 2012 Ultron, The Scorpion
A new alliance is formed between the Black Cat and Spider-Man, and the Avengers need their help whenever one of their supervillains emerges.
3 "Long Live The King27 June 2012 Dr. Doom, Doctor Octopus
Spider-Woman joins Spider-Man and Black Cat to investigate suspicious activity in Latveria.
4 "Space Invaders" 11 July 2012 The Skrulls, The Kree
A long-lasting space conflict makes it's way to Earth, and only the newly formed Spider Initiative can stop it.
5 "Runaways" 18 July 2012 Ultron
Following their battle with the Skrulls, the heroes have crash landed in L.A., and have been discovered by a team of teenage heroes.
6 "The Heist" 25 July 2012 Sandman
The perfect bank heist - a man made of sand, able to bypass every security system. Unfortunately for him, it was tax day for Peter Parker.
7 "Bird Of Prey" 1 August 2012 Vulture, Kraven
The world-famous hunter Kraven is on his newest hunt - for the new criminal, the Vulture. Caught in the crossfire, can the Spider Initiative stop them?
8 "The Hitman" 8 August 2012 Shocker, Hammerhead, Dr. Octopus
A contract has been put out on Spider-Man's head - take him alive. Two participants, The Shocker and Hammerhead, pose a threat to Spidey, and his allies have to defend him.
9 "Secret Wars I: Battleworld" 15 August 2012 Doctor Octopus, Ultron, The Scorpion, Dr. Doom, Sandman, Vulture, Kraven, Shocker
The Avengers, The Runaways, The Fantastic Four, and The Spider Initiative have all been pulled to an offworld planet by a mysterious force - plus their biggest foes.
10 "Secret Wars II: The Alien" 22 August 2012 Doctor Octopus, Sandman, Kraven
The other heroes on the planet have to deal with a stealth attack planned by Doctor Octopus, while Spider-Man gets a new suit - which turns out to be more than it looks.
11 "Secret Wars III: Home Sweet Home" 29 August 2012 Galactus, Ultron, Dr. Doom, Klaw
The choreographer of this battle, The Beyonder, reveals himself, and promises them all a safe voyage home - as long as they take down a threat to Battleworld first. Meanwhile, Dr. Doom and Ultron secede from the uneasy alliance and put their own plans into action, creating their own villain - Klaw.
12 "The Sinister Six Part I" 5 September 2012 The Sinister Six, Venom
When Spider-Man gets rid of his alien suit, it finds itself in the hands of Doctor Octopus and his newly formed supervillain team, The Sinister Six. As The Spider Initiative try and battle them, they create a new villain out of the alien.
13 "The Sinister Six Part II" 12 September 2012 The Sinister Six, Venom
The Spider Initiative, nearly defeated by Venom and The Sinister Six's combined forces, have to call in one last resort - Dr. Doom's newest ally, Klaw, agreeing on one condition - a member of the Spider Initiative has to join Dr. Doom.

Season Two

# Title Original Air Date Villains
1 "Escape From Latveria" 14 September 2013 Dr. Doom, Klaw
Three days after leaving the Spider Initiative, Black Cat has mapped out enough of Latveria to throw the team's escape plans into action - but Klaw intercepts the message, and creates a whole lot more bother.
2 "Friendly Neighbourhood Peter Parker" 21 September 2013 Kangaroo
Peter Parker's highschool crush, Gwen Stacy, has recently become a secretary at his day job at the Daily Bugle. While he attempts to spark a conversation, his boss is sending him out to take photographs of a bank robbery.
3 "The Green Goblin" 28 September 2013 Green Goblin
Peter's old schoolfriend, Harry Osborn, has appeared in the newest issue of the Daily Bugle, announcing that Oscorp had to temporarily shut down after his father became delirious. This soon takes a turn for the worse whenever a new villain emerges, and Peter has strong suspicions as to who it is.
4 "Spider-Man No More" 5 October 2013 Kingpin
After a battle with the Kingpin resulting in an accident that almost kills J. Jonah Jameson, he launches a political campaign against Spider-Man. Feeling overwhelmed, Peter gives up the mantle of Spider-Man.
5 "Venom Returns" 12 October 2013 Venom, Sinister Six
The Venom symbiote is freed from it's cell and takes Vulture as it's next host - and without being able to get Klaw's help again, the Spider Initiative are forced to use different methods to get rid of it.
6 "The Spider-Slayers I" 19 October 2013 Spencer Smythe, Spider-Slayers, Absorbing Man
After a destructive battle with the Absorbing Man, an obscure political figure called Spencer Smythe announces his new machine - the Spider-Slayer, ensured to stop Spider-Man's 'destructiveness'.
7 "The Spider-Slayers II" 26 October 2013 Spider-Slayers, Spencer Smythe
While Spider-Man is in battle with the Spider-Slayers, it is up to Black Cat and Spider-Woman to take down Spencer Smythe themselves. Meanwhile, the X-Men are dealing with a new line of Sentinels created by the very same man.
8 "The Sentinels" 2 November 2013 Sentinels, Spider-Slayers, Spencer Smythe
The X-Men and Spider Initiative team up to take down their shared threat, including an uninvited Deadpool.
9 "The Mystery Theatre" 9 November 2013 Mysterio, Spot
Peter brings Gwen to see a magic show on her request - but whenever the volunteers, including Gwen, never return, he begins to suspect something is up. Soon he discovers that the magician Mysterio and his assistant Spot are in cahoots with another team - The Sinister Six.
10 "Venom 3" 16 November 2013 Adamant, Venom
Spider-Man is attacked by a mysterious woman naming herself Adamant - who seems to be using the symbiote. He soon discovers that she's not wearing the same symbiote as Eddie Brock,.
11 "Maximum Carnage Part I" 23 November 2013 Venom, Carnage
The Venom Symbiote, having escaped the battle between Vulture and Spider-Man, made it's way to the last person it had a mental connection with - Eddie Brock - as well as accidentally carrying along it's spawn, Carnage, which takes Eddie's cellmate.
12 "Maximum Carnage Part II" 30 November 2013 Venom, Carnage, Shriek
As Adamant and Spider-Man fight off the two symbiotes, Spider-Woman and Black Cat discover that a third symbiote was at the prison - Shriek
13 "Maximum Carnage Part III" 7 December 2013 Carnage, Shriek, Doppelganger, Demogoblin, Carrion
As Venom aligns himself with Spider-Man, The Avengers and The Fantastic Four help take down Carnage and Shriek, who have aligned themselves with the Hobgoblin replacement infused with magic Demogoblin, and a man infused with a mysterious virus, Carrion, as well as a failed clone of Spider-Man, Doppelganger.
14 "The Battle For Brooklyn Bridge" 14 December 2013 Green Goblin, Hobgoblin
A battle for Gwen's life takes place over the Brooklyn Bridge between Spider-Man and the Green Goblin. Meanwhile, the Black Cat sneaks into the Goblin's base and finds another intruder - the Hobgoblin.
15 "Origins" 21 December 2013 Dennis Carradine, Hobgoblin
After Gwen discovers Peter's identity on top of the Brooklyn Bridge, he begins to recount his origins - of how his Uncle was shot, and how he got his powers. Meanwhile, the Black Cat and Spider-Woman battle the Hobgoblin in the streets of New York City.
16 "The Spy" 28 December 2013 Chameleon
The Fantastic Four have a problem - one of them is a spy, and they don't know who. Spider-Man is enlisted to help, and finds himself counter-spying in his new identity - The Bombastic Bag-Man.
17 "In The Jungle" 4 January 2014 Grizzly, Gibbon
The Spider Initiative travels to Savage Land upon Ka-Zaar's request. But besides the dinosaurs, there's another threat on their hands - two criminals, stealing relics all across the land.
18 "The Death Of Captain Stacy" 11 January 2014 Doctor Octopus
Whenever Spider-Man and Doctor Octopus get into a battle, rubble falls and kills Gwen's father. Spider-Man is blamed by the public, Gwen is acting uneasy around Peter, and multiple superheroes have turned against him. 
19 "The Bombastic Bag-Man" 18 January 2014 The Spider-Man Revenge Squad
Four of Spider-Man's villains have teamed up to take revenge against him, with the public's hate as an excuse - but they find themselves stopped by an unexpected superhero, Bag-Man.
20 "Spider Initiative Versus The World" 25 January 2014 The Sinister Six, Venom, Klaw, Dr. Doom, The Spider-Man Revenge Squad, The X-Men, Iron Man
A heated battle breaks out whenever The X-Men attack Spider-Man, believing him to have gone rogue. Things get worse whenever Iron Man attacks on the same suspicions, and Spider-Man's villain gallery strike New York. With only The Spider Initiative and a couple of heroes who align themselves with him, Spider-Man has to fight for his name.
21 "Redemption" 1 February 2014 The Sinister Six
Spider-Man arrives at J. Jonah Jameson's office, asking for Jonah to publish an article that will lead to his redemption. Jonah agrees, on one condition - Spider-Man unmasks himself. Meanwhile, the Sinister Six wreak havoc once again, and only Adamant, Nico Minoru, the Human Torch, and Venom can stop them.
22 "The Clone Saga I" 8 February 2014 Carrion, Jackal
After the Carrion stages a prison breakout using clones of the guards, The Spider Initiative quickly take him down in his headquarters, but find an old journal adressed to a Miles Warren. Seeking him out, they discover that he suffers from the same virus as Carrion - and that he has the DNA of Peter Parker.
23 "The Clone Saga II" 15 February 2014 Jackal, Spider-Clones, Doppelganger
As the trio battle the Jackal, they come across a room full of Spider-Men in tubes, including discovering their former foe Doppelganger in a cyro tube. Suddenly the tables are turned as the tubes open and Spider-Men come out by the masses to fight the team. Meanwhile, Gwen Stacy meets her own clone.
24 "Maximum Clonage" 22 February 2014 Jackal, Kaine, Spider-Clones, Doppelganger, Carrion
Two days after the event, The Spider Initiative is tracing down clones across the city, including Gwen Stacy's own, and someone named Ben Reilly. However, he shows up to them, clad in his own Spider-Man-esque outfit, for help against a new threat - Kaine.
25 "School Reunion I" 1 March 2014 Green Goblin
At a School Reunion event, Peter's old high school bully Flash Thompson reveals that he had a 'gooey thing' attach to him. Peter quickly realises this is a clone of the symbiote. Meanwhile, Gwen meets her old schoolmate Mary Jane Watson, and discovers Harry Osborn's secret identity.
26 "School Reunion II" 8 March 2014 Green Goblin, Venom
While Peter attempts to adjust Flash to the symbiote, Gwen fends off Harry, only to be saved by none other than the Bombastic Bag-Man. However, Flash fails to stop the symbiote and goes on a rampage, creating more problems as Peter has to call in the Spider Initiative for help.

Season 3A

# Title Original Air Date Villains
1 "Web Of Spider-Verse" 13 October 2014 Bank Robbers
While the revamped Spider Initiative stop a petty theiving, they find that someone else has arrived to stop it instead - what appears to be another clone of Peter. However, they soon discover that he's a whole lot more than that - and that he's not the only Spider-Man here.
2 "The Inheritors" 20 October 2014 Daemos, Karn (Flashback), Morlun (Flashback)
Six Spider-Men from different dimensions show up with a mission - to save this universe's Spider-Man from death at the hands of the Inheritors. And joining their meet-up is Deimos, an Inheritor who's been stalking these six for some time.
3 "The Triumph Of The Green Goblin II" 27 October 2014 Videoman (Earth-8107), Green Goblin (Earth-8107)
The year is 1983, and the Green Goblin has formulated a new plan to rid the world of Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends! Joined by the newly-revived Videoman, can he take down those pesky teens for good?
4 "Spidey Meets The Spidey Of Yesteryear" 3 November 2014 Bora, Brix
The Spider-Initiative is brought to an alternate universe in 1983, where they meet Spider-Man, FIrestar, and Iceman. They soon escape with their newfound friends, however, when two more Inheritors track them down, it's time to run again.
5 "Trip To The Multiverse" 10 November 2014 Bora, Brix, Daemos, Spider-Catchers (Earth-6977)
Whenever the three Inheritors tracking the Spiders down cross forced and team up, the Spider-Men find themselves running across the multiverse and finding themselves in a universe still in 1970.
6 "Marvel Team-Up" 22 November 2014 Bora, Brix, Daemos
Whenever the Spider-Men seem just about defeated, an entirely new team come along to save the day. But they soon find they're forced back by the Inheritors. Spider-Man of the year 2099 is cut off and ends up leading this ragtag team.
7 "Spider-Ham 2099" 29 November 2014 Pork Grind 2099
The Spider-Men try to help 2099 find his way back, discovering a pig version of him instead - and finding themselves having to recruit him for his own safety.
8 "Maximum Venom" 6 December 2014 Carnage (Carl Brock), Karn
A new team is introduced when Adamant meets herself from another universe and finds that wielders of the Venom symbiote are also being hunted by the Inheritors. Eddie Brock's father from another universe, meanwhile, hunts them down, wielding the Carnage symbiote.
9 "The Inheritors' Next Hunt" 13 December 2014 Morlun, Jennix, Verna, Solus
Morlun, who they were told of at the start of their adventures, arrives joined by three more Inheritors - including the leader of the Inheritors, Solus. Forced to go on the run once again, they decide it's time to end this.
10 "Merry Christmas, Spider-Man!" 20 December 2014 Santa Doom
Two versions of Santa, one Spider-Man and one Doctor Doom, have found themselves in a dispute when one is thrown into the other's universe. It's up to the Spider-Men to find out which is the Santa of that universe so that they can save the Santa Spider-Man from the Inheritors.
11 "Spider-Verse: The Animated Series" 27 December 2014 Morlun, Bora, Brix, Daemos, Jennix, Verna, Solus
The final battle of Spider-Verse has begun. Hundreds of Spiders from across the multiverse, called into one large battle. Zombies, aliens, clones, and every other type of Spider you could imagine, all against the Inheritors - and joined by Karn.
12 "Spider-Verse And Their Amazing Friends" 3 January 2015 Morlun, Bora, Brix, Daemos, Jennix, Verna, Solus
As the battle against the Inheritors rages on, the Spider-Women, Black Cats, Firestars, Icemen, and every other hero under the sun, who was dragged along with their Spiders, team up whenever the Inheritors try to cull them.
13 "Sensational Spider-Verse" 10 January 2015 Morlun, Bora, Brix, Daemos, Jennix, Verna, Solus
In the grand finale of Spider-Verse, all the Inheritors are finally overwhelmed by the army of spiders. Daemos finds himself fighting against the Spider-Initiative, joined by the Spider-Men and Amazing Friends that they met in their journies.

Season 3B

# Title Original Air Date Villains
14 "End Of Spider-Verse" 11 December 2015 Daemos, Morlun, Bora, Brix, Jennix, Verna, Solus
As Spider-Verse wraps up, Daemos makes his last stand against the Spider-Initiative and their multiversal friends.
15 "Sensational Assemble" 18 Decemeber 2015 Spot (Earth-1010), Ultron (Earth-237)
The Spider-Initiative's portal home is calibrated to the wrong universe and they end up in the universe of Assemble!, where their arch-nemesis Ultron has followed them.
16 "A Marvel Christmas" 25 December 2015 Chameleon
Beloved legend Santa Claus has sent his elves on a crime spree, and only the Spider-Initiative has figured out who's behind this! Can Spider-Man save the reputation of Santa Claus?
17 "The Punisher Strikes!" 1 January 2016 Punisher, The Kingpin
Thought just to be an urban legend, the Punisher has come to shoot down a sect of the Kingpin's mafia - and both of them have it out for Spider-Man whenever he intervenes.
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