These are the list of Masked Marvel episodes of it`s first season.

Episode Guide

The Three Enigma Arc

Image Title Writer Director Airdate Episode
Pilot DuttPanda DuttPanda 1/01/15 1.01
In the pilot of the series, Peter Parker, aka The Amazing Spider-Man is seen dancing on an ongoing R-Ransid train with his borrowed headphones from Iceman. Midst the fun, Rhino makes a sudden appearance, and disrupts the joy. Peter brawls Rhino in the middle of the R-Ransit Trains. When Peter gets a ferocious blow from Rhino, in slow motion, he out of nowhere, gets a flashback of his past. We get to see the past of Peter Parker of how his parents dissapeared, how he became a bookworm and finally how he became Spider-Man. This flashback traumatizes Peter and with a jab, he defeats Rhino.
Connection DuttPanda DuttPanda 10/26/15 1.02
Rhino is now, at the hands of the Ravencroft Insitutions. Peter is upset because of two things; he missed his date with Gwen and his borrowed headphones had been incinerated. Suddenly, one day, the Vulture attacks Spider-Man on a car chase scene. Peter is able to assault the Vulture but fails to capture him. The following day, the Beetle assaults him and also this time, Peter is unable to capture his foe. Midst, Iceman (Bobby Drake) reaches Peter. Peter escapes from him, thinking that he has come for his headphones but actually Iceman sorted out a connection of the villians that Peter couldn`t capture. Peter is found by Bobby and Bobby tellst to Peter that it couldn`t be irony that all of the enemies Peter faced in the last three days, were cross genetical species. Peter than realizes that the three of them were connected to each other.

Contradiction Alliance Arc

Image Title Writer Director Airdate Episode
 Oscorp DuttPanda DuttPanda ..... 1.03
Peter and Bobby conclude a research about possibilities and suggestions where the cross species genetics creature could have originated from; Oscorp. Oscorp was initiated in creating cross species experiments. Peter seeks help from Gwen who works in Oscorp to make him enter the building. Peter acts like an intern in the Oscorp tower and extracts information about the one-handed Dr. Curt Conners who has been trying to develop cross-species serum to regenerate his limbs and also conclude the Oscorp experiments in development. Peter gets in touch with Conners and moreover, discovers irony when he learns that his father was Conner`s best friend and colleague.
Possibility DuttPanda DuttPanda .... 1.04
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