Quote1Imagine a thousand years of evolution taking place instantaneously. That's what happened to you after the mist. These treatments, we're helping your body adjust properly to the change. Transitioning you quickly and painlessly; I hope. We usually like to start the process right after the mist but..."
"How long? How long, when can I go?"
"You got places to be, people to see?"
"I'm worried about my friends. I think they're in danger."
"You're the one that's in danger Skye, remember? You're being hunted.
--Lincoln Campbell and Skye

Quote1It took a while to get it controlled. When I first got here, I almost burned the place down, literally. But now, sky's the limit. No pun intended I guess.Quote2
--Lincoln Campbell

Quote1You're a piece of cake compared to the other one. Total physical transformation, and we still have no idea what her gift is.Quote2
--Lincoln Campbell

Quote1Can you warm up food with your powers? Because that would be awesome."
"I have never tried; but I did warm up a small pool once."
"Any five-year-old can warm up a pool.
--Skye and Lincoln Campbell

Quote1You know it's really impressive for Jiaying to take anyone under her wing."
"I like her. I just... I can't... What's her role here?"
"Her role is, in charge. So really she must like you."
"If she's in charge, how often does she train people?"
"Since I've been here... let me see... never.
--Lincoln Campbell and Skye

Quote1What are you made of?"
"Whoever you are, you don't want to do this. I'm a friend of Skye's."
"Sure. And I'm the Hulk.
--Lincoln Campbell and Deathlok

Quote1You got all that hardware. Use one of those weapons and get us out of here."
"Right. Because I didn't think of that."
"At least your sarcasm still works.
--Lincoln Campbell and Deathlok

Quote1The only thing that's kept us safe all these years is that we were a secret. Now S.H.I.E.L.D. knows we exist and they won't stop until they find Afterlife.Quote2
--Lincoln Campbell to Skye

Quote1I'm confident Lincoln will fight with us as well when the time comes, he's convinced S.H.I.E.L.D. is the threat."
"That's true of everyone.
--Jiaying and Gordon

Quote1I'm headed down to secure the armoury. I'm also upstairs in the conference room.Quote2
--Alisha to Lincoln Campbell

Quote1What about us? How dangerous are we?"
"Very, we've always been, now they know it."
"What Jiaying did in there was, that was murder."
"That was necessary.
--Lincoln Campbell and Gordon

Quote1We're not bad, just misled.Quote2
--Lincoln Campbell to Melinda May

Quote1Look I get that you're trying to build a life here."
"Yes, a normal life so stay out of it. Please.
--Daisy Johnson and Lincoln Campbell

Quote1I'm not afraid of you."
"You should be.
--Alphonso Mackenzie and Lincoln Campbell

Quote1I saw you; I know what you are."
"You have no idea.
--Private Brown and Lincoln Campbell

Quote1Have you been drinking?"
"I wanted to, instead I called you. You're the only one I trust.
--John Donnelly and Lincoln Campbell

Quote1I'll go in with you. I'm not agreeing to work with S.H.I.E.L.D., but with you."
"We'll figure it out together.
--Lincoln Campbell and Daisy Johnson

Quote1Just keep your head down okay, I don't want this thing to find you. Do you have any friends out there at least?"
"Well not as many as I used to.
--Daisy Johnson and Lincoln Campbell

Quote1Lash is in S.H.I.E.L.D., and with your help I can prove it.Quote2
--Lincoln Campbell to Alphonso Mackenzie

Quote1I've only killed those who deserve it."
"Who the hell made you judge, jury, and executioner? You tore my friends apart. You have no right!"
"I have every right!
--Lash and Lincoln Campbell

Quote1He won't always be able to shift between monster and man. He's still in transition. Becoming Inhuman."
"And when that transition's complete?"
"He'll stay Lash, permanently.
--Lincoln Campbell and Daisy Johnson

Quote1You gonna take Coulson up on his offer, stick around for a while?"
"Can't run forever.
--Alphonso Mackenzie and Lincoln Campbell

Quote1I know how dangerous you are, but if you blame me for bringing out the monster in that man, I'm not apologizing for that."
"I've been trying to figure out what to say, because I do want to apologize, to you, for Andrew.
--Lincoln Campbell and Melinda May

Quote1Why us?"
"I'm guessing we're all they've got."
"You two have powers; my other agents don't.
--Joey Gutierrez, Lincoln Campbell, and Alphonso Mackenzie

Quote1We have to destroy all this."
"You mean once Fitz and Coulson find Will and come back through."
"I mean, what if they're not the ones who come back through. We can't risk that!
--Lincoln Campbell and Nekhene

Quote1So, what did it say on my evaluation?"
"Nothing that'll surprise you. You're here for Daisy, not the cause. So commitment is a question."
"But I am here."
"And your control issues didn't stop with A.A. You went nuclear on Lash, on Creel."
"I had reasons both times."
"But you didn't follow orders. You can't just be at S.H.I.E.L.D. You have to be a part of S.H.I.E.L.D."
"And I'm trying to be, but you don't make it easy. There's a test at every turn. I mean, this is a test."
"This is a chance for me to see for myself how you handle things."
"Same thing, different words-"
"Don't interrupt me! You got it? You haven't earned that right yet. I don't know you. I vetted every member of this team except you, measured their commitment to this ideal, including two good agents who just gave it all up to protect that ideal. I think you could be a good agent, but I need to know if you think that and that you want it badly enough. So you stay in control and you follow my orders, and I'll decide if you get to be an agent or not. Understood?"
"Yes, sir.
--Lincoln Campbell and Phil Coulson

Quote1Got to admit... this time stuff's always been a little over my head. Like in "Terminator," if John Connor's alive and able to send his friend back in time to save his mom to make sure he's born, doesn't that mean he doesn't have to?"
"I, uh, I never saw the original "Terminator.""
"You're off the team.
--Phil Coulson and Lincoln Campbell

Quote1You put together the Secret Warriors Initiative for a reason.Quote2
--Lincoln Campbell to Quake

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