DSC 0001
Real Name Lila Violet
Current Alias Violoxide
Alias(es) Purple Girl
Relatives Unknown Parents
Affiliation Eternal Heroes
Base Of Operations Eternal Base
Alignment Anti-Hero
Universe Earth-616
Gender Female
Height 5foot 6inches
Weight 140lmbs
Eyes Purple
Hair Blonde


Lila was walking home late at night from her friends house when a gang approached her and pushed her around. They robbed her then attempted to rape her. She resisted and ran away. She kept running then ran through a door into an open field with loads of metal, glass and wood. It turns out she was in a secret government testing ground for a recently discovered element called Violoxide. She saw a purple mist coming towards her. She had nowhere to run as the door locked itself and the mist was everywhere. The mist engulfed her, she breathed it in and it fused with her. She passed out as a bunch of scientists came and took her into a lab. The tests showed that Violoxide was harmless but she consumed dangerous amounts that should have killed anyone. Her body had fused with Violoxide making her immune. She awoke, escaped the lab and stayed in hiding while the government looked for her for tests. She found she was more than immune, she could weaponise and control Violoxide and bring out its destructive capabilities. She practised until she became under full control over her powers. She wore an eye mask and went out on the streets to stop crime...if she wants...


  • Violoxide Manipulation- Lila can control, create and weaponise Violoxide, a purple gas that has different effects when the state is changed.
  • Violoxide Lasers- By running an electrical current through Violoxide, Lila can create purple lasers at will.
  • Violoxide Acid- When Violoxide is in a liquid state, it is highly acidic and she can use it to coat her punches and kicks and melt through materials.
  • Violoxide Constructs- When Violoxide is in a solid state, it is indestructable and be used as blades, shields or to matter surf around.
  • Violoxide Gas- Lila can use Violoxide in it's gaseous state to chock people and knock them out like tear gas.

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