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Real Name
Lila Johnson
Current Alias

Mermaid Girl, Fish woman, Mermaid of the Land



X-traordinary X-men, Jean Grey School

Unknown Parents, Unknown Grandparents (Deceased), Atlantean Relatives


Base Of Operations
Jean Grey School





Unusual Features
When in water she takes on a partially scaled appearance with fins along the sides of her lower arms and legs, her hands become webbed, her feet like flippers, and gills along the side of her neck


Marital Status

College Student, Field agent

High School graduate, Some college

Mutant/Atlantean Hybrid; Is 1/8 atlantean from father's side


First appearance



Quote1 Sometimes, I feel more at home in water, whether freshwater or salty seas, then land. Quote2
-- Lila Johnson


Lila originates from California, having lived in San Mateo County along the San Francisco Bay peninsula. Most of her life has been spent here where she went to school, grew up as most, and have a very easy going life. Least on the outside things seemed normal, her parents both had high paying jobs and they seemed well off for a upper-middle class family. Much of her younger years seemed cheerful and she was quite an energetic young girl who quickly took up a liking to swimming and gymnastics, but mostly found herself being naturally gifted with swimming from long before her mutation manifested.

But unfortunately beneath the surface her family was plagued with some problems, mostly of domestic violence and abuse. Things started around the time when Lila was eight years old that her parents began to face constant bickering, not much at first and was mostly over little things. But gradually over the years things got worse with her mother seeming to be more drawn to over spending money, her father spending much of his time drinking and gambling, and Lila wanting to spend a lot of money for some of her hobbies and some of her school expenses being relatively high due to her parents wanting her to get top education. But the strain began to show from financial problems and her father began to be overly friendly and touchy with Lila when she became eleven which caused her to become uneasy around him.

Despite the issues going on at home Lila was able to find doing her school work and extracurricular activities helped to keep her focused. It was also what kept her out of trouble and she would often spend more time with her friends as she became more distant from her parents. This became more so when Lila ended up joining her high school swim team during her freshmen year, finding it as a further excuse to be out of the troubled house. Up until she was seventeen Lila truly seemed to have a promising career of going to Olympic-level swimming as some of their officials were there on the day of her final country wide meet. At this time Lila was still seventeen and had actually been hiding the fact that she was gradually changing even more so then from puberty, she was slowly discovering her Atlantean biology and to an extent her mutant ability. Although during this time Lila only thought she was turning into a mutant.

She first discovered her abilities back when she was training for some of her swim meets the previous year, having noticed some areas were rather itchy and became red like a rash. It wouldn't be until a few months after this started did her scales and fins show along with her hands and feet visibly changing every time she went in water. This continued with the longer she was exposed to water and didn't really catch onto the fact this change would continue every time she went near a body of water or liquid touched the areas. In present day when the gun went off Lila did her usual dive into the water and working to win her run with a few laps, proving to actually be faster then normal which at first impressed officials. However, this amazement soon turned to repulsion and horror when Lila pulled herself from the water, revealing some of her scaly and finned appearance, to which many rejected her from this point on.

For the years to follow her parents began to avoid Lila altogether, which she was somewhat glad for until she was kicked to the curve the day she turned eighteen but left with no where to turn. About all her friends rejected her from being what they believed her to just being a mutant and Lila was forced to dodge around town for those who were also highly hating of mutants, proving to bring about her hostility towards such people. Luckily though she would eventually be able to attend a college that would admit her on a academic scholarship.

New Outlook

Unfortunately, Lila wasn't in college for long before the Jean Grey School caught wind of her via Cerebra. She was soon approached by some of the staff and invited to join the school to not only be among her own kind but to better learn of her abilities. At first, Lila didn't seem so sure of the offer since she found herself somewhat doing well in college but still had difficulty being accepted by her peers who had seen her appearance. Once she thought of this Lila accepted and transferred to the school to join a new team under Laurie Tromette and continue her education.


Lila certainly has to be one of the most out-going type of people, being a relative social butterfly and always being talkative. She loves meeting new people or just hanging out with those she knows, but she tends to be seen as a little hyperactive even for a young adult her age. It might be best to say the teenager years have yet to be left behind. Least much in Lila's case who seems to always be on the go, being a very energetic young woman full of enthusiasm. And really she could careless what anyone thinks of her.

On the flip side Lila can also be very stubborn and somewhat impatient, hating to be one of those people who has to sit around doing nothing. Perhaps a few hours is the most she will wait before she will likely charge in, depending upon a situation and will totally ignore all orders and authority. Much to the chagrin of those in charge. Though luckily Lila is a team player which is one positive side and she has been known to be very protective of her friends and those she sees as family. Although sometimes she can also show a darker side when it comes towards mutant haters and their enemies, showing very little hesitation to attack them.

Powers and Abilities


Atlantean Biology

  • Merperson Physiology:Lila's body takes on an unusual transformation whenever she is in contact with water or some other liquid, something reminiscent of a mermaid. Her lower arms and legs take on long, spiny-fin like structures along the side, stretching from the wrist to the elbow and from knee to part of the ankle. These structures are bent at an angle for quick movement in water and are about 2 inches in width. Her feet also transform into more flipper-like appearance with being more elongated and webbed much like her hands are webbed, this allowing her to swim at about 40 mph underwater. Around these areas are streamlined flat scales that are green in appearance along with gills around her neck for allowing her to breathe which also have scales around this area from below the sides of her face down to her shoulders. Streamlined scales can also be found along her sides moving around to her back and up covering her bosom, though this is normally hidden by clothes or swimsuits of some kind.
  • Aquatic Adaptation:Lila's body is specialized in adapting to the environment beneath water, especially when it comes to water pressure and coldness depending upon depth. She is able to breathe, move, and act in ways similar as she would on land, her body system going relatively unaffected by the aquatic world.
    • Enhance Senses:Though she can use this power on both land and in water, her senses are more acute when in the water. On land she can hear from about half a mile away and in water about 2 miles. Her smell is keen enough she can detect even a slightly faint smell only about 3 days old and in water this is heightened to detecting smells most normally cannot. Her sight allows her to see with far greater clarity then normal humans, allowing her see something faster at a greater distance and in water allows her to see clearly in the dark depths and is protected by a special film to prevent harming the eyes.
    • Superhuman Agility:Much of Lila's movement on land and water are relatively effortless, allowing her to perform certain feats without much problem, her balance and coordination being above that of a common human athlete.
    • Superhuman Stamina:Lila can do certain activities or last for several hours beneath the water at a time without succumbing to the affects of fatigue toxins.
    • Superhuman Reflexes:Lila's reaction time is far beyond normal human levels, being able to react to most actions quicker and more efficiently to allow for much more quick recover, attack, or countermeasure for certain feats.
    • Underwater Breathing:Thanks to her aquatic adaptation Lila can breathe underwater without issue for as long as she is beneath the surface, maximum 8 hours, with her gills allowing her to do so. This is however, only used when underwater.


  • Water Manipulation:Lila has also developed a secondary use of manipulating water allowing her to bend it to her will. This allows her to create jets or blasts of water to various degrees of speed and power, create constructs like weapons, shields, or armor, and sometimes control a small area of the tides or any bodies of water. She can also create bubbles resembling foam that can be used to either distract others and make use as an air pocket for when her maximum limit runs out or for others to use.


  • Despite still being young Lila has extensive knowledge of the oceans,streams,rivers,and ponds and many marine life.
  • Lila is a decent hand-to-hand combatant having taught herself self-defense and later more offensive capability moves when training with the Jean Grey School
  • Lila is an exceptional swimmer even without her powers and was once considered for the Olympics when she was just 17.
  • Lila also has some practice in gymnastics but doesn't use it quite that often.

Strength level

Lila has the average strength for a woman her age and height who engages in moderate to intensive exercise.


  • Though nothing has ever happened to Lila to cause this but she has had a deathly fear of heights since she was young and tends to avoid high places.
  • Despite being able to breathe in water going beyond her maximum limit chances her drowning.
  • Many of her powers are concentrated to or stronger in water such as her senses despite working on land as well, and she cannot manipulate water from the air thus leading her having to carry a water bottle sometimes and her fish-like features tend to show when touching any liquid.
  • Lila is known to be very stubborn and impatient, leading her to act on her own sometimes or disregard orders and authority.
  • Lila seems to favor being close to areas of water, no matter how deep or shallow. But unless she actually has water or some kind of liquid to utilize a majority of her abilities making them useless, leaving her have to go without her Merperson Physiology, some of her Aquatic Adaptation, or water manipulation.


Equipment: None known.
Transportation: Sometimes her own power, X-men vehicles
Weapons: None known.


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  • Lila took her codename after the primordial Sea Goddess Ceto of Greek Mythology.
  • Lila currently has no knowledge of her Atlantean heritage, thinking all of her powers are mutant based.
  • Of all the marine animals she knows of Lila's most favorite are the sea otters and dolphins.

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