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While Captain America, Bucky, the Crazy S.U.E.S., and the Invaders were stationed on the Western Front, America wanted a team of enhanced fighters in the Pacific Front. President Franklin D. Roosevelt and the S.S.R. commissioned and assembled a team of enhanced individuals who he believed could help the Allies win victories over the Japanese. Roosevelt and the S.S.R. referred to this team as the Liberty Legion.

The first individual considered for the Liberty Legion was Jeffrey Mace, a reporter for the Daily Bugle who was the vigilante called the Patriot. Mace had Inhuman abilities which made him a top candidate for the team. Mace's sidekick, Mary Morgan, who was called Miss Patriot, was also recruited for the team. Morgan also possessed Inhuman abilities such as clairvoyance and enhanced senses. The Patriot and his partner were known for shutting down a HYDRA cell in the United States led by George Maxon. Both Mace and Morgan agreed to join the team.

The next individual recruited for the team was Bruce Dickson, the Thin Man, who gained the abilities of plasticity and immortality after being exposed to a mutagenic substance on a trip to Mount Kalpurthia in the Himalayas in the year 1930.

Next, the S.S.R. recruited Madeline Joyce, Miss America, an heiress and mutant into the team. When the S.S.R. learned about Madeline Joyce's abilities, they asked her to join the team.

The S.S.R. approached the Bird People in hopes of enlisting their aid against the Japanese. Samuel Simon, a human who lived among the Bird People, convinced them to fight alongside the Allies.

An amnesiac frost giant known only as Jack Frost was recruited for the team.

The final member recruited for the original team was a professor named Elton Morrow, the Blue Diamond. Morrow had gained powers when he sailed back to the United States from Antarctica with a diamond in his possession. A Nazi U-boat attacked Morrow's ship, blowing up the diamond in the process as well. Fragments of the diamond were embedded in his body, giving him the ability to turn into a diamond form which would make him bulletproof, more durable, and stronger.

World War II

The Liberty Legion served under U.S. Army General Ford Sanders along with soldiers such as Jeff Dix, Jim Blane and Ethan Warren.

In May of 1942, the Liberty Legion attacked a Japanese-controlled island called the Valley of Death which was overseen by a Japanese Army officer known as the Face who attempted to unleash a lethal gas to drive back the Americans. The team was able to defeat the Face and kill him and his lead scientist, Doctor Kenta Hitso, by exposing them to their own gas.

In December of 1942, the United States Navy and Air Force fought against a Japanese fleet led by Admiral Futsu. Pilots that fought in the battle included Hal Jordens and Doug Johnson. After the fleet was destroyed, the Liberty Legion stormed an island controlled by General Hideki Mikado and Colonel Chiūchi Jujitso.

In 1944, after the invasion of Normandy, Robert Frank, the Whizzer, left the Invaders to join the Liberty Legion in the Pacific. The Whizzer's first battle with the Liberty Legion was an attack on a Japanese-controlled island controlled by General Toyotomi Yokima who, with Admiral Takeo Noda, was tasked with putting together an invasion force to invade America. The team took down the Japanese base. Yokima, who refused to be captured, committed seppuku. During this battle, the Liberty Legion also fought alongside the Leatherneck Raiders. A few days later, the Liberty Legion and the Leatherneck Raiders went to Saipan where they were betrayed by a Navajo code talker named Hugh Bradley, allowing the Japanese to prepare for their arrival. Bradley was executed for treason. During the battle, the Liberty Legion saw many bodies of Japanese civilians who killed themselves by jumping off of the Suicide Cliffs. During the battle, they were assisted by the crew of the submarine Stingray which included sailor Ed Cabot.

The Liberty Legion fought alongside Wolverine in 1945 during the invasion of Okinawa. During the invasion, Wolverine, Ethan, and many other soldiers were captured by soldiers under General Oda Ketsu, nicknamed the Bloody Baron, who was notorious for brutally torturing and executing prisoners of war. Next, the Liberty Legion were sent to take down the Japanese HYDRA headquarters on another island close to Honshu. The Liberty Legion fought the Japanese HYDRA soldiers and stormed the base. They found that Joichi Shiro, the Japanese Supreme HYDRA, had committed seppuku. After taking down the Japanese HYDRA base, the Liberty Legion wanted to look for Wolverine in the P.O.W. camp near Nagasaki, but they were forbidden from doing so as U.S. forces planned to drop an atom bomb on the city.

On September 2, 1945, Japan surrendered to the United States, ending World War II.


After World War II, the Liberty Legion, Crazy S.U.E.S., and the Invaders were all disbanded after World War II and some of their former members joined the All-Winners Squad.


  • In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Patriot and the Whizzer were both modern day characters, but I put them in World War II for comic accuracy.
  • In the comics, the Liberty Legion was assembled by Bucky Barnes in order to fight Nazis.