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Green Beast

Real Name
Leonardo Norton McCoy
Current Alias
Green Beast

Beast, Catman, Ape Man, Leo



Hell's Circle; Formerly Jean Grey X-men

Hank McCoy (Father), Abigail Brand (Mother), Grace McCoy (Twin sister), Norton McCoy (Paternal Grandfather), Enda McCoy (Paternal Grandmother), Robert McCoy, John McCoy (Paternal Great Uncles), Unknown Paternal First Cousin, Unknown Maternal Alien Grandfather, Unknown Maternal Human Grandmother, Lothi (Maternal uncle)


Base Of Operations
Hellfire Club Hollywood Mansion, Los Angeles, California; Formerly Jean Grey School






Unusual Features
Simian or feline like appearance with fangs, claws, fur, and pointed ears


Marital Status


High School Level, some College level

Mutant with one-quarter alien lingeage

Place of Birth


First appearance



Quote1 Does the mutant race really have to continue to face a tragic future? Quote2
-- Leonardo McCoy

Early Life

Leonardo is the second child of Hank McCoy and Abigail Brand, being the second born to twins after his sister Grace. But much like when his father, the only apparent sign he too was born a mutant was large hands and feet, even being slightly larger than normal for a baby. Nevertheless, his birth caused Abigail to take a leave of absence from SHIELD and move into the Jean Grey School with her then boyfriend Hank and raise their two children among their own.

Just like his twin, Leo was raised on the ideals of the current X-men and raised around the other veterans' children. It was apparent though that Leo might follow very closely in his father's foot steps as he showed quite the intelligence and athletic skill Hank himself had growing up. This caused Leo to take more interest in sports than schooling however, making it practically a way to test his abilities when he was young and as he grew older. Amazingly though, despite the fact Leo put sports before school he still came out as the equivalent of an honor student, something Grace often teased him about in calling him a "nerdy athlete". But Leo normally took this in stride, taking pride in what he could accomplish.

Though as he grew, Leo also faced occasional bouts of terrible pain, at first thought to be growing pains and painful due to the fact his bones were larger and denser than normal. Yet, it was discovered than that his body was altering far more than that of Beast's. Between his classes, extracurricular activities that came to involve art, science clubs, and technology, and his sports Leo often found himself in terrible pain on and off. Eventually, his mutation began to show more of a simian appearance which prompted Grace to suggest her brother go with her own her outings to take his mind off it the more he changed.

One such outing led to the event of the two being ostracized and having a hostile encounter with humans in Central Park, leading his sister down a dark path and Leo in self-doubt. His appearance over the next few years became something of a problem to Leo, having deep down hoped he could avoid looking like his father or having some kind of fur in his mutation which also lead him to drop sports and his grades to drop. It also wasn't long before he became even more doubtful of the hopes the school had for a peaceful time with humans, to the point that the young McCoy began to agree with his sister's own changed ideals.

Lead into Darkness

The change eventually came when a confrontation involving Hazel Guthrie caught his attention shortly after his own twin's. Curious, he came to join a crowd of several students who watched the confrontation turn into a brief brawl due to Hazel feeling betrayed by her parents. Leo felt sorry for the girl and seemed to understand his friend's words, having begun to feel his parents were living a lie and denying the obvious fact that mutants could not live in a world where mutants and humans could co-exist without problem.

And soon enough, Leo found his own sister leaving as well after Hazel. Not but a few hours later that same night Leo was contacted by Grace, telling him of an invitation to join a team with far more realistic goals and views, something intriguing him as he listened before agreeing to come see them himself. Yet, at the same time Leo recently joined the Hell's Circle to watch out for his sister and to see for himself if the team was legitimate.

Powers and Abilities


  • Genetic Atavism:Leo displays traits in a species that has not surfaced for sometime and also neotenous. As a result, he has the physical appearance of a simian or ape-like form that resembles his father's earliest appearances. This has resulted in the following powers:
    • Superhuman Strength:Leo has strength far exceeding that of any normal human being, having so far shown he can lift 20 tons without strain. This strength can be found in Leo's legs as well allowing him to leap a distance of 13 feet in one leap and 25 feet in a standing jump.
    • Superhuman Durability:Like the rest of his family Leo's musculature and body tissue are incredibly dense and tough. He is capable of withstanding physical blows from superhumanly strong individuals with minor discomfort and can take falling from several stories high. He also has joked he can be like his mother of being able to take a shot through the chest, but whether this is true or not has yet to be proven.
    • Superhuman Speed:Leo is capable of running at speeds beyond a normal human being, having so far topped at the speed of 60 mph. He is capable of reaching this speed on foot, better on all fours, and has shown to be able to keep up with a speeding car.
    • Superhuman Stamina:Leo's body produces less fatigue toxins in his body, allowing him to operate at his peak physical and mental capacity for several hours. This has been shown in being able to last little over a day before he shows signs of tiring or at best two days before exhaustion takes over.
    • Superhuman Agility:Leo's agility, balance, and bodily coordination are above the finest human athlete, enabling him to have the agility like that of a great ape but acrobatic prowess like an Olympic gymnast. He is capable of walking on narrow areas as if walking normally on the ground and is able to perform complex acrobatic maneuvers.
    • Superhuman Reflexes:Leo's reflexes are enhanced to levels beyond a normal human. He is able to dodge low caliber bullets and avoid attacks from up close without much concern.
    • Enhanced Dexterity:Leo has greater dexterity with his hands and feet then most humans, enabling him to use his feet as if they were a second pair of hands and leaving his hands free to do other tasks.
    • Keen Senses:Leo also seems to have inherited his father's keen senses, which can easily rival that of most animals. He is capable of tracking and recognizing someone by scent alone while he can hear from several yards away. He also can see with greater clarity then most humans and has a form of night vision allowing him to see clearly for a limited distance in darkness.
    • Razor Sharp Claws and Fangs:Leo has elongated canines that are primarily used in close quarters, allowing him to sever arteries and break through most bones with ease. He also has 3" retractable claws that can cut through stone and brick while rendering bone and flesh with ease.
  • Contact Pyrokinetic:Leo, like his mother, is capable of coating his hands in a green colored flame. This flame is extremely potent to the point of setting others on fire or melting through metal through tactile contact.
    • Pyrokinetic blasts:Leo extends his Contact Pyrokinesis further in being able to project the flames as fireballs or fire streams. This gives him a more distanced use of this ability with the same results if he was to use physical contact. At the moment this ability is limited to 5 feet for the streams but can go up to 15 feet with the fire balls, which can be thrown.


  • High Intellect:Like most of his family, Leo is gifted with high intelligence with an aptitude towards science, primarily genetics and biochemistry while also having an excellent memory.
  • Decent Tactician:Leo has also shown to be adept at coming up with plans and ideas involving several missions for the Hell's Circle and changing them up when necessary.
  • Excellent Gymnast:Like his sister, Leo has been trained in gymnastics long before his mutation set in which has been further enhanced since it's manifestation.
  • Master Hand-to-hand combatant:With being raised and trained among the X-men since he was young, Leo has learned to become a master in close quarters fighting, excelling in wrestling and brawling fighting styles.
  • Decent Artist:Leo has also shown to have some skill in being an artist.

Strength level

Leo is capable of lifting 20 tons without strain.


  • Leo suffers from animal instincts that can cause him to go into a feral, primitive state of mind where he becomes ferocious and difficult to reason with.
  • Leo has shown to have severe food allergies since his mutation kicked in, being unable to eat vegetables and fruits without having some kind of reaction, usually being hives, being unable to breathe, rashes, or becoming heavily weakened.
  • He also seems to suffer from being rather self-conscious about his appearance, leading to some low self-esteem.



  • Earwig Communicator
  • Image Inducer

Transportation: His own powers, Hell's Circle Jeep, Hell's Circle Jet
Weapons: Claws and fangs


  • Leo and his sister are a What If? idea if Abigail Brand and Hank McCoy were to have children.


  • Leonardo was named after the famous Leonardo da Vinci, a known inventor, writer, artist, mathematician, architect, and engineer during the Italian Renaissance. His middle name though comes from his Paternal Grandfather, Norton McCoy.
  • Leo has also shown a liking towards literature, history, and art much like his father before him.
  • It was hinted at by Grace that her and her brother have room for another advancements in their mutations, something Leo himself doubts could happen naturally and would require the aid of a chemical compound like what their father achieved.

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