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Lego Lad

Real Name
Evan Sloxing
Current Alias
Lego Lad

Mechanamaster, The Gadget Guru, the Electronics Emperor, the Robotic Ruler



The Maximums

Gary Sloxing (The Red Raptor), Jack Sloxing (Jack of Spades, brother)


Base Of Operations
The Hero Hood, Queens, New York City, NY



Black, pixelated


Unusual Features
Lego Lad possesses a robotic body with a blue digital computer for a face, a green and black coat of paint,


Marital Status

Adventurer, inventor

Superhuman intellect


Place of Birth

Evan Knox and Bradley A. Dotson

First appearance



Evan Cox was a mutant student with a superhuman intellect and the amazing ability to communicate with, empathize with, understand, and control any form of technology. One day, an accident occurred when a jealous classmate named Herman Jenkins (who was secretly a mutant with similar powers) accidentally caused an explosion on a field trip. Evan's and Herman's entire bodies were incinerated.

They did not die, however, for their life forces and consciousnesses survived, instinctively transforming themselves into electronic transmissions that were sent into the nearest computers in their areas. There, Evan began subconsciously creating a powered armor suit out of pure computer data from around him. This continued for a year until his suit was complete. His conscious was physically restored and placed within the suit. Back to life, he escaped the computer, and became astonished by the technology he wielded. The suit was capable of performing any technological task and gain any form of technology he wished. It was also capable of transforming him to any form of technology imaginable, utilizing all of his superhuman powers, as well as enhancing them ten-fold. Calling it the O.M.N.I.S.U.I.T (Omni-Mechanical Neuro-Integrated Supersuit Utilized In Technology), Evan decided to become a superhero, calling himself Lego Lad after the toys he always enjoyed playing with and using his childhood hero the Iron Defender as a role model.

His first superhero mission involved stopping Herman, who had accidentally merged with a traveling computer virus to become a monster called the Glitch. After his victory over the Glitch, Lego Lad decided to upgrade his suit by integrating it with the most advanced nanotechnology he could devise. Now the suit was more powerful than ever, and he called his body the O.M.N.I.S.U.I.T 2.0 (Omni-Mechanical Nanotechnology-Integrated Supersuit Utilized In Technology Version 2). He then learned of a notorious computer hacker named Hackjob who was attempting to conquer the entire World Wide Web. Tracking him down via cyberspace, he defeated him, and gained national recognition for it.

Lego Lad was contacted a week later by Nick DeCosta, also known as Stryker, who wished for Lego Lad to join his team, the Maximums. Enthusiastic, Lego Lad excitedly agreed, and became an official member of the Maximums. He quickly became a great friend of several members of the team, especially with Magnator, Quickbolt, Psychodude, Macho Man, Stryker, Heatstroke, Bluemoon, Cheetari, Hearttaker, and Specia. It was Lego Lad, Magnator, Quickbolt, and Psychodude who completely created, designed, and built the Maximums headquarters, called the Hero Hood, which they modeled after the Atomium, an amazing monument composed of nine steel spheres to represent a unit cell of an iron crystal in Belgium.

Lego Lad has continually proven to be an extremely valued member of the Maximums, and has been honored greatly. He has gained a rogue's gallery of his own, including the Glitch, Dal Ogel, an evil business rival jealous of Lego Lad's superior technology, the Nerd, a literal nerd who became mutated into a hideous freak, but gained the ability to mimic and absorb the knowledge of any living being or object within his vicinity, Double Digit, a scientist who gained the ability to duplicate himself, as well as possess mathematical powers, Hackjob, a computer hacker who gained the ability to hack into and control any computer or information system, the Information Man, an entity who can sense, detect, and analyze any superhuman being, and many others.

Lego Lad is also responsible for saving Bluemoon's life when he was dying of radiation poisoning, finding a way to cure Heatstroke of his affliction towards water, etc. Lego Lad is greatly sought after by the military, who wish to use him in inventing weapons to help win wars easily, as well as being a weapon, but Lego Lad refuses to do so, and the Maximums greatly agree. He does, however, invent products for the general public to make their lives easier. Lego Lad later found out that his older brother was a famous crime fighter known as the Jack of Spades.

In a later adventure against the Corruptors, Lego Lad was injected with a nanovirus by the Glitch that was slowly killing him. The Maximums helped defeat the Corruptors, but did not know how to help heal Lego Lad. Psychodude, however, demonstrated that the virus was attacking, not his body, but his mind. Helping to destroy the nanovirus within his brain, Lego Lad was healed. However, when he awoke, he learned that he knew things that he never knew before. He had gained virtual omniscience, due to being “untapped” by Psychodude. However, he still retained his personality, emotions, and memories, and has been determined to help out his family even more now than ever.

Lego Lad currently resides at the Hero Hood.

Powers and Abilities


Lego Lad is the most powerful cyberpathic being in existence. He is a mutant with virtual omnscience, cyberpathic powers, and a body created from nanotechnology formed into the shape of a robot that grants him virtually unlimited shapeshifting capabilities. He possesses all technology, intelligence, and mechanical-based powers and armor capabilities.

  • Omniscience/Superhuman Intelligence: Lego Lad possesses complete and total omniscience, making him possibly the most intellectually advanced being in the universe. Originally, he merely possessed a superhuman intellect that was rivaled by such beings as Bio-rex, Psychodude, Psycho, etc. However, Lego Lad’s brain later became untapped by outside forces that caused him to be granted virtual omniscience. As a result of his mutation, he is capable of knowledge and comprehension beyond the human ability to understand. He is potentially capable of mastering every worldly subject and capable of adopting concepts completely foreign to his environment. His ability to predict probable outcomes of tactical and strategic scenarios is so advanced that it borders on clairvoyance. His intuition is heightened to the degree that his hunches are almost always correct. He is so intelligent, his mind is completely aware of any changes to reality or time. However, even with such a vast intellect, he still retains all of his emotions and personality.
  • Kinetic Memory (Computer Brain): His mind works in the same way as a computer with unlimited storage capacity, only much faster. Also, his mind allows him to instantly recall specific information with incredible speed and accuracy. He's able to store everything that he experiences in a photographic memory and retrieve it immediately without the typical human pause for thought. The sheer speed of his thoughts are so fast that he is able to make snap decisions about his surroundings and create complex scenarios at that same speed. As such, Lego Lad is able to track the probability of an event by piecing together stored data.
  • Intuitive Genius: Lego Lad also possesses a mechanical vision that automatically interprets the functions and operations of any machine, weapon, gadget, or technological device, a skill that combined with his superhuman intelligence gives him a superhuman talent to conceive, design and build any technological or mechanical device, as well as operate, modify and disassemble existing technology and devices, or create countermeasures for it.
  • Multi-Tasking: He is able to perform several mental functions at once without losing focus on any of them. For example, Lego Lad can use his mind to replay a movie he had watched previously, play a game of internet chess, and focus on battling an opponent without any one task distracting him from another.
  • Psychomimicry: Lego Lad possesses the ability to absorb and mimic the knowledge and skills of any sentient being within his immediate vicinity. It is a subconcious form of telepathy, which allows him in proximity with another being, to scan and internalize the knowledge and skills of others, granting him the ability to duplicate any non-superhuman talent. He acquires both mental and physical abilities, be it knowledge over a subject, a foreign language, or mastery of a fighting style. He is also able to predict attacks in order to avoid them.
  • Cyberpathy: Lego Lad possesses the ability to communicate with, empathize with, and control any technological device, machine, weapon, and/or gadget with his thoughts, no matter how advanced the technology may be. Lego Lad possesses the ability to read and manipulate information without a computer interface. Lego Lad possesses the ability to interface and communicate with any computers, computer mainframes, and data processors at a speed equal to, if not greater, than that of the computer itself. He is able to remotely connect to any external communications systems, such as satellites, cellular phones, and computers anywhere on the planet. He also apparently has a psychological connection to surrounding information sources (such as radio waves, electronic signals, hard drives, etc.
  • O.M.N.I.S.U.I.T. (Omni-Mechanical Nanotechnology-Integrated Supersuit Utilized In Technology): The O.M.N.I.S.U.I.T (Lego Lad’s armor and body) is possibly the single most powerful technological device, gadget, machine, and weapon in the universe. It is composed of sentient nanotechnology created from computer data and Lego Lad’s brainwaves. It is virtually indestructible and capable of virtually unlimited “mechanomorphing” capabilities (enabling him to transform all or any part of his body into any mechanical or technological shape imaginable). It is unable to be utilized by any other entity, be it human or otherwise, thanks in part to a mental “firewall” that protects Lego Lad from all but the most powerful hackers or viruses. It is controlled through a cybernetic interface that responds to mental commands by Lego Lad's thoughts and brain waves only, enabling him to utilize anything he needs from the suit instantaneously. The suit is able to transform any part of it into any technological device, machine, weapon, and/or gadget he can imagine. The suit possesses nearly every convenience ever thought of (as well as conveniences only he could have thought up of).
  • Nuclear Reactor Power Core: It is powered by a miniature nuclear reactor that is completely self-sustaining and never wears out. He is able to empower the suit through any energy source available, if needed.
  • Magnohydrolic Pseudomusculature: The suit grants Lego Lad the ability to lift (press) up to 175 tons, thanks to his magnohydrolic pseudomusculature. It also gives himself full access to all of his natural superhuman powers and abilities, while enhancing them a hundredfold.
  • Flight: His armor's feet possess internal high-speed triple source gyro-stabilized turbines, granting him high-speed flight capabilities of over 300 miles per hour.
  • Weapons Systems:
  • Palm Units: His palms possess mounted internal emission units that emit laser-guided particle beams that possess enough strength to blast through solid titanium. These units can be switched to various settings, including a "unibeam", a multi-band light and beam force emitter that can be used for a search light, a heat beam, a tractor beam, or a laser. The armor's palm units possess the ability to project a narrow beam of intense heat that can melt through solid steel in seconds. Lego Lad's gauntlets possess focused photon emitters on the back of their wrists that shape into incredibly durable laser shields. His palm units possess the ability to generate and broadcast destructive, high-frequency sound waves. These units also possess the ability to project high-energy, plasma discharge "torpedoes" that build in intensity as they travel through the atmosphere, picking up static and ambient energy.
  • Electromagnetic Generators: Lego Lad's armor is equipped with an array of miniature electromagnetic generators that allow him to manipulate magnetic fields for a variety of effects, including generating electromagnetic interference which can be used to jam transmissions or disrupt the function of any nearby technology, redirect the path of ferrous projectiles in flight, tear apart objects constructed of ferrous materials, such as robots and machinery, magnetically levitate and manipulate ferrous objects, project magnetic beams capable of dispelling, deflecting or redirecting energy beams that are directed at him, surround himself with a magnetic force field for additional protection against attacks, magnetize all or select portions of his armor’s surface, allowing him to attract ferrous objects like a powerful magnet or adhere himself to them, generate a blast of concentrated protons from his gauntlets capable of disrupting or overloading electronic devices, generate a magnetic repulsion field around his armor that can be used for a variety of effects, such as slowing descent, and generate an electromagnetic pulse that can shut down all technological, mechanical, and electrical systems within a hundred-mile radius, if he wished. Lego Lad can electrify opponents that touch him by absorbing nearby electrical energy from some form of electrical outlet. He can also channel this electrical energy through the outer surface of his armor to generate intense heat or channel electrical energy through his gauntlets as electrical bolts to stun or kill his opponents, depending on the amount of electricity he has absorbed.
  • Firearms: A more efficient weapon is a pair of twin retractable, shoulder-mounted Gatling guns that are loaded with regular, stun, and armor-piercing bullets, and they seem virtually infinite in ammunition. They are able to be switched with retractable long-barrel machine guns as well.
  • Laser Blades: His gauntlets possess twin wrist-mounted laser blades that are capable of slicing through pure titanium like a hot knife through butter.
  • Heavy Firearms: His gauntlets also possess a micro-rocket launcher on his left arm and a particle beam discharger on his right arm, as well as twin gauntlet Gatling guns utilized from his back. Other weaponry in his armor includes a flamethrower, taser, tear gas grenade launcher, electromagnetic pulse beam blaster, and a tactical droid generator. His finger units possess miniature laser blasters capable of piercing through solid titanium. He possesses a retractable, kinetic energy rail gun, coupled with rapid auto-feed multi-firing rotary breach ballistic cannon on articulated, powered steady-mount with an intelligent firing control support system. His rabbit ear on his helmet is able to project destructive, homing "smart bombs" that explode on contact with an opponent. His entire arsenal of weaponry can be activated all at once for a massive onslaught of firepower in extreme situations.
  • Instant Environmental Adaptation: His suit is able to adapt to any environmental condition, including deep-sea, deep-space, desert, or arctic conditions. In deep sea mode, he possesses mini-torpedoes, his boot jets transform into super propellers for fast underwater transportation, electronic-countermeasures against sonar, crampons, claws that extend from the bottom of his boots to grip rocks and coral so footing is not lost, a chemical ejection unit that releases an ink-like substance similar to an octopus, long-range grappling hands that can shoot outwards and reeled in; they are fully articulated, capable of retrieving objects or destroying them, and, of course, a pressure equalizer that adjusts his armor to any level of undersea pressure. His deep-space mode provides him with concussion-burst cannons, deflector beams, a solar sail, twin wings that unfold from the back of the armor, allowing reentry into any planet's atmosphere, and a pressure equalizer that adjusts his armor to any level of outer-space pressure. His arctic armor possesses an internal thermal reactor that keeps the armor moving.
  • Gadgets: The armor possesses thousands of gadgetry and equipment as well.
  • Finger Gadgets:
  • Suction Cups: Suction cups within his fingers enable him to climb up vertical surfaces.
  • Diamond Buzz-Saw Finger: His fingers also possess a miniature diamond-edged buzz-saw.
  • Electric Drill Finger: He can create electric drills that can drill through solid steel, as well as drill nuts, bolts, and screws.
  • Hand Flamer: He also has a hand flamer that can sear, melt, and scorch through solid steel .
  • Feet Gadgets:
  • Jet-Powered Roller Skates: His feet units possess the ability to retract a pair of gyro-stabilized, jet-powered roller skates
  • Magnetic Tractor Clamps: He has magnetic tractor clamps that keep his grip on frictionless terrain.
  • Fire Extinguisher: He possesses a miniature fire extinguisher and a flame retardant spray emitter.
  • Helmet Gadgets: His helmet possesses public address loudspeakers for emergency briefings. He possesses a holographic image inducer that enables him to take on the appearance of any human being, as well as create illusionary holograms of living beings, environments, and even duplicates of himself.
  • Armor Gadgets: The armor possesses an absorption field grid, allowing Lego Lad to absorb virtually any form of energy, and redirect it through his palm units. A kinetic absorption force field unit around his armor can be utilized to protect himself and anyone around him from most forms of impact. His armor can project several incapacitating chemicals, fields, and energies, including a semi-fluid polymer compound that covers its target and begins to "leech" electrical energy from it's "host", a compact electromagnetic field, a magnogravetric field that cancels out the pull of a planet's gravity on whatever it is attached to, a polybond adhesive compound that adheres to anything, a cryogenic liquid nitrogen chemical that freezes a target, and a magnetic field that polarizes any target its attached to.
  • Cerebral Helmet: His helmet possesses a variety of gadgets and features, including:
  • Voice Reproducer: He has a voice reproducer, enabling him to imitate any living being's voice that he has recorded. The computer in his armor is able to translate to and from English and many of Earth's more popular languages.
  • Optical Sensors: His helmet possesses an internal 120-to-1 contrast ratio lenticular auto-stereoscopic panoramogram dual display screen interface that gives him full access to any visual equipment in his suit, including his full-spectrum analyzer on an Adamantium-tipped antennae, enabling him to see in the optical (visible)red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet spectrums), infrared, ultraviolet, gamma ray, x-ray, terahertz radiation, microwave, and radio wave spectrums, as well as night vision sensors.
  • Onboard Supercomputer: He has his own on-board super global information network and database (an onboard supercomputer) to gather any source of information he wishes.
  • Electrical/Magnetic Detector: He has an electrical/magnetic detector used to reverse engineer a schematic of the layout of where power lines run inside the walls of a building and overlay the layout onto the visual display in his helmet, his life detector that utilizes a combination of pinpointing heat sources and measuring their temperatures, his onboard camera and video recorder with virtually unlimited film is utilized to record activities.
  • Magnesium Flare Contact Screen: He has a magnesium flare contact screen that have nano-scale magnesium deposits on their surface, triggered by alterations in the light spectrum (such as intense flashes), that protect his sensors from becoming blinded and ear protectors to baffle incoming noise greater than 70 decibels.
  • Bio-Feedback System: He has a bio-feedback system that keeps total checks on Lego Lad's physical and mental condition, and activates a mental alert if any sign of abnormalities.
  • GPS and Navigational System: He has a global-positioning and navigational system, geo-data map, and atomic clock that tells him the exact time, terrain, and location of his position, as well as direct him towards any location.
  • Communication and Transmission Receivers'": The helmet possesses a miniature satellite cell phone capable of calling anywhere on the planet he is located on, an AM/FM satellite radio, police and fire scanner to locate crimes and fires, an enhanced targeting computer system to guide Lego Lad's aim when using weaponry, as well as an auto-fire weaponry program to fire weaponry in extreme situations, scanning equipment, and recording devices.
  • Automatic Piloting System: His armor possesses an automatic piloting system that activates when Lego Lad's brain becomes unconscious, causing the armor to retreat to a solitary location away from any people, as well as an automatic collision avoidance program that pilots the armor through massive amounts of flying debris, safely protecting Lego Lad from collision.
  • Hackproof: The armor is protected from anybody analyzing or duplicating the circuits in the armor. The outer coating of the armor absorbs the signals from both radar and sonar making the armor invisible to those forms of detection. A grappling hook and line can be projected from his palms if needed. A coolant system and air-purification system keeps his armor cooled down and fresh.
  • Transformation- Technology: Lego Lad possesses the ability to transform himself into any technological device, machine, weapon, or gadget, including televisions, video game consoles, telephones, computers, radios, machines, weapons, vehicles, appliances, robots, etc. As a side note, if Lego Lad transforms into any robot, he automatically gains that robot's capabilities, functions, weapons, gadgets, devices, and full knowledge of how to utilize its capabilities.
  • Inorganic Psionic Transmutation: Lego Lad possesses the ability to manipulate any material, including wood, glass, plastic, and metal, molding it and utilizing it any way he wishes, especially in creating advanced technological equipment and devices.
  • Technological and Mechanical Manipulation: Lego Lad can manipulate any technological or mechanical components, assembling them into a virtually unlimited variety of different configurations by modifying their shape and construction.
  • Technology Transmutation: Lego Lad also possesses the mutant ability to scramble, disrupt, and alter the function of any technological or mechanical system with his touch, as well as create an anti-surveillance field that causes any surveillance devices, such as security cameras, tape recorders, and video cameras to become unable to operate.
  • Technology Fusion and Interface: Lego Lad possesses the ability to merge and interface with any technological device, machine, weapon, and/or gadget, combining it to his armor, controlling it to suit his needs, or even upgrade it, giving it capabilities far beyond its original design. There appears to be no limit to the amount of technology Lego Lad’s suit can absorb.
  • Computer Data Energy Projection: Lego Lad possesses the ability to project destructive blasts of computer data energy that are capable of breaking down the molecules of any being or object.
  • Transformation- Transmission: Lego Lad possesses the ability to transform himself into virtually any transmission, enabling him to travel through telephone lines and satellite transmissions at a cellular level.
  • Firewall: Lego Lad’s mind has been enhanced to such a degree that he is now completely invulnerable and immune to all or any form of psychic, mental, or thought-based powers or influences, be they psionic or cybernetic in origin. He can even reflect the power or attack back on their originators. He is unable to be mind-controlled, hypnotized, mind read, mind-swapped, lose any memories, possessed, have his mind altered, fooled by any form of illusions, no matter how realistic they maybe, or harmed by any form of psionic energy.


Lego Lad is probably the most intellectually advanced being on the planet, and possibly in the universe. His intellect surpasses even those of such beings as Psychodude, the Nerd, and Psycho (although Psycho is completely insane, inhibiting his intellect at times), especially since his mind was untapped by Psychodude. Lego Lad possesses complete knowledge in all fields of technology, making him a leading authority on everything about technology, including applied sciences (computing technology, electronics, energy, metallurgy, micro technology, nanotechnology, and nuclear technology), agriculture, animal husbandry, architecture, athletics and recreation (camping equipment, playgrounds, sports, and sports equipment), arts and language (communications, graphics, music technology, and visual technology), business and information (construction, all fields of informatics, manufacturing, machinery, mining, and telecommunications), military (bombs, guns and ammunition, and military technology and equipment), domestic and residential (domestic appliances, domestic technology, and food products and production), all fields of engineering, health (biomedical engineering, biotechnology, health technology, and pharmaceuticals), and travel and trade (aerospace, aerospace engineering, motor vehicles, space technology, and transport). He is a master inventor and engineer, having created machines and devices that defy the laws of nature and physics, having brought back to life several members of the Maximums when they perished, including Stryker, Macho Man, Bluemoon, and Heatstroke.

Strength level

Enhanced by a magnohydrolic pseudomusculature, he can lift (press) up to 175 tons, making him possibly the second strongest member of the Maximums (second to Macho Man, of course).


Although his armor is extremely powerful, it can be destroyed by metal-corrosive acids and short-circuited or injured by extremely powerful electromagnetic/electrostatic energy pulses.


Equipment: None known.
Transportation: None known.
Weapons: None known.


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