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Darkstar's history is identical to that of her Earth-616 counterpart.

Shortly after her resurrection, Darkstar's mind was transferred from the Dire Wraith's body, where her consciousness had dwelt, to a new mutant human body cloned from living cell samples stored at the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning. These samples were genetically engineered by the X-Man Beast, and the telepathic Psylocke assisted in the transfer of her human mind from the Dire Wraith's body to the new cloned mutant body. Retaining her mutant powers at their maximum level, she once again integrated into the Winter Guard as a valiant member.

Powers and Abilities

Darkstar's mutant power gives her a divided consciousness between her physical body and a Darkforce representation of her physical form, both symbiotically and psychically linked. This gives her control of the Darkforce, an extradimensional energy comprising an entire dimensional pocket, and giving her a number of superhuman abilities. Although able to use the Darkforce for various purposes, she usually causes it to behave as energy or matter. Most of the time, she was able to create constructs in the form of solid objects that had the density of steel; such objects include scissors, giant hands, rings, shields, forks, columns and spheres, or concussive force blasts. However, any constructs dissipate if Darkstar is rendered unconscious. Darkstar is also able to teleport up to three individuals, opening a portal to the Darkforce dimension and traveling through it. The maximum distance she can travel in this way has not yet been revealed, however, teleporting often leaves her disoriented and light-sensitive, making the transporter at risk in dangerous situations. Darkstar is also able to levitate and fly at subsonic speeds creating a virtually invisible portal to the dimension of the Dark Force over the body contours without going through it.

Darkstar is also a skilled hand-to-hand combatant, having received training from the KGB and the Black Widow. She is also fluent in English and Russian.

The Darkstar costume was designed by the Soviet government and made of a synthetic elastic fabric with insulation against the cold.

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