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Real Name
Lawrence "Larry" Trask
Current Alias



The Ultras

Donald Trask Sr (paternal grandfather, deceased), Bolivar Trask (father, deceased), Donald Trask Jr (paternal uncle, deceased), Simon Trask (paternal uncle), Donald Trask III (paternal cousin, deceased)



5'10 (as Trask) 8'8 (as Red Hulk)

245 lbs (as Trask) 920 lbs (as Red Hulk)

Hazel, Yellow (as Red Hulk)

Brown, Black (as Red Hulk)


Unusual Features
Red skin and grey fingernails as Red Hulk


Marital Status

CEO of Trask Industries

Larry's father would inject unknown chemicals inside him while he was young. When Larry became an adult, he was a scientist and in an experiment with Dr. Banner's gamma research, the experiment malfunctioned and Larry was exposed to gamma radiation and transformed into a Red Hulk-like beast.


First appearance

Ultra: Red Hulk Vol 1 1


Early Life

Larry was the son of billionaire genius Bolivar Trask, so you'd expect Larry to live a luxurious life but actually it was worse than you might think. His mother was always out burning a whole through Bolivar's pocket while Bolivar was always working and whenever he would be home, he would inject Larry with unknown chemicals. But it wasn't all that bad, as his Nanny Marie, was there for him in his childhood.

When Larry was 6, his father was finally arrested for conducting illegal genetic experimentation on his son, and Larry never saw him again. S.H.I.E.L.D examined Larry and saw that he had mutated DNA but it wasn't fatal. After this, Larry's mother became more responsible and decided to be in Larry's life more, although Larry thought of Marie as his real 'mother'. At age 10, it appeared the Larry had inherited his father's genius as he was a child prodigy at school. When Larry turned 18, he graduated High School and had inherited Bolivar's company, Trask Industries from his father due to his imprisonment.

The Accident

Lawrence Trask 1315

Larry in human form

While on a new project in the year 2038, at age 24. Larry started a new project called the 'Banner Project', where they would attempt to discover medical miracles in Gamma radiation. One day the experiment went wrong, and Larry was exposed to gamma radiation, transforming him into a huge mindless beast, resembling a lot of the Hulk but red. The Red Hulk went on a rampage through Manhattan but eventually was stopped by Spider-Man and Iron Man. After the Red Hulk was defeated, he reverted back to Larry Trask, S.H.I.E.L.D took him in and examined him and said, the gamma exposure enhanced his mutated cells resulting in him transforming into a mindless beast, S.H.I.E.L.D kept Trask in custody in case another 'incident' happened again.

Reuniting with Bolivar

A month later, Larry and his father Bolivar were released from S.H.I.E.L.D custody, Bolivar apologized for everything he had done to Larry, Larry easily forgave him but Bolivar was lying and wanted to gain Larry's trust so he could become like Larry. After 2 weeks of bonding, Bolivar drugged Larry and took a sample of his blood. Larry later woke up and discovered his father had gone, realizing his father had tricked him.

Face-off with A-Bomb

Red Hulk vs A-Bomb

Red Hulk and A-Bomb's final confrontation

A few hours later, while at a bar. Larry saw on the news that another Hulk-like creature was rampaging through the streets of Manhattan. Larry knew that it was his insane father Bolivar and had to stop him, as he knew the other heroes would not be able to. Larry went to his father's location and attempted to make himself angry but failed, his father now calling himself A-Bomb punched Larry into a building, the building crumbled and the Red Hulk emerged more angrier than ever. The Red Hulk and A-Bomb battled for hours, Red Hulk was losing until the Red Hulk went into a ballistic rage, the Red Hulk beat A-Bomb to a pulp. The Red Hulk and A-Bomb had a mental conversation (similar to Bruce and David Banner in 2003's Hulk), the conversation ended by Red Hulk shouting "YOUR FAULT!!!, Red Hulk then battled A-Bomb once more and ended the battle by snapping A-Bomb's neck. S.H.I.E.L.D arrived and Red Hulk leapt away

Joining The Ultras

A month later, Lawrence was living in England and was approached by S.H.I.E.L.D director Nick Fury about his new project 'The Ultras' a successor group to the disbanded Avengers, Fury promised if he joined Red Hulk would be able to work with Dr. Bruce Banner in finding a cure or a way to control his inner monster.

Powers and Abilities


As the Red Hulk:

  • Superhuman Strength: Red Hulk possesses vast superhuman strength and is as strong as an enraged savage hulk. He can augment it by absorbing radiation. Red Hulk has performed some extraordinary feats of strength which include over-powering and killing the Abomination with relative ease, defeating an Odinforce-powered Thor in a one-on-one fight (though it should be noted that Thor was unprepared for him as he nearly killed Trask in a subsequent fight and would have if not for Rick Jones request), punching out the Watcher, and killing an Elder of the Universe. In a fight with the original Hulk, the narration describes the Red Hulk striking with the force of a nuclear explosion. The Hulk himself describes Trask as being tremendously powerful, second only to him.
    • Superhuman Leaping Ability: Red Hulk's over-developed legs allows him to jump over vast distances. In his fight with Thor he was able to leap past the Earth's atmosphere, requiring Mjolnir only to cover the rest of the distance to the moon.
  • Regenerative Healing Factor: Even though Red Hulk is close to invulnerable he can be injured but his healing factor is incredibly quick and allows him to heal quickly from almost any injury.
    • Self Sustenance: Red Hulk can survive in the vacuum of space unaided and does not need air, food, water, or sleep.
    • Immortality: Red Hulk does not age because of his healing factor that regenerates his cells and that he is powered by gamma and cosmic energy.
  • Superhuman Stamina: Red Hulk's stamina is nigh-limitless and can constantly fight,run and perform physical activities without any tire.
  • Superhuman Durability: Red Hulk is nearly invulnerable and can take tons of damage that may instantly kill a human or lower level super humans.
  • Superhuman Speed: Red Hulk can move at superhuman speeds as well. Once he moved too fast for Iron Man to reach.
  • Gamma Radiation Emission: Red Hulk constantly gives off gamma radiation. The rate of emission is increased the angrier he gets. This radiation sometimes burns what even Trask touches, and at high levels, makes Trask appear to be on fire. If Trask emits too much radiation, he overheats and can explode in immense levels, which could be dangerous for his opponents.
  • Transformation: Like Bruce Banner, when Larry's heart rate increases to beyond that of human standards. Larry will transform into Rulk.



Strength level

As Red Hulk he is strong enough to lift well in excess of 100 tons.


  • Reduced Intelligence As Red Hulk, Trask's intelligence is impaired and below that of an average human. As Red Hulk, he has little recall of his memories or his past.


Equipment: None known.
Transportation: None known.
Weapons: None known.


  • Lawrence and his father's relationship mirrors a lot of David and Bruce Banner's in the 2003 film Hulk.
  • Lawrence is the Earth-1315's version of Red Hulk.


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