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Real Name
Laurie Tromette
Current Alias

Professor Tromette, First Light



X-traordinary X-men, X-men (Jean Grey School); Formerly Lights

Unknown Parents


Base Of Operations
X-traordinary X-men Base; Jean Grey School, Westchester County, New York



White, Formerly Brown

Red, Formerly Brown


Unusual Features
Facial markings; Pointed Ears; Body protrusions on head, shoulders, and chest; Sometimes gains wings, horns, fins, or spikes


Marital Status

Field Leader, Teacher; Formerly student, adventurer, prisoner

High School Graduate, College

Mutant (Post M-day Activation)

First appearance



Quote1 Never thought I'd be chosen for this job, Quote2
-- Laurie Tromette upon being chosen to lead X-traordinary X-men

Laurie's history is exactly like that of Earth-616 up until the point she is brought to the Jean Grey School. The events besides keeping in contact with Hope that followed never happened. Instead in this timeline Laurie finished out her college courses and became a teacher of Culture Science and possibly an Ethics teacher at the school.

Becoming a Field Leader

Sometime following the recruitment of five new mutants since the dispersion of the Phoenix Force Laurie was chosen by Wolverine to teach the team. Skeptical of this she herself nearly refused, deeming herself unworthy and an unlikely candidate but at the insistence of Logan she finally agreed. Shortly after this she took the five new recruits under her wing to begin their training as a new generation of X-men.

But, she was also approached secretly by N'Dare behind Logan's back with a much different but similar request: for the recruits to be trained as a secondary team for the Young X-men. Though skeptical of this idea as well, Laurie decided to give it a try and agreed to train them to the best of her ability with N'Dare acting as an aid.

Powers and Abilities


  • Shifting Crystal Skin: One of her primary abilities and most obvious one is that Laurie has crystalline skin. What is unique about her physical mutation though is that it has reactive or adaptive properties in which allow her to adapt to various environments when flying or using her speed. At times, her form alters to match altitude which causes her to grow in size and alter shape to resemble more of a mermaid-like form or flying fish by some and other times become more aerodynamic of which can be especially seen with her spiked protrusions which make her look more of having a rocket-esque appearance along with her skin seeming to become smoother and lacking the markings as visible as they would be when she is not moving. At slightly lower altitudes for when she is moving quickly but not at full speeds, she gains a more spiked appearance and visible wings upon her back that look more jagged and feathered. Overall, her skin or covering over her true skin allows her to adapt to various pressures very similar to those of aerial adaptation, likely allowing her to even breathe for limited times in oxygen-deprived places, such as the higher parts of Earth's atmosphere or space. But the full extent of this ability has yet to be seen.

Though, it can be theorized to some extent that Laurie could mentally manipulate the crystal covering/skin if she were to ever actually give it some thought. As she gets gradual mastery, or at the very least better control, over her shapeshifting-like power it's possible she can gradually make these similar features show through concentration and focus. If she does, it could be likely she could someday even have enough control to some extent make these features better help with flying and gliding, better improve durability, or even use for further enhancement of her physical attacks. In other words, she could come to control her reactive crystal skin at will but could never have a full, normal appearance.

    • Superhuman Agility: Due to a possible similarity to aerial adaptation, Laurie has proven herself more agile and nimble above the average human limits and it's been believed this further improves her intellectual ability in being able to think faster and figure out conclusions, situations, and problems faster then normal.
    • Superhuman Maneuverability: To many and Laurie herself, her maneuverability is truly the most notable physical enhancement she has, being described as "Freakish" by many. She is able to make a change in movement faster then a blink of an eye, such as charging forward before moving suddenly to another direction or altering her flight and running paths without warning.
    • Enhanced Durability:With crystalline skin, Laurie has proven to be far more durable then normal humans, being able to handle greater impact forces and falling from certain heights but she is unlikely to take a full punch by superhumanly strong individuals and can still break bones with good enough force.
    • Superhuman Stamina:Laurie is able to exert herself far beyond the limits of normal humans in terms of physical activity. She can exert herself for several hours before fatigue toxins begin to impair her and she becomes exhausted, forcing her to have to take breaks eventually.
    • Transonic Speeds:Laurie can literally fly at the speed of sound, being able to to a maximum of Mach 1 in terms of speed. She is thus able to get from one place to another in a matter of minutes or seconds, depending on distance and obstacles in her way and easily rivals the speed of most modern jets.
  • Self-propelled Flight:One other primary ability she has is being able to propel herself to fly, estimated by her to be upon her own energy. The limits of what heights she reaches has never been tested and her crystalline form is especially helpful in adapting to certain levels of the atmosphere to enable to avoid wind drag and particularly help in maneuverability and agility. She does occasionally get physical wings that can come from her body but mostly help in a more gliding manner then truly helping with flight period. With her physiology though, she generally can avoid being torn apart by the speeds she flies at and seems to be the only real ability she has full control over.


  • Laurie has some skill in the use of firearms thanks to training with Hope Summers. Though she still has shown a great dislike of using them.
  • Over the years of being with the X-men Laurie has gained some skill in hand-to-hand combat.
  • Laurie has shown to have excellent intelligence, probably bordering a genius level and great general culture.

Strength level

Possibly the average strength for a woman her age and height who engages in moderate exercise.


  • At this current moment Laurie still does not know the full extent of her abilities and the shape she takes may be up to where she is in the atmosphere.
  • Like any flier or speedster, Laurie can still eventually get tired and overexertion can render her unconscious.
  • Laurie has really limited knowledge in fighting and is one of those who would prefer to avoid conflict.


Equipment: X-suit:For many years Laurie went without a suit of her own for a time. But in the last few she has gained a suit made of unstable molecules that can withstand the speeds she is able to go to and some of the lower atmospheric changes her body takes on. Anything above that she still must lose the suit and come out with the "birthday suit".
Transportation: Her own power, X-jet
Weapons: Some firearms


  • Laurie still is of interest from the Canadian's version of the CIA if ever targeted for "replenishing" Alpha Flight's ranks.
  • Laurie still keeps in contact with Hope.
  • The author for this universe decided to expand more on explanations and possibilities of her powers.


  • In the Earth-0228 reality Laurie still very much hates hospitals, camping, and dislikes guns.
  • Also this reality's Laurie became a teacher and remained with the X-men and possibly an active member of the team.

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