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Laurel "Laurie" Alexandria Summers (Magnetrix) is the daughter of Polaris (Lorna Summers) and Havok (Alexander Summers). She is one of the eldest member's of the Exiles.



  • Magneto - Former Mentor/Grandfather
  • Polaris - Mother
  • Havok - Father
  • Cloak - Cousin/Teammate
  • Dagger - Friend/Teammate
  • M'Chantho - Friend/Teammate
  • Black Panther - Friend/Teammate
  • Forge - Friend/Mentor
  • Mojo - Enemy
  • Ultron - Enemy
  • Machine Man - Friend turned Enemy turned Friend
  • Jocasta - Friend turned Enemy turned Friend
  • Vision - Friend turned Enemy


Character Traits

Powers and Abilities

  • Electromagnetokinesis: Laurie has been shown capable of directing electricity outwards as damaging, high voltage electric blasts from her hands, as well as using her magnetic abilities to reshape and bend metallic objects to her will.
    • Self-Propelled Flight: Recently Laurel has been able to manipulate magnetic fields granting herself flight.
    • Force Field: Using her magnetic abilities, Magnetrix is able to create protective force fields around herself.
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