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Real Name
Laura Kinney
Current Alias

X-23, Laura X, The Non-Clone Clone, Lady Wolverine, Lori


X-Men (field leader and trainer); formerly Mutant Coalition (co-founder; defunct), New Avengers

James "Logan" Howlett (genetic template, "father"; deceased),
Sarah Kinney (mother; deceased), Gabby Kinney (clone, "sister"; deceased), Zelda Kinney (clone, "sister"; deceased),
Bellona Kinney (clone, "sister"), X-24 (clone & brother; deceased);
Elsie Dee (girlfriend; deceased),
Ashley Parker (girlfriend)


Base Of Operations
Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters





Unusual Features
Two claws in each hand and one in each foot


Marital Status

Adventurer, vigilante; former student, waitress, assassin, prostitute, outlaw, resistance fighter

Extensive training in skills useful to assassination; some college courses

Mutant clone

Place of Birth

First appearance

Modern Comics:
Dark Age Vol 1 1


Quote1.png I'm not letting Logan down... Never again... Quote2.png
-- Wolverine

Ultron Revolution

Before the years of Ultron Revolution, X-23 seemed to have the same history with her Earth-61615 counterpart, until Ultron started an all-out war against humans and those who dares to oppose him and his ideologies. During the events Ultron Revolution, she became one of the only few known mutants who have survived the Mutant War against the Ultron Sentinels created and activated by Ultron himself in his mission to exterminate every mutant they could find and tracked down, as a part of exterminating all life on Earth and replacing it with a sanctuary of machinery afterwards. The effects of the war have caused the disbandment of the X-Men, the Brotherhood, and every other mutant organization that ever existed and also caused the many deaths to millions of humans and mutants worldwide, causing world-mass terrorism acts and violence committed against mutantkind. Among the millions to almost a billion casualties included two of Laura's sisters: Gabby and Zelda, who both perished, giving her a guilt-stricken trauma and grief that she for the following years.

Due to this, Laura and the rest of her fellow mutants that was once an X-Man who believed in the same cost tried their absolute best and kept on fighting and surviving against anti-mutant oppressors in order to avoid the mutant extinction from ever happening. However, the latter still failed, and without anyone who could've help the mutantkind from anti-mutant power, not even the superhumans could, the survivors had no other choice but to leave their homes inside states and countries all around the world who were ran by anti-mutant supporters, and forced to go and live in hiding, hoping for the days that hope would come and save mutantkind, hoping for the days that would never come. While Laura and her surviving sister clone Bellona stayed with Logan within the States after Ultron's defeat like daughter following her father, such chance of recovery was proven to be short-lived. Logan eventually left the two under the care of a private orphanage, courtesy of Gabriela Lopez, an old friend and former lover of Logan. Bellona eventually found comfort within her safe environment, but the young adult Laura frequently leaves the as she tried to keep in touch with Logan.

Sins of the Father

Years after the events of Ultron Revolution, the surviving mutants are already on the brink of extinction due to the sudden release of a virus, known as the "Legacy Virus," formerly created by the Transigen Project years earlier was released by Ultron moments before his defeat before it began spreading, poisoning the population of mutantkind, leaving only thousands of mutants to remain living within the borders of the United States. Not long afterwards, Laura was baffled in both grief frustration after hearing the news that Logan was publicly framed for the deaths of his fellow retired heroic mutants who previously fought during the Ultron Revolution, with foolproof evidence being the way they were killed: claw marks on each and every part of their body. Some were even dismembered and/or decapitated. Some even had examined DNA samples of Wolverine around the scene of the crimes. Because of this, Logan further believed that the adamantium poisoning in his body is also degrading the nerve cells in his mind, giving him a mild or severe case of dementia that its healing desperately tries to regenerate.

As a result to this events, the forever guilt and traumatized Logan among the rest of the mutants slowly who still survived have completely retired from their heroic lives and began living outside the United States, hiding from the eyes of the Alkali Corporation, an anti-mutant organization and a subsidiary of H.A.M.M.E.R. who recently surfaced into a recovering society and began hunting, killing, and experimenting on mutantkind for their sole purpose is to wipe them out from existence. Despite mostly convinced that Logan himself killed his mutant comrades, some of his remaining confidantes, most especially Laura herself, knew and strongly believed he was innocent, as there were witnesses who saw where Logan was during the night of the slaughter, who either unfortunately disappeared, or suddenly changed their mind as a result of being effectively bribed by Stark and the Empire's operatives, ensuring that Logan remains a fugitive to the country for being a deadly serial killer on the loose. Logan fled the States into Mexico, relieving yet dismaying Laura that her father figure's name was disrespectfully tainted.

Joining the Resistance

Not letting the terror and injustice targeted at Logan slide for long, Laura joined the secret Resistance of superheroes and used her former X-Men codename of X-23 once more, co-founding along a Mutant Coalition with other mutants to rescue lost mutants at the clutches of the Empire's Alkali forces, and fulfill her personal objective to find out the truth about her mutant allies' killer, hoping that it really isn't Logan as he was strongly framed by the public. For almost five years, X-23 and her mutants battled several crime organizations and unethical science divisions across the country to free mutants from discrimination & unrighteous experimentation by Alkali and establish mutant rights on their own extreme terms, since Edward Stark's Empire couldn't care less about their affairs to the point that he even authorized Alkali's authoritative suggestion to outright label the Mutant Coalition as outlaws just lie the rest of the Resistance who sought to take down the dictator Stark and his Empire. The Mutant Coalition's hatred towards Alkali and their determination to take them and its accomplices down only grew from time to time, though one case was an exception when Laura found herself becoming emotionally close and romantically attached with one of Alkali's nurse and scientists named Elsie Dee, who was a secret mutant herself, something that only her patient that was the mutant clone of Wolverine named "Albert" was aware of, despite being confined within Alkali's Facility. Laura was initially suspicious of Albert since it might be related to the mutant assassination incidents which occurred years earlier, but due to their similar instincts, it was inevitable that the two offsprings of Wolverine develop a sibling-like bond with each other.

In her fourth year of living as an outlaw and mutant resistance fighter, however, Laura and Elsie's affair didn't last longer as a secret, as discovering this finally got Laura to be caught by Zander Rice, Laura's disgraceful own creator, taking her at the last Alkali Facility in Texas. Rice secretly had Donald Pierce murder Elsie Lee in a gruesome fashion similar to how X-23 would kill someone, in which he even used some of her scent to fully convince him, and make Wolverine's clone unleash his rage to an extent, diminishing every chance of humanizing with emotions the moment he saw Elsie's mangled body, believing that X-23 was her murderer, to which the Laura herself was just as furious and devastated to see her lover unjustifiably killed, grimly promising to Pierce that he'd die from her claws for what he did once she gets the chance to escape her cell. In an overwhelming state of grief and madness, Laura broke her way out of the prison and killed several guards, releasing as many as other experimented mutants as she could to escape the facility, which she freed half of the facility's mutant prisoners, only for Laura herself be stopped when she came face-to-face with Wolverine's clone, X-24 himself, outside his cell-like cage. During the duel, Laura almost bested X-24 in terms of combat skills, but unfortunate for her, X-24's rage overpowers and severely injures her which in her defeat, he even tried to rip the weakened Laura, but was fortunately stopped by Rice who restricted X-24's mobility, since he still needs Laura in his experimentation once again. Laura was dragged back into her cell to have her be in a more stable condition, before transferring her inside a secret laboratory to collect more samples inside her.

Fighting for Freedom

After the death of the Punisher, Logan and the rest of the remaining heroic mutants such as Rogue, Iceman, and Deadpool were inspired by the heroic sacrifice of their long-time friend and ally, and decided to finally come up from the shadows and help the Resistance against Edward Stark's tyrannical dictatorship on the world and decides to finally end it once and for all. Logan was also convinced to help when it was revealed by the very mutants Laura had freed in the Alkali Facility, who were now seeking refuge with the Resistance, that his daughter as well as other several mutants, had been kidnapped and were still being subjected into experimentation by the Alkali Corporation for the past one or two years, under by the orders of Rice and executed by Donald Pierce, the leader of the Reavers.

As a result, Logan began to travel back in the States across the vast plains of the Texas joining the Mutant Coalition in search for the last remaining secret main headquarters of the Alkali Corporation to find and rescue Laura and her fellow captured allies from the hands of Zander Rice. After discovering the entrance that leads to the secret headquarters, he was interrupted and were confronted by Donald Pierce and the Reavers. Their confrontation would eventually lead into a fight that lasted for hours, before Logan manages to successfully kill the members of the Reavers and agents of Alkali and expect for Donald, whom he spared and later knocked him out unconsciously. After that, he continuously search for Laura inside the base but before that, he briefly fought a mysterious hooded figure who sneaked up upon him, but Logan and manages to severely wound him causing for the figure to escape and vanish.

Logan was wounded as well and struggles to find Laura until he found her in a secret laboratory along with other experimented and tortured mutant prisoners. A dazed and confused Laura was carried by Logan and the other Mutant Coalition, thanking Logan for coming back as a hero and trying to warn Logan about his clone that was X-24, but ended up fainting in her critical fatigue condition. He freed the rest of the mutants and rescued the weak Laura, and later escaped with all the other mutant prisoners after defeating Donald Pierce which Laura brutally finishes off with her claws, as she promised him before, who tried to prevent them from escaping the infiltrated Alkali facility.

Secret Wars

Before and during the premature death of the universe known by many witnesses as the incursions, Logan and Laura were riding on an abandoned van, and was about to reunite with the rest of the Resistance after they noticed as they looked up to the sky, which suddenly turned red, to see another Earth, the one from another universe, looming above. They continued driving on the Texan road until their van was stopped and were interrupted by Zander Rice, who surprisingly manages to survive the assault when Logan infiltrated his base days ago, alongside the same hooded figure who tries to attack Logan and the Mutant Coalition earlier. The hooded man attacks Logan and they fought while Laura chased after Zander. Then it was revealed that the hooded man have the adamantium claws same as Logan's.

After slashing the face of the hooded man and getting rid of his hood, It was revealed that he was a clone of himself named X-24, nicknamed Albert by Rice, causing for Logan to be surprised in horror, since the clone seemed to have his old personalities when he was still young and was filled with raged and hate. At that moment, Logan was reminded of his trauma due to him being framed as the killer of his mutant allies and enemies, figuring out it was all a frame act used to take advantage over his declining mind and body. The battle lasted for moments when Logan was close to being killed until he finally manages to stab the clone in the head with an adamantium fragment, killing X-24 and avenging the very deaths he had caused, especially among his allies. Logan was triumphant, but was mortally wounded when he was impaled on adamantium debris several times.

Laura and several mutant allies, who had finally defeated Zander, manages to catch up on Logan but it was already too late, he was already dying from his injures which his failing healing factor could no longer mend. Logan says his final words before dying in his daughter's arms. He was later buried by the Laura next to the graves of every hero or redeemed villain who became heroes and sacrificed themselves during Ultron Revolution and the fall the Edward Stark's Empire months earlier, before the world greatly ended along with the rest of the multiverse. Laura lied beside her father and mentor's grave as they both perish in the planets' incursion, hoping that they'd all meet again on the other side.


After the restoration of the Multiverse at the hands of the benevolent Beyonder in order to compensate the disastrous and convoluted Secret Wars, Laura and the rest of Earth-61616's surviving residents would later resurface in his own native universe, which was eventually brought back to existence together with the rest of the Multiverse, most notably after the heroes of the mainstream reality were able to banish Nightmare from this reality, preventing him from taking over Earth-61616 and making it his realm of darkness. The resurrected Laura, Iceman, Rogue, and other mutants were seen revisiting his rested grave at the Superheroes Cemetery, still at the same location where he was buried with honor.

As Logan's respectful and beloved visitors left the cemetery, they rode a newly-built X-Jet as they head to the also reconstructed mansion of the late Charles Xavier, serving as the profound haven of mutant children once again as it does in the past. Later on, it was also revealed that his name was finally cleared out as the serial killer who was responsible for the mutant killings after Ultron Revolution, since the public and authorities now know it was the clone X-24 that was made by Alkali Corp and not Logan himself. And in Logan's death, Laura voluntarily took the mantle of Wolverine in place of Logan, promising that she would never let him down as the two-clawed field leader of the reformed X-Men.

Powers and Abilities


Seemingly those to Laura Kinney of Earth-61615.

Power Grid [1]
Energy Projection
Fighting Skills
* Higher stats when empowered


Seemingly those to Laura Kinney of Earth-61615.

Strength level

Class 11+


Seemingly those to Laura Kinney of Earth-61615.


Equipment: Seemingly those to Laura Kinney of Earth-61615.
Transportation: Seemingly those to Laura Kinney of Earth-61615.
Weapons: Seemingly those to Laura Kinney of Earth-61615.


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  1. Dark Age Comics: Old Man Logan Vol 1 6


  • Laura is dating Ashley Parker (Spider-Woman), who is currently residing in Earth-61615 with her brother Ben (Scarlet Spider) after Secret Wars. The couple would often meet and spend time together whenever Ashley gets the chance to revisit her native reality through the mainstream reality's Baxter Building portal.

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