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Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.



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Lance Hunter is a former SAS operative and Kingsman known for operations in Sierra Leone and Basra; however, Hunter left the SAS for a woman. He was married to Bobbi Morse, but their marriage ended badly and the two held bitter feelings about each other long after their divorce. Some time later, he served among a group of mercenaries working for Izzy Hartley, employed by Director Phil Coulson of the newly reformed S.H.I.E.L.D. One of the (presumably many) missions Hartley's team worked on for Coulson included buying intelligence on a Level 10 asset, the Obelisk, from a former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, but the mission went bad when they were attacked by the super powered Hydra assassin Carl Creel.

Later, Hartley's mercenaries and a team of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents infiltrated an army base to retrieve the Obelisk and keep it out of Hydra's hands. Hartley found the Obelisk, but was attacked by Creel soon after. She tried to use the Obelisk against him, but the moment she grabbed the device it painfully paralyzed her hand and prevented her from releasing it. Hunter and the rest of the squad were able to scare off Creel. They then came under fire from the army, but Hunter wanted to abort the mission to treat Hartley's hand. Although Coulson ordered them to continue the mission as planned, Hartley's team left anyway.

As they drove away, Hunter amputated Hartley's hand. Creel then appeared in the middle of the street, absorbed the asphalt in the road into his body, and caused the car to crash and flip over. Although Hunter survived the crash, Hartley and their driver were killed instantly. Hunter could only watch helplessly as Creel absorbed the metal of the car's hubcaps into his hand and make off with the Obelisk.

Agent May soon came across the flipped car and found Hunter was the only one still alive. Hunter refused her help, and told her to continue after Creel. May left him a tool to cut himself out of the car and hurried off after Creel and the Obelisk. Hunter used the tool to get out of the car, but was almost immediately taken into military custody. The army left Hunter alone in the middle of a field, but a helicopter carrying Brigadier General Talbot soon picked him up. Talbot informed the mercenary that he wanted Coulson's location, and that he knew a senator with "deep pockets" who could give Hunter anything he wanted. Hunter agreed to give up Coulson in exchange for $2 million and a proper burial for Hartley. Talbot agreed to Hunter's terms and let him go. After losing his tail, Hunter returned to the Playground, where he told Coulson about his deal with Talbot and asked for his, Hartley's and Idaho's pay. Hunter later took part in the mission to prevent Creel from handing off the Obelisk to his Hydra superiors alongside May, Skye, and Trip, but Hunter betrayed the rest of the team so he could personally exact his revenge on Creel. Using Trip's sniper rifle, Hunter fired a shot at Creel's head at a short distance. Creel's contact ran away while Creel turned his body into metal to deflect the bullet. Creel chased Hunter into a nearby store and quickly overpowered him. Just as Creel was about to kill him, Coulson sneaked up behind him to place a device Fitz and Mack created to counter Creel's abilities. After the mission, Hunter watched the funeral Hartley was promised from a distance. Coulson then approached him, offering continue hiring his services, as S.H.I.E.L.D. is currently low on manpower.

Hunter was later sent on a mission to Casablanca to retrieve Donnie Gill for S.H.I.E.L.D. alongside Skye and May. However, Hydra beat them to it, and Hunter found Gill speaking to a Jemma Simmons, a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent working undercover in the evil organization. Coulson ordered Hunter to open fire on them, and Hunter complied. However, May spotted Simmons and shot Hunter in the chest, though his body armor protected him. In the aftermath, May assured Hunter that they're even.

When a painting was discovered with the runes Coulson had been carving on its back, Coulson and May infiltrated a fundraiser in South Beach in an attempt to take the painting for S.H.I.E.L.D. In order for them to get inside, however, Hunter would need to be able to distract the host's executive assisstant. While the two of them were on their mission, Hunter and the rest of the team stayed behind on the Bus to provide aid. However, an impostor posing as Agent May planted a device on plane that infected its computers with a virus. The virus took control of the plane's computers, trapped everyone inside, and began a sequence that would cause the Bus to explode. As the rest of the team split up to repair the damage already done, Fitz and Hunter made their way to the core of the plane's computer systems to stop the spread of the virus. Fitz' brain damage hampered his motor skills, making him unable to do this on his own, so he needed to instruct Hunter on how to stop the plane. With Fitz' help, Hunter was able to stop the spread of the virus and save the plane. Later on, Hunter showed up with beers for himself, Fitz, and Mack. Fitz reluctantly accepted the beer, and, although he had no stories to tell about an ex, shared one about a time a girl rejected him.

Later, the team was contacted by Raina who wanted to meet up with Coulson. Coulson met Raina at La Comtesse Furieuse while Hunter, May, and Skye watched from other positions within the restaurant. During the conversation, Raina admitted she knew Skye's Father and threatened to blow Jemma Simmons cover unless she was given Skye. Coulson, already having a back-up plan, refused the deal. Turning the tables on Raina, Coulson got her to admit where Skye's father was and had her agree to draw out Daniel Whitehall in exchange for protection. Hunter tagged her, so she could be found when needed.

Back at the Playground, Hunter was horrified to met his ex-wife again, Bobbi Morse, who had just returned from an undercover mission where she had saved Agent Jemma Simmons from HYDRA. Shocked and surprised to see her and not liking her new dyed hair, he asked Coulson what she was doing there. Coulson told Hunter to "play nice." He also learnt that the reason he was there was because Morse had recommended him to Coulson.

Phil Coulson told Hunter that he can leave if working with Bobbi Morse would be a problem. He assigned them to go to Okinawa, Japan with Melinda May to learn the involvement of Toshiro Mori in the Splinter Bombs used by Marcus Scarlotti in an attack on the United Nations designed to discredit S.H.I.E.L.D. During the flight to Japan, Morse and Hunter argued, while May piloted the Quinjet.

Hunter vouched for Morse's skills in espionage when they decided to use her undercover identity as a HYDRA Laboratories' head of security to get the information. When Mori kissed Morse, May teased him for allowing her to go solo. He intercepted a file transfer that Mori received, showing Morse betraying HYDRA, and helped save her from assassination. As he shot Mori, he told her that he saved her life twice.

The trio went to Bruges and Hunter acted as distraction as the women crashed through the windows of the safe house that were occupied by Scarlotti and his mercenaries. During the fight, Hunter saved Morse again.

During Scarlotti's arrest by Glenn Talbot, Hunter started to gather his things. Morse used reverse psychology to convince him to stay with S.H.I.E.L.D..

Hunter was stationed in a bus to Boston that Grant Ward boarded in Atlanta after he escaped federal custody.

In Boston, Hunter then watched Ward enter Goldbrix Tavern and reported this to field commander Melinda May. Later, he saw Sunil Bakshi, with two other HYDRA agents enter the establishment.

As May prepared her field agents to raid the tavern, Hunter bickered with Bobbi Morse on how her cover was blown in Atlanta while his cover, despite his wearing a cowboy hat, was not. As part of the raiding party, he witnessed Sunil Bakshi, unconscious and tied to a chair, left for pick-up by Ward.

At the Playground, Hunter was among the senior agents assembled as Phil Coulson gave the new mission: find the city that matched the City Blueprints before HYDRA does.

As the others researched Daniel Whitehall and what possible connection he had to the Red Skull, Hunter helped Bobbi Morse with her interrogation of Sunil Bakshi. He provided her with updates on the latest discoveries. However, when Bakshi attempted suicide with a cyanide pill, he questioned if Morse wanted the HYDRA operative dead, because he might reveal some secret. Morse assured Hunter that she does not keep secrets from him, especially when they have started to grow closer. The two went to a S.H.I.E.L.D. SUV to have sex.

Afterwards, Hunter and Morse laughed and smiled as Alphonso Mackenzie watched.

Hunter was part of Melinda May's team that was sent to Vancouver to extract Raina from a safe house as HYDRA pursued her. Hunter spotted an assassin following Sam Koenig, Hunter snuck out on the assassin and knocked him out, calling to the pedestrians claiming the man had passed out, he and Koenig walked away together, Hunter mistakenly called Sam Billy, Sam claimed that his brother was shorter than he was.

When Hunter arrived at the safe house, he found Skye being attacked by an assassin, he helped Skye finish her battle and knocked out the assassin. When he saw her disfigured face that looked exactly like Melinda May, he was horrified, Skye explained that she was formerly Agent 33. He and Skye moved Raina outside to the extraction point, Hunter located Agent May, when Raina tried to surrender to HYDRA, they drove the SUV into the side of the HYDRA Agents and made their escape with Raina.

Aboard the Bus, they were attacked by HYDRA Aircraft, Hunter was one of the agents who tried to protect the other agents. They surrounded the arriving HYDRA Agent, who turned out to be former S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent, Grant Ward, Hunter and the other Agents aimed their guns at Ward. Ward explained they had traced the tracker in Raina to find her. Ward ordered Skye and Raina to leave with him, Hunter and the others had no choice but to allow it to prevent a fire fight, as the plane was surrounded by four HYDRA Quinjets.

Hunter and the others survived the Quinjets' attack through the combined piloting skills of Melinda May and Antoine Triplett. The Bus then went to Puerto Rico to meet with Phil Coulson's team; Hunter found Bobbi Morse in the garage of Alphonso Mackenzie. As he talked to her, Morse tried desperately to hide the flash drive she obtained; Hunter told her that, as long as it was not about them, he did not care about it. Diego then called to meet with her and he followed.

In San Juan, Hunter and Morse avoided HYDRA long enough for Diego to relay to them that the terrorists were stationed in Ponce de León Theater. Hunter, May, Morse, and Coulson then prepared for the Battle for the Kree City.

When Hunter and Morse got to the bottom of the theater, they found May outside the hole created by the Plasma Drill. She told them to flee because there were explosives set to destroy the Kree City beneath them. As they ran, they felt an earthquake.

Upon return from the Kree City, Phil Coulson had a late night meeting with his senior agents on what to do with Sunil Bakshi. During the meeting, Hunter showed hesitation to following Coulson's plan. Ultimately, an argument began when Alphonso Mackenzie challenged Coulson's orders as unsound. When Melinda May told Mackenzie to respect the Director's rank, Hunter joined the squabble, disbelieving that May invoked such a position. Coulson ended the argument by telling everyone that the newly deceased Antoine Triplett would have just followed orders.

The next morning, Hunter pretended to be a mercenary hired by HYDRA to free Bakshi from S.H.I.E.L.D. custody. After a false firefight where Bakshi and Hunter escaped in a S.H.I.E.L.D. SUV, Hunter lied to him that he was to be terminated by Hunter's employer. Bakshi believed that the HYDRA leaders were attempting to keep him from his rightful position as Daniel Whitehall's successor.

Bakshi took Hunter to the mansion of Octavian Bloom, but told him to wait for the proper signal before entering. While he was waiting, Bobbi Morse who followed on the S.H.I.E.L.D. Motorcycle joined him in the SUV. Hunter asked her, wondering if they were allies in some scheme, why she was trying to keep Mackenzie quiet during the squabble; Morse told him that she and Mackenzie were in a support group for those emotionally scarred by the betrayal that happened in the S.H.I.E.L.D. Civil War. Hunter laughed, but found it pleasing that she was getting professional help.

The SUV was then surrounded by gunmen, firing multiple rounds. Hunter activated the vehicle's offense systems and killed them, before crashing the gate and entering the mansion. Inside, Hunter killed Bloom with a single gunshot to the forehead as Morse arrested Bakshi. Bakshi was told by Hunter that he would be dead had he not been promised to Glenn Talbot. Bakshi then realized that Hunter's lie caused him to have three leaders of HYDRA killed.

Later, Hunter was at the vigil the senior agents had for Triplett, silently withholding tears.

Hunter was called into Phil Coulson's office. He believed that Coulson was going to reprimand him for having a sexual relationship with Bobbi Morse; however, Coulson asked Hunter to permanently join S.H.I.E.L.D. since there was one less senior agent after Antoine Triplett's death. Hunter told Morse about the incident after a romantic interlude and decided that it would be good for him and their relationship, citing that now they can be together, since Morse constantly used being an agent to stay distant.

Hunter then went to Portugal with the other senior agents to investigate who was battling Sif on a beach there. He told Leo Fitz and Alphonso Mackenzie that he was a permanent member as he enthusiastically helped in the investigation. Mack told Morse to become distant from her lover, using Hawkeye as an excuse. Consequently, when Hunter approached Morse about a sexual break from her work, Morse was aloof and only wanted to continue her research into the Truncheon. Hunter in anger left her alone.

Later, Hunter stormed onto the Bus and confronted Alphonso Mackenzie, wanting full disclosure on his mission and on Bobbi Morse. Mackenzie tried to calm his friend down, then panicked, placed Hunter in a choke hold, and put him to sleep, Mack put Hunter into the boot of his car and drove him away from the Playground.

Hunter was locked in a bathroom in a S.H.I.E.L.D. Safe House; when he heard Alphonso Mackenzie speaking on the phone, he yelled out how furious he was. Mackenzie later bought Hunter a Hawaiian pizza and beer. Hunter demanded to know what Mackenzie and Morse were involved in, Mackenzie assured him that he would find out soon enough.

Meanwhile, Phil Coulson asked Morse why Hunter was not at work. Coulson revealed that he knew that the two were sleeping together. Morse said that Hunter ran off when she ended the relationship and Mackenzie went to find him.

A little while later, Hunter was blindfolded and taken to a mysterious base. Mackenzie revealed that he had been working for another branch of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Hunter was introduced to the leader of this second S.H.I.E.L.D., Robert Gonzales, who greeted Hunter with a smile and an attempted hand shake. Gonzales explained that he once knew Isabelle Hartley, and she had saved his life during the HYDRA uprising. He further explained that he had formed this new S.H.I.E.L.D. as he did not believe in the way Nick Fury and Phil Coulson ran it, and he planned to ensure Coulson was no longer in charge. Hunter and Gonzales debated Coulson's leadership. Gonzales reminded Hunter of how Coulson was responsible for the deaths of Hartley and Antoine Triplett and caused the mutations of Raina and Skye, all because of his relentless pursuit of the Obelisk; although Hunter remained loyal to Coulson, he found it difficult to disagree. Hunter learned that Mackenzie was loyal to Gonzales and had been tasked with gathering intel on Coulson.

Hunter attacked the guards and attempted to escape. He made his way through the corridors leading him outside. Once outside Hunter learned that the base was in fact a S.H.I.E.L.D. Aircraft Carrier. Hunter was able to run to an escape pod and escaped.

When the pod came ashore, Hunter found Phil Coulson waiting for him at a bar. Hunter joined him and ordered a drink with extra umbrellas. As he waited for his drink, Hunter signed a napkin and handed it to Coulson; he told him that he had accepted his new position as a permanent member of S.H.I.E.L.D. and would help Coulson retake S.H.I.E.L.D. from Robert Gonzales, who had attacked and taken over the Playground while Hunter was gone.

Stealing a car from Honest Eddie's dealership, Hunter and Phil Coulson went to the Retreat to find Skye, only to find a field of devastation. Finding a bloodied piece of wood, Hunter wondered whether Gonzales' agents harmed Skye or the other way around. The two men then reviewed the surveillance footage, revealing that Skye used her powers in self-defense before being abducted by a mysterious, eyeless teleporter; Hunter assumed she was abducted by aliens.

They then decided to rest at the cabin for the night while they considered their course of action. During that time, Hunter offered the Director alcohol, taking out two glasses, one for himself and the other for "the person keeping me warm". He jokingly stated that he would make an exception in Coulson's case. Coulson declined the offer, wanting to stay clear-headed before lamenting the loss of both S.H.I.E.L.D. and Skye in a day. Hunter assured the Director that he wasn't at fault, blaming Mack and Gonzales for deceiving them. Though Coulson reasoned that Gonzales' people believed they were doing the right thing, Hunter was unsympathetic. He then suggested that they flee to Mexico, but Coulson refused, before admitting he couldn't think of a good option. Hunter offhandedly suggested he try a bad option.

The following day Robert Gonzales' S.H.I.E.L.D. forces attacked, deliberately alerted by Coulson, who decided to take Hunter's advice, as he wanted to steal one of their Quinjets. During the altercation, Hunter repeatedly voiced his displeasure with the plan, even though Coulson assured him backup would be coming shortly. Both men managed to escape the cabin thanks to a diversion involving hologram technology cards from a "21st century Howling Commando kit". When their luck seemingly ran out right after, with them being held at gunpoint and taken prisoner aboard a Quinjet, Hunter stated that he doubted Coulson ever called for anyone to help them, only to be proven wrong when Deathlok, their backup, came to free them and help them take over the Quinjet.

With the Quinjet now under their control, Hunter asked Coulson why he neglected to mention that their backup was a super-powered cyborg. Coulson told Hunter that Deathlok, whose real name was Michael Peterson, had been hunting down the HYDRA scientist Doctor List. They discussed their next step, which would be to track down and recruit their old enemy Grant Ward.

After settling in at a safehouse, Hunter was surprised to find Leo Fitz appearing on Coulson's personal tablet. Coulson then realized that Fitz managed to open Fury's Toolbox to have contacted them. Fitz then informed them that Gonzales' agents were tailing him in the hopes of leading them to Coulson. Hunter then proceeded to advise Fitz on how to shake his tail with the use of a hand dryer.

Working with Grant Ward

Quote1.png"We're inflitrating HYDRA, our options are limited. Ward is a psychopath but for now he's our psychopath, so we use him to stay one step ahead."Quote2.png
--Lance Hunter

After Hunter, Coulson and Peterson used the Quinjet to help Leo Fitz escape from Gonzales' agents, they informed him of their plan to use Grant Ward to gain access to HYDRA and question Wolfgang von Strucker and Dr. List about the teleporter who took Skye. While Coulson and Peterson tracked down Ward and Agent 33, Hunter stayed onboard the Quinjet with Fitz. Fitz expressed his uncertainty of the plan, Hunter tried to comfort him by reminding him that it was part of the job to form questionable alliances. Coulson later arrived back on the Quinjet with Ward, Agent 33 and Sunil Bakshi, who was now working for Ward and had set up a meeting with Dr. List. Hunter noticed Fitz was keeping his hand on his gun and comforted him, later when Fitz lost his temper and tried to attack Ward, Hunter held him back.

Despite the tensions in the group, the plan went ahead and Sunil Bakshi was sent in for a meeting with List with Mike Peterson acting as his bodyguard. Coulson, Ward, Hunter, Fitz and 33 watched the mission unfold from Peterson's video feed in his cybernetic eye. When Bakshi annouced that he would be trading Peterson for List's experiments in exchange for a meeting with Wolfgang von Strucker, Hunter called Ward a traitor and a standoff ensued, with Hunter aiming his gun at Ward's head. Eventually the situation was calmed down and Fitz was able to order Peterson not to fight back and go along with the plan.

When List became aware of the location of some enhanced individuals, he turned the plane around to track them down. Hunter joined Coulson, Ward and Agent 33 in searching for the enhanced as they learned that Skye was present. They engaged in a firefight against the HYDRA soldiers and before long Hunter was shot in the shoulder, he was saved by Agent 33 and they regrouped with the rest of the team. With Mike Peterson now captured with another Enhanced and knowing that both HYDRA and S.H.I.E.L.D. were incoming, Coulson ordered the team to escape while he surrendered to S.H.I.E.L.D. in order to convince Robert Gonzales to work with them.

Return to S.H.I.E.L.D.

While Coulson was being questioned by Robert Gonzales, Hunter remained on the Quinjet with the rest of the team, caring to his injured shoulder. He and Leo Fitz discussed how Grant Ward and Agent 33 appeared to be genuinely in love with each other; Fitz jokingly told him to concentrate on his bleeding shoulder as it would be less unnerving. Eventually they were contacted by Phil Coulson who had made a deal with Gonzales to work together to bring down HYDRA and they flew the Quinjet back to the Playground.

Hunter later reunited with Alphonso Mackenzie, who was working on a television screen so the other Agents could watch the mission to rescue the enhanced individuals from the HYDRA base unfold. Hunter asked if he needed any help and Mackenzie took the opportunity to apologise for the recent events. After hearing what he had to say Hunter told him that he forgave him for his actions. Mackenzie promised to buy Hunter a round of drinks to make up for what he had done, but Hunter assured him that it would take more than just one round of drinks to make up for being handcuffed to the floor of a bathroom.

Inhuman Threat

Quote1.png"Hate to break it to you but S.H.I.E.L.D. will also fall apart if a dozen angry enhanced blokes rain terror on us all."Quote2.png
--Lance Hunter

While onboard the Iliad, Hunter chanced upon Raina and the Eyeless teleporter exploring the ship. When Hunter ordered them to stop they teleported away and Hunter set off the alarm. After the pair were found trying to steal the Monolith that was being kept in the cargo hold, Gonzales called for a meeting to discuss the next step, Hunter tried to learn more about the stone but received no answers.

As the mission to travel to the Inhumans' home to speak to their leader Jiaying went underway, Hunter and Leo Fitz spoke to Phil Coulson in his office. Hunter expressed his concern at the fact that Robert Gonzales had been selected as the one to speak to Jiaying rather than Coulson. Coulson defended the council's decision as he had not always made the smartest call when it came to Skye and they needed to put their faith in the council or S.H.I.E.L.D. would fall apart all over again. When Hunter casually claimed that S.H.I.E.L.D. would fall apart if angry enhanced individuals destroy them, while putting his feet on Coulson's desk, Coulson noted that maybe the three of them had been spending too much time together. Hunter was present with Coulson when they were informed that the Inhumans had handed over Calvin Zabo to S.H.I.E.L.D.'s custody.

Saving Bobbi Morse

Coulson received a video call from Melinda May from Afterlife, asking what had happened to Bobbi Morse as she was no longer answering communications. Knowing that something was wrong, Hunter ran out the room to investigate. Hunter tried called Morse and had Leo Fitz to track her Quinjet. Hunter suggested that they look at the footage from before Morse left the base to see if they could find any answers there. They eventually learned that Morse had left the base with Melinda May; however, that was impossible as the real Melinda May left the base a few minutes afterwards. They came to the conclusion that Morse had been kidnapped by Agent 33.

Hunter and Fitz informed Phil Coulson and the rest of the team of their discovery, just after Coulson had learned that Jiaying was responsible for killing Robert Gonzales. With no doubt that Grant Ward was behind the kidnapping, Coulson approved of Hunter's request to save her. Hunter requested a pilot to join him on his rescue mission and Melinda May volunteered. Once they had suited up and gotten their weapons, they were sent out on their mission to rescue Bobbi Morse and kill Agent 33 and Grant Ward, something both Hunter and May expressed pleasure about.

Hunter and May eventually found Bobbi Morse's Quinjet abandoned in Spain and searched the interior for clues. Although the Quinjet was empty, they found a series of bullet holes which revealed that Morse had put up a fight before being kidnapped. Hunter questioned what Grant Ward would want with Morse, and May assured him that Morse would be able to handle herself against him. Back on the Quinjet, Hunter found Morse's phone had activated again, allowing them to trace her location. Although they knew it was very likely a trap, Hunter demanded they go in non-the-less, May did not argue as she wanted the chance to kill Grant Ward.

Hunter and May arrived at Morse's location and with a team of agents, began searching the rooms for her. Eventually Hunter came across a door covered in blood, believing this to be the one where Bobbi Morse was being held, he began to open the door. The moment he opened it however, he found Morse throwing herself in the path of a rifle which had been rigged to fire at anyone entering. Morse took the bullet to her shoulder and Hunter ran to her aid, begging her to stay with him as he untied her.

Quote1.pngYou look better, stupid but better, taking a bullet for me was stupid."
"Walking into a trap when you know it's a trap is stupid."
--Lance Hunter and Bobbi Morse

When Melinda May arrived they managed to escape and get Morse to safety. They flew back to the Playground where Jemma Simmons immediately took Morse into surgery to save her life while Hunter could only look on helplessly. Once the surgery was completed and Morse's heart rate was stable, Hunter stayed by her side and held her hand while waiting for her to awake. Eventually Morse awoke from her surgeries and Hunter was there to greet her, mocking her about foolishly taking a bullet for him.

Revenge Plot

New Missions

Hunter, Daisy Johnson, and Alphonso Mackenzie went to Seattle, Washington to get to Joey Gutierrez before the Advanced Threat Containment Unit could. Hunter signaled for a containment pod from the Zephyr One to their location to transport the newly-powered Inhuman to the S.H.I.E.L.D. aircraft.

At the Playground, Hunter, Mackenzie, and Phil Coulson researched Rosalind Price, leader of the ATCU. Hunter noted that she worked for MI6 at one time.

Later, Hunter and Coulson boarded a subway train in Washington, D.C., hoping to take Price by surprise and talk to her without her entourage; instead, they were surrounded by ATCU soldiers at gunpoint, as Price had set a trap. Hunter listened as the leaders of the two organizations exchanged quips and eventually information about the death of newly-transformed Inhumans. When a soldier inspected Hunter's bookbag, he activated the transporter pod; a transporter came and Hunter and Coulson escaped.

Recruiting May

Hunter ran past Alphonso Mackenzie and Daisy Johnson, alerting them that Leo Fitz had opened the container holding the Monolith. The four quickly pulled Fitz out the container and slammed it shut before it turned to its liquid state. Hunter watched as Phil Coulson entered and berated Fitz for his emotional carelessness, while Johnson wiped a speck of sand from his cheek. Fitz then ran from the containment room.

Hunter attended the meeting where Fitz explained that the sand predated Earth by a billion years, proving that Jemma Simmons was transported by the Monolith. When Coulson gave out assignments to his senior agents, Hunter was told that he was to continue his pre-discussed mission.

Hunter went to Sun City, Arizona, researching Melinda May's location through ill-reputed contacts. Before he could knock on the door of William May, Melinda abruptly opened it and put a knife to his throat.

After updating her on the latest rumors about her absence of S.H.I.E.L.D., Hunter told May about the others researching the whereabouts of Simmons. He then asked her to help him to find and kill Ward, who he thought had something to do with Morse's disappearance, citing that she was staying with her father because she was unsure if Ward had anything to do with his recent car accident. May refused. Hunter told her how to contact him if she changed her mind.

Hunter was doing mechanical work when May, who had changed her mind, told him that Simmons was found and was reunited with the others. He screamed for joy, noting how smart Fitz was.

Criminal Reunion

Quote1.pngYou have something to unload?"
"Weapons. Next gen, high potential damage."
"We need buyers with deep pockets and bad intentions.
--Spud, Melinda May and Lance Hunter

Hunter got in contact with a former colleague named Spud, who worked closely with HYDRA and arranged to meet him in a bar with Melinda May. Upon greeting Spud they exchanged hugs and Hunter introduced him to May, who he called Geena. Spud agreed to buy them all a round of drinks despite May's wish to discuss business, but Hunter insisted that first they drink they they talk about work.

As Hunter and Spud continued to drink, they became harder to understand as they discussed their time working together and how Hunter had mocked Spud when his fiancee had left him. Eventually Melinda May managed to get their conversation back on track and told the drunk Spud that they had weapons they were looking to sell to HYDRA. Spud explained that HYDRA's new leader had major trust issues and would only meet with Hunter if he proved himself in a fight club by killing his opponent, which Hunter commented sounded like good fun and agreed.

Back at their safe-house, Hunter spoke to Bobbi Morse on the phone while Melinda May checked their weapons. Morse updated Hunter on Jemma Simmons' state and Hunter told her that he was having a very boring time hunting Grant Ward by chasing leads without much luck. Once he put the phone down, Hunter talked to May about lying to their partners before they turned the conversation to working with Spud, who Hunter described as a psychopath. May suggested that she fight in Hunter's place but he insisted it could not be her as Ward may hear of it. May then revealed that Hunter had lost his bet that she had dumped Andrew Garner while she was away.

Fight Club

Quote1.pngAre you not tired yet?! Cause that was sort of my strategy.Quote2.png
--Lance Hunter to Spud

Hunter and May arrived at the HYDRA organised fight club just in time to witness the end of the previous fight which resulted in a man's head being beaten to death. Upon seeing Spud, Hunter stepped into the ring ready to meet and fight his opponent, however he was shocked to discover that Spud was the man he would be fighting, as he wanted revenge for all the years of mockery he had endured from Hunter.

As the fight went underway, Spud proved himself to be the superior fighter with more strength and endurance than Hunter. While he was getting beaten, Hunter questioned why it was happening as he had always believed that he and Spud were just joking around, but Spud made it clear that he was never joking and proceeded to throw Hunter across the ring while mercilessly beating him, even picking him up and slamming his body through a wooden table while the audience cheered.

Before long Hunter was so badly beaten he could barely stand as he fell to the ground and Spud kicked him repeatedly. While Spud roared to the crowd, believing himself to be the victor, Hunter reached into his pocket and pulled out some knuckle-dusters. He then launched up and hit Spud hard in the face three times with such force that Spud fell down dead. Hunter was announced as the victor as he made eye contact with Melinda May, blood covering his body and face.

Joining HYDRA

Quote1.pngYou certainly don't make it easy to get a meeting."
"The boss doesn't want it to be easy. But he's always interested in meeting people who can prove themselves."
"Sounds like an interesting bloke. I look forward to meeting him some day.
--Lance Hunter and Kebo

Still barely able to walk, Hunter was taken into the facility's backroom where he was greeted by Grant Ward's second in command, Kebo, who laughed at Hunter's bloodied state. Kebo explained that Ward did not want it to be easy for people to get into HYDRA, but was always interested in meeting those who could prove themselves to him in combat.

Closing In

Quote1.pngWhat if there are innocent lives at risk?"
"There are always lives at risk! You were there when Bobbi was bleeding out in my arms, Ward did that. If I have a shot at finding him I'm taking it. I have to, before Bobbi gets back in the field.
--Melinda May and Lance Hunter

Having secured his place in HYDRA, Hunter began to await orders from Kebo about his first mission under their command. Hunter met with Melinda May who questioned him over his orders, getting annoyed at the knowledge that he wasn't being given any information beforehand, but Hunter insisted the chance of finding Grant Ward made it worthwhile, expressing his desire to kill him before Bobbi Morse was cleared for field work. May ordered him to call when he got his orders.

Kebo eventually called and offered Hunter the chance to join them on a HYDRA mission. Hunter waited until Kebo and his men collected him and once again searched him, destroying his phone before putting him in the boot of their car, despite Hunter's protests due to the lack of trust and the bad smell coming from the inside of the car. Kebo drove Hunter to their base, which he noted was currently unnamed. They discussed whether or not Grant Ward had ever worked for S.H.I.E.L.D. before Hunter began to ask about their plans and questioned if they were planning a raid soon.

Attack on Grant Ward

Quote1.pngCome on Hunter, you weren't dumb enough to come here all cowboy, were you?"
"Sorry, but this coming from the guy who shot his own girlfriend by mistake?
--Grant Ward and Lance Hunter

Much to Hunter's shock, Grant Ward appeared behind him, looking to be introduced to his new recruit, Hunter revealed his true identity before grabbing a gun and engaging in a firefight with Ward and his soldiers. Ward and Kebo managed to hide out in his office as they exchanged insults, with Hunter reminding Ward that he accidentally killed his own girlfriend Kara Palamas, Ward claimed he'd rather Bobbi Morse be the one coming after him as that would have been a better fight.

As Ward's HYDRA soldiers began to surround Hunter, Melinda May arrived and killed them before joining Hunter. May contacted Phil Coulson who revealed he was still twenty minutes away and ordered them to fall back, but Hunter insisted he would kill Ward with or without assistance. Although clearly afraid of May's arrival, Ward continued to mock the pair for their efforts, claiming he would use the guns Hunter had given him to cause mayhem. When May insisted that he was trapped, Ward revealed a video feed showing his men were stalking Andrew Garner ready to execute him, Ward informed them if they surrendered they and Garner would go free.

Although May clearly wanted to do what she could to save her ex-husband, Hunter refused and instead made his move towards Grant Ward's position, firing his gun at him. By the time he made it to the office, Kebo had escaped through a window and Ward was close behind, Hunter fired several shots and managed to wound Ward in the shoulder, causing him to fall out of the window and land hard on the ground. Kebo was able to get Ward to a truck and they managed to drive away while Hunter continued to fire. As Hunter watched Ward's escape he turned back to see Melinda May looked mortified at the possible loss of Garner.

Keeping Busy

Quote1.pngI'll drive... I mean... Please...Quote2.png
--Lance Hunter to Daisy Johnson and Alphonso Mackenzie

Returning to the Playground, Hunter discovered that Andrew Garner had barely survived his assassination attempt and was being treated by a team of medics. As Hunter attempted to see him, Melinda May stopped him and confronted him about putting Grant Ward's death over Garner's life. Hunter attempted to defend his actions but May believed he was blinded by a desire for revenge. Phil Coulson broke them up before a fight could break out and took Hunter off the mission, giving it to May.

With nothing to keep himself busy, Hunter went into the lab and joined Leo Fitz, who was making fake I.Ds for May and Romanoff, who were trying to find von Strucker. Hunter noted that Fitz's monitors were also working on recreating the Monolith's portal so he could rescue Will Daniels, who had saved Jemma Simmons' life on the planet where she was lost. Hunter commented that he felt it was a bad idea to bring Simmons' lover back to Earth, but Fitz argued that Daniels had saved Simmons' life so he owed him. Fitz then asked Hunter why he was hanging around the lab and asked him to leave.

As he continued to roam around the Playground looking for something to keep him busy, Hunter overheard a conversation between Alphonso Mackenzie and Daisy Johnson where they theorised that Luther Banks could be the Inhuman Lash who had been hunting down and killing other Inhumans. When Mackenzie informed her that they had a van ready to track Banks, Hunter appeared in the doorway and awkwardly asked if he could please drive the van for them.

Kidnapping Luther Banks

Quote1.pngLash is an Inhuman. Inhumans have markers in their DNA, if we test Banks' blood for markers we'll know if he's Inhuman or not."
"That's actually kinda smart.
--Lance Hunter and Daisy Johnson

Hunter joined Johnson and Mackenzie as they waited for Luther Banks to get in his car; Hunter continued to comment on how Banks had not arrived yet, much to the annoyance of the others. As they discussed Banks' past, Hunter commented on their plan if they captured him and whether or not he would be tortured, leading to a discussion on Hunter's professionalism and how he had nearly gotten Andrew Garner killed. Before the argument could continue, Banks arrived and they followed him in his car.

As Banks spoke on the phone outside his house, Johnson and Mackenzie discussed what their next move would be, as they could not follow him into his home. Looking to get the mission completed quickly, Hunter walked out with a bandana over his face and shot Banks with an I.C.E.R. Hunter then dragged Banks onto the van where he was confronted by the furious Johnson and Mackenzie. Hunter told them that the best way to test if Banks was Lash would be to test his blood for Inhuman DNA, which he gained by punching him in the face.

While they waited for Jemma Simmons to analyse Banks' blood, the team went through Banks' belongings and Hunter tested his phone, noting that Banks never took photographs of himself. When his phone went off, Hunter denied responsibility; Mackenzie looked at it and discovered a text message for Banks informing him that a subject was being moved to a lab. They researched and traced the lab and decided to investigate, leaving Banks in his car to wake up shortly.

The three of them travelled to the base where Banks was due and used a new model of the D.W.A.R.F.s which Leo Fitz had upgraded to search the facility. As they did they got a call from Jemma Simmons who confirmed that Banks was not an Inhuman; Hunter claimed that regardless, Banks was still not to be trusted. They watched on the camera as an ATCU van arrived at the Advanced Threat Containment Unit Facility carrying an Inhuman in a coma and in a cage to be locked away; they also spotted Phil Coulson watching this unfold with Rosalind Price.

Revealing Secrets

Hunter joined the rest of S.H.I.E.L.D. to hear a speech from Phil Coulson where he announced that they would be launching Operation Spotlight so they could study and observe the ATCU and discover their hidden secrets. Coulson noted that what had happened with Andrew Garner was tragic but it allowed them to use his Containment Module to hack into the ATCU security systems. When Coulson handed the team missions out, he ordered Hunter to infiltrate Endotex Labs. Once Daisy Johnson had caused a glitch in their systems, the ATCU tried to call the FBI but instead were sent Hunter, posing as a computer hacker working for the FBI. As they were being shown around by Steve Wilson, Hunter mocked their computer systems while Johnson told him what to say via a radio link. They managed to convince Wilson that their systems had indeed been hacked, forcing him to call Rosalind Price to confirm they could log onto their computers.

Wilson was left with no choice but to allow Hunter to log into their systems, although he remained highly reluctant, however Johnson continued to feed Hunter the correct terminology so he could fool Wilson into trusting him. As Hunter began to log into the system his lack of computer skills quickly began to show as Johnson mocked him over the radio, in the end Hunter did log on giving Zephyr One remote access over their computer systems while Hunter just had to stay beside the computer as long as possible as they could virtually explore the base.

Hunter managed to annoy Wilson so much he left to get a drink of coffee, while he was gone, Hunter spotted that Luther Banks had arrived at the base. Hunter informed his team of this and recommended that they finish their work as quickly as possible. When Wilson and Banks returned to Hunter's computer he was left with no choice but to admit that Wilson was right and he knew nothing about computers. He then revealed himself and knocked Wilson's coffee into his face before running from Banks.

Fighting an Inhuman

Quote1.pngAliens, I pine for the days when we didn't have to fight bloody aliens. It's just not a fair fight.Quote2.png
--Lance Hunter

Hunter found himself surrounded by Giyera and two other guards, when Hunter went to grab the guns on the floor, Giyera revealed his Inhuman powers and levitated the guns, using them to shoot at Hunter, forcing him to dive to cover. He then got two I.C.E.R.s out and was able to use them to knock out the guards and guns.

Hunter then engaged Giyera in a one-on-one battle where the Inhuman used his powers to gain the upper hand. When Giyera about to charge at Hunter, the latter knocked him out. Suddenly the door burst open and Luther Banks appeared, promising to help him escape, noting that he had no choice but to trust him. Banks led him to a secret entrance under the North West parking lot where a Quinjet piloted by Melinda May and Lincoln Campbell arrived and rescued the two of them.

Once the agents had been returned to the base, they gathered together and Rosalind Price revealed how she had met Gideon Malick in 2001 and he had advised her in many key factors, starting when she was working for NASA. Having done further research into the subject, Jemma Simmons and Leo Fitz revealed that they had discovered that a devision of NASA was connected to an ancient HYDRA order obsessed with studying the Monolith for unknown reasons.

Kidnapping Thomas Ward

While on a date, Phil Coulson witnessed Rosalind Price being assassinated by Grant Ward. Once back at the Playground, Hunter tried to offer his condolences but Coulson grabbed him by the throat and confronted him for failing to kill Ward when he had the chance. When Hunter said he'd do anything to get the chance to kill Ward again, Coulson recruited him and Nekhene in a new mission to track down their greatest enemy.

Onboard the Quinjet, Coulson informed Hunter and Garrard that their target was Ward's younger brother Thomas Ward. Hunter pithed a plan to kidnap Thomas by robbing the jewelry shop he worked at. As they travelled, Coulson got a call from Alphonso Mackenzie informing him that HYDRA had kidnapped Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons. Fueled by rage, Coulson followed Hunter as they successfully robbed the jewerlry store while armed with shotguns and wearing balaclavas, taking Thomas Ward into custody. Once back on the Quinjet, Hunter revealed to Thomas that his brother was unaware of his location, but they would soon tell him.

While Coulson spoke to Ward on the phone, he showed him a video feed of his brother, who Hunter threatened to kill. When Coulson hung up the phone suddenly, Hunter questioned if that was the right move while Nekhene gave Thomas a drink of water. Hunter explained that they were hunting down Ward and needed Thomas' help to do that, Thomas then explained his past growing up with his family, telling that they would have to kill Ward as soon as they got the chance. Coulson had Nekhene track Ward through his phone as he allowed Thomas to speak to him; once they had the location, Coulson warned Ward that they were coming and severed the call.

Once over the HYDRA base, Coulson began putting on a parachute. Hunter was called upon by Garrard to talk him out of whatever his plan was. As Hunter moved to join Coulson, Coulson jumped out of the Quinjet and fell towards the castle. Hunter could not reach him as Nekhene flew the Quinjet out of the reach of HYDRA before Hunter could jump.

Attack on the HYDRA Castle

Quote1.pngThis is how S.H.I.E.L.D. works. You make a plan, plan turns to rubbish, we make a new plan. Oh, just to be crystal clear, this is the part where the plan turns to rubbish.Quote2.png
--Lance Hunter to Joey Gutierrez

As Hunter and Nekhene landed on Zephyr One, Alphonso Mackenzie asked them why Phil Coulson had jumped from the Quinjet, so Hunter explained that Coulson felt that Grant Ward needed to be killed and that he wanted to go after Coulson. The two then said that Coulson went to save Jemma Simmons or Leo Fitz, who one of them was brought with HYDRA to the Maveth. Daisy Johnson then found out that HYDRA brought to the HYDRA Castle contained Inhumans. Joey Gutierrez was confused about their mission, so Hunter said that S.H.I.E.L.D. made plans for every new situation. Mackenzie then explained his plan that two infiltration teams would enter the castle, one to find Fitz or Simmons and the second to take over the portal chamber.

Once the team infiltrated the castle through its aqueduct, Mackenzie took Hunter and Garrard with him to take control on the portal chamber. As they were checking their and the HYDRA soldiers' heat signing, Hunter raised his hand to make sure it was really them, despite Mackenzie's misunderstanding. Mackenzie then said that they needed to go to the chamber through the soldiers as quiet as they could. Eventually they managed to take over the chamber.

After they found Simmons, Hunter led the way to the rest of the group through the bodies trail the had put. Johnson asked how secured were they in the chamber, so Hunter replied that he locked and barricaded the doors, but HYDRA still could break into the room. Gutierrez suggested that he could reinforce the doors with his powers, so Hunter went with him to try that.

Suddenly they felt the room was shaken. Hunter and Gutierrez entered the room and handed everyone a gun. Lincoln Campbell asked what if Hive would return to Earth, so Hunter responded that they would shoot him. Campbell then asked what if he could not be killed, so Huner responded again that he would probably run. Mackenzie ordered them to return to Zephyr One, as he would stayed in the room. Hunter suggested that Nekhene and him would cover the entrances, but Mackenzie demanded they return to the plane, and if the alien or HYDRA would enter the room, they would blast the castle. They return to Zephyr One and waited for Mackenzie's orders. He then ordered Melinda May to blast the castle, as he returned in the Containment Module with Coulson, Johnson and Fitz.

Mission in Bogotá

Quote1.pngThe two of us, trained, experienced, we can pull this off. But all it takes is one tainted fish taco, and pff.Quote2.png
--Lance Hunter to Alphonso Mackenzie

Hunter, Nekhene and Alphonso Mackenzie investigated a weaponry abduction incident in Bogotá, with an Inhuman involved. Hunter complained that although he was experienced in such actions, the Inhumans could do them without even training. Mackenzie was later kidnapped by the Inhuman, so they cheeked the security cameras and noticed that the Inhuman had super-speed abilities. With Daisy Johnson, they beaked into the Inhuman's home and rescue Mackenzie.

In Zephyr One they learned that the Inhuman was Elena Rodriguez. He and Nekhene went to cheek what she had done with the weapons. They found her cousin throwing the the weapons to the river. As Hunter handcuffed him, Victor Ramon and Lucio from the National Police of Colombia came and refused to leave. Hunter prepared to battle, but Lucio reveled to be Inhuman, and paralyzed Hunter and Morse with his eyes and they took them to the station. The two woke up on the floor of the station, but Lucio entered the room and paralyzed Hunter again. Later, Mackenzie rescued them and as the team walked with the captive Lucio, a HYDRA QuadCopter flew over them, caught him and escaped.

Infiltrating the Taiwan Symposium

Quote1.pngCoulson's in trouble, the place is crawling with armed HYDRA Agents, and we have no weapons."
"Not strictly true.
--Melinda May and Lance Hunter

In Phil Coulson's office, Glenn Talbot, the new ATCU head, tried to convince the agents to let Carl Creel join the mission in the Symposium on the Alien Contagion. Hunter strongly opposed since Creel had killed Isabelle Hartley and Idaho. However Coulson allowed Creel to join the mission. He told his agents that they couldn't bring weapons to the symposium. On Zephyr One, Hunter observed Creel. Melinda May informed him that the briefing was about to start. She said to him that the mission was more important, but he said that he was tired to hear that, since it was not valid when it had come to Andrew Garner. She stated that the only reason he called himself an agent was because of Bobbi Morse. He said that he was a friend who tried to keep her save, but May said that they weren't friends. He then listened to Coulson's briefing on the mission.

In the symposium, Hunter and May disguised as waiters and entered the delegates' room to find a clue that one of them was Gideon Malick's inside man. Hunter entered Ellen King's room. He watched Creel living the truck, so he took his gun he had smuggled and went after him. He saw another truck where Creel could hide. He avoided the armed guards and opened the truck, and saw a box. He uncovered it and saw Talbot's son inside a Suspension Gel. Before he could inform it, he was knocked out by Creel.

He woke up as the HYDRA guards pointed their guns at him. May helped him to defeat them. He told her what he saw and May realized that Malick blackmailed Talbot. Hunter brought her the weapons he had smuggled and to find Coulson. He encountered HYDRA agents and managed to kill them, with the help of Creel. Coulson then ordered him to go find Mockingbird.

Finding Bobbi

After an intense search throughout Africa, Hunter finally found Bobbi inside a Vibranium mine in Wakanda at the same time Hawkeye did. She had been captured by Jocasta, Ultron's bride and the heroes started fighting the A.I. off. Eventually, Ulysses Klaw and his men got inside the mine and Jocasta fled.


Initially, Lance Hunter was only perceived as a common mercenary, only caring about being paid by Coulson for the job and possesses a sarcastic sense of humor. However, he does care for his comrades as he chose to save Hartley against orders to try and save her life. After his friends' deaths, he became extremely vengeful against Carl Creel and knocked out Skye, Melinda May and Antoine Triplett in a failed attempt to kill him. He has a sense of honor as he chose to join S.H.I.E.L.D. because of Isabelle Hartley, despite the loss of two million dollars from Glenn Talbot.

Since joining, Hunter showed remorse for his actions, repeatedly apologising to May; however his apologies were only considered when she shot him to protect Jemma Simmons. He shares a complicated romantic history with Bobbi Morse as they were both married at one point and separated for unknown reasons. Initially, he was reluctant about working with her, but he stayed anyway and they even reignited their relationship.

Over time, Hunter has come to be truly loyal to S.H.I.E.L.D., and especially to Phil Coulson. His new-found loyalty is strong enough for him to help Coulson take back S.H.I.E.L.D. from Robert Gonzales. Hunter's decision to become a permanent agent surprised many people who knew him for a long time, including his ex-wife, Bobbi Morse.

Powers and Abilities


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  • Expert Marksman: Hunter is very proficient with many different weapons and is extremely accurate with all of them. He favors the use of assault rifles and sub-machine guns when acting as member of a tactical team, and usually carries a handgun as his sidearm. Hunter killed Octavian Bloom with a single shot to the forehead.
  • Expert Spy: Hunter maintained a convincing cover and quickly created a romantic relationship with Bridget, in order to pickpocket a ticket for fundraiser event from her. Hunter was able to trick Sunil Bakshi into exposing the leadership of HYDRA.
  • Expert Martial Artist: Hunter is an expert martial artist and has taken down many trained HYDRA mercenaries at the same time, and he also handled himself against the super-powered Absorbing Man.

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