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LEGO Spider-Man: The Web Series is a LEGO stop motion web series released in both YouTube and in Marvel Fanon Wiki by Benspider. It takes inspiration mainly from The Spectacular Spider-Man, Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2, the Earth-616 Spider-Man comic books, the Ultimate Spider-Man comic books, the Spider-Man movie games and the Spidey comic books, but also from Spider-Man 3, Spider-Man: The New Animated Series, Spider-Man: The Animated Series, the Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions game, and pieces as well as from other Spider-Man related media as well as other Marvel Fanon Wiki articles (such as MaxGoji's Spider-Man: The Series and LEGO Spider-Man: Irresponsible's original draft, Topher5151992's Marvel Nexus, ThunderboltZemo92's The Spectacular Spider-Man, Bridgetterocks Assemble!, and ElectricMayhem's Marvel's Spider-Man) as well as other fanfictions (such as thebandragoness's Fighting Crime, Spinning Webs) and YouTube fan series (such as Paradox Pictures's The Spectacular Lego Spider-Man and [1]'s The Amazing Lego Spider-Man ), yet it gives them a new spin.

The series has a bigger focus on Spider-Man's civilian life as Peter Parker.


Season 1

The first season starts a month after shy bookworm Peter Parker became Spider-Man, who is now attending Midtown High. He's best friends with Gwen Stacy, a brilliant student who has an internship at Horizon Labs, and Harry Osborn, the rich son of Norman Osborn and a social outcast desperate to become popular. As Spider-Man he discovers that there's a criminal empire in New York City led by the Big Man that he will attempt to bring down but there's something sinister that might come out.

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5


Season 1: Balance Act

  • 1. Adaptation: Peter Parker has been known as the superhero Spider-Man for a month and he realizes that his aunt May needs money just as school is starting up, leading Peter to get a job taking pictures of his superhero alter ego for the Daily Bugle just as a spy known as the Chameleon is infiltrating it's premises. The problem? Chameleon can disguise himself as anyone and can hold his own against Spidey!
  • 2. TBA: Adrian Toomes, a genius who gets his inventions stolen by Norman Osborn, decides to take his revenge as the Vulture by targeting everything Norman holds dear just as Peter is trying to find an alternative to the Bugle to get money, feeling that Jameson treats him like trash. But everything changes when the Vulture takes things too far.
  • 3. Survival of the Fittest: Peter is enjoying his new job at the Daily Globe just as an enigmatic crime boss known only as the Big Man contracts the mercenary group called the Enforcers (strongman Ox, expert martial artist Fancy Dan, and gunman Montana) to eliminate the rival crime lord known as Hammerhead to take over his territory. Peter is sent to cover the story by his boss which puts his personal life in harms way.
  • 4. Accomplices: After the ordeal with the Enforcers, Big Man sends Montana (the only Enforcer not apprehended by Spider-Man) to steal a set of vibration controlling gauntlets and a vibration absorption suit from Tri-Corp so he can use it to kill the web head as retribution. As if that weren't enough, Peter is invited by Liz to a date on the next day. Now, he must defeat the enhanced mercenary while trying to chose what to bring her.
  • 5.Management Issues:
  • 6. TBA:  
  • 7. TBA:
  • 8. TBA
  • 9. Influx: While working on the maintenance of an experiment to create super criminals for a new client, Dr. Otto Octavius is reminded of his abusive father by Norman Osborn. He starts feeling unease, but everything takes a turn for the worse once a mysterious figure sabotages his experiment. Octavius survives but his mechanical arms are fused with his body. Blaming Norman and Spider-Man (since he helped save him), he names himself Doctor Octopus and tries getting revenge on all the people who have wronged him. And the first stop? Tri-Corp just as Peter's class is in a field trip to the company's Dome project. Typical Parker luck!
  • 11. Misdirection: An alien called M.Y.S.T.E.R.I.O begins stealing New York's technology to bring mankind back to basics for his invasion Peter believes he has a connection to Doctor Octopus and decides to use his Bugle connections to ask reporter Ned Leeds to help him, and if that wasn't enough he needs to help prepare for the Halloween party with the main theme being aliens and monsters from beyond. Now Spidey must defeat Mysterio the mystic and organize a party! Yay?
  • 12. TBA
  • 13. Premature Therapy:

Season 2: No More

  • 1. Drained: After George Stacy's death, Peter's relationship with Gwen is left in turmoil due to her hatred of Spider-Man.  When a freak accident happens at Horizon Labs, Max Dillon gets turned into living energy conduit and he seeks to be cured after he accidentally causes chaos and destruction. Spider-Man is demoralized by the death of his only partner and by the cold shoulder from his girlfriend so how is he supposed to beat a man made out of electricity?
  • 2. Retail Value: Spidey investigates a new street drug called Globulin Green after one of his classmates, Jason Macandale, was found overdosing on it during a football game. The trail, soon enough, leads to Donald Menken (Norman’s second in command), and it becomes more complicated once he's put against his muscle: Rhino and the mysterious Jack’O Lantern. As an equalizer, the Black Cat decides to intervene in Spidey’s favor.
  • 3. Boisterous: As Dr. Connors tries testing an electrified Oz lizard serum, the formula is sabotaged by Miles Warren and he is turned into a giant lizard creature and tries to eat all of the Horizon Labs staff, including Eddie Brock and Gwen Stacy. Spider-Man and the Horizon staff must now stop him and make a cure before the police kill him.
  • 4. Servanthood:
  • 5. Explosive Result:
  • 6. Late Fuse: As the Fall Formal is finally here, a mysterious figure known as the Green Goblin, who also seems to be related Octavius accident, starts terrorizing the party. But the worst part is that the he’s attacking the party to get Spider-Man out in the open.
  • 7. Revealed:
  • 8. Masquerade:
  • 9. TBA:
  • 10. TBA:
  • 11. TBA:
  • 12. TBA:
  • 13. Stock Dive: Fueled with hatred and vengeance, Spider-Man chases the Green Goblin all over the city. Getting in touch with all his leads, Spider-Man finally confronts Osborn at a warehouse on the docks, engaging in a vicious final confrontation with the villain that concludes with devastating results. 

Season 3: Web Of Shadows

  • 1. Deviation: 3 months after Gwen's death and Goblin's disappearance, Peter has given up the mantle of Spider-Man as a manhunt for the wall-crawler by the N.Y.P.D. begins. At the same time, the self proclaimed Kingpin of crime, whom had been operating from the shadows for a good while now, makes his move to take control of the criminal underworld, forcing Peter to decide between his responsibilities to his loved ones and his duties as Spider-Man.  
  • 2. Suspension
  • 3. TBA:
  • 4. TBA:
  • 5. TBA:
  • 6. Metamorphosis:
  • 7. TBA:
  • 8. Rising Action:
  • 9. Group Therapy:
  • 10. Ganglands:
  • 11. Power Corrupts:
  • 12. Thesis:
  • 13. Antithesis:

Season 4: The Clone Saga

Season 5: Maturity

  • 1. TBA: Spider-Man is trying to cope with the traumatic events of last season’s finale when Kingpin returns to New York after being exonerated of his crimes. However, not all of his former underlings are happy for his return as some of them have grown bolder in his absence, case and point: Tombstone, who’s looking to become himself the new Kingpin. As if that weren’t enough, Peter’s approached by the vigilante Daredevil to aid in his attempts to stop the gang war before it even begins.
  • 2. TBA:
  • 3. TBA:
  • 4. TBA:
  • 5. TBA:
  • 6. TBA:
  • 7. TBA:
  • 8. TBA:
  • 9. TBA:
  • 10. TBA:
  • 11. TBA:
  • 12. TBA:
  • 13. Reflections:


Featured characters

  • Spider-Man (Peter Benjamin Parker): A bookworm that one day was bitten by an electrocuted Oz enhanced spider giving him it's abilities. He used them irresponsibly and which caused his Uncle Ben's death he decided to use them for good. Now he struggles with balancing his normal life and his superhero life as Spider-Man!

Supporting characters

Introduced in Season 1

Minor characters


Minor Antagonists

  • Main Mountain Marko (Michael Marko)
  • Doppelganger ("Peter Parker" clone)


Benspider has announced that each season will have two specials by season. Each special usually is 40 minutes long and focus on secondary characters.

A Day at Rikers

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Influences on the Series

  • The first and most obvious inspiration for the series is The Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon by Greg Weinsman and Victor Cook.
  • The Stan Lee and Steve Ditko tenure in The Amazing Spider-Man was a massive inspiration for the first two seasons.
  • The Ultimate Spider-Man comic book by Brian Michael Bendis
  • A big influence was the fanfiction Spider-Man: Evolution written by Ablackraptor. Some plot elements inspired by his work include:
    • The Enforcers working for the early crime boss in Spider-Man’s career. Although, in the fanfic, it’s Silvermane and not Big Man.
    • Similarly, Big Man is portrayed as an independent crime lord in the same fashion as Silvermane who's behind some of the early threats to Spider-Man.
  • A big influence was the fanfic Fighting Crime, Spinning Webs by thebandragoness.
  • One of the biggest influences was the The Spider-Man Project by Green Mamba.


  • The series was originally meant to be live action, but due to finding no one wanted to act in it and because of some budget concerns, the series was made into a LEGO stop-motion series.
  • Benspider has said that after ten seasons he may consider doing a reboot series with the same title.
  • After the failed live action idea the series was going to be pivot animated but the idea was also dropped due to Benspider finding it too difficult.
  • The series is animated at 20 fps.
  • The series was originally animated using Dragonframe but benspider instead chose Helium frog.
  • The series takes place in Earth-616901616.
  • There have been 9 rewrites so far. The most current one has made series set one year during spider-man's career as a superhero with him having already met some of his villains.
  • In the first pitch many villains would have been created by the same accident as Spider-Man. (Note: all of the non-powered villains would have used the accident to steal tech from OsCorp.). This idea was later adapted for Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man.
  • Most minifigures used in the show are a combination of decals, sculpting, painting, and printing.
  • Originally the show was going to take place one year after the Green Goblin and Gwen Stacy's deaths in a reality split off from Earth-616.
  • This series is part of Benspider's project to make many LEGO stop motion series', seven of them being Spidey series' (LEGO Web of Spider-Man, The Amazing LEGO Spider-Man: The Web Series, LEGO Webspinner: The Series, LEGO Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man, LEGO Spider-Man: The Web Series (Reboot), LEGO Astonishing Spider-Man: The Web Series, LEGO Spider-Man: The Web Series, The Spectacular LEGO Spider-Man: The Web Series).
  • One series managed to spin off from the success of both this one and Webspinner; LEGO Marvel Kaijuverse: The Web Series, created by Max Carroll.
  • The series use clay to help with the animation.
  • The series intro music is from The Spectacular Spider-Man guitar cover from Spiderman FULL GUITAR COVER with Guitar as vocals with Solo made by 6StringMaestro
  • In the show Spider-Man has a mix of organic and mechanical webbing. In this version he uses the web-shooters to allow his webbing to support weights and not break as easily as it will do otherwise.
  • There are 4 different Sinister Six lineups
    • The first Sinister Six lineup consists of: Rhino, Sandman, Doctor Octopus (leader), Mysterio (Beck), Shocker,  and Vulture (Toomes).
    • The second Sinister Six lineup consists of: Rhino , Doctor Octopus, Scorpion, Mysterio (Beck), Sandman, and Kraven.
    • The third Sinister Six line up consists of:
  • Due to their service to the show, the users Coolot1, MaxGoji 2.0, and PrimalFan are considered writers on the show and get a special thanks on each episode.


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Easter Eggs

  • In the first episode, Harry mentions a tour of France. In the comics, Norman Osborn hid there after his apparent death in The Amazing Spider-Man #122.
  • There are some references to the Disney TV show Gargoyles, which was made by Greg Weisman. In one episode an article that says that Castle Wyvern has finally been found can be seen in the Bugle. Castle Wyvern is the original home of the Gargoyles in the show.
  • There is a pizzeria called Romita and Junior's Pizzeria. This is a reference to John Romita Sr. and Jr., both of whom are artists who drew Spider-Man.
  • At Peter's school, there is a poster for an Arachno-Man movie directed by Ran Saimi. This is a reference to the Ultimate Spider-Man story arc "Hollywood" where a Spider-Man movie was being directed by Sam Raimi.
  • There are multiple references to the popular web series Red vs. Blue, such as in episode 2 from season 1, a criminal with a maroon headband asks one with an orange one why they were there, only for them to be interrupted by Spider-Man. This is a reference to the first line spoken in said show.
  • In the season 1 episode Drained, Peter calls Electro Buzzshock and Megawatt before giving him his iconic name. Both of these names are references to the Ben 10 franchise. Buzzshock is the name of an alien and the megawatts are aliens of the same species as Buzzshock that Ben met in his early adventures. Buzzshock was also Benspider's favorite alien when he first watched the show.
  • In many Season 1, 2, 3, and 4 episodes a long black haired man is seen drinking coffee with a skinny man and observing Spider-Man. These characters are confirmed to be both Morlun and Dex. (Note: In season 6 Morlun becomes a main villain.)
  • Peter calls Silvermane old Corleone. This is a reference to the character in the Godfather films of Michael's father and former head of one of the five New York crime families.
  • After first hearing of the Kingpin, Peter investigates L. Thompson Lincoln as the main suspect before being redirected to Wilson Fisk. In The Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon Tombstone was used as a replacement for Fisk.
  • During his first appearance, Tombstone calls Foswell his pal. In the comics, he often called Robbie Robertson that.
  • Doctor Octopus mentions other important scientists under Norman Osborn like Farley Stillwell and Carolyn Trainer when he is approached to work creating supervillains. In the comics, Stillwell would be the man responsible for the creation of the Scorpion and Trainer herself would become the second Doctor Octopus after Otto Octavius was murdered by the Spider-Man clone Kaine.
  • After Stegron's first attack on Manhattan, all of the bystanders begin referring to the monster as "Godzilla". One bystander shouts the line "it's Gojira, you morons!" only to be shouted back "no one cares!". This is a reference to the Godzilla franchise and more specifically, the 1998 Godzilla film, which was also set in New York City.
    • Additionally, Stegron's design is based on the Godzilla suit from the 2001 film Godzilla, Mothra, and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack, of which also made a reference to the '98 movie.
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