Phoenix Kwannon


On Earth-9284, Kwannon became the new Psylocke after dueling to the death with Elizabeth Braddock, who willingly sacrificed herself on the condition that Kwannon adopt her codename, legacy, and place on the X-Men. Kwannon accepted, though she was faced with prejudice by the team since her survival implied Betsy's death. In time, she managed to prove her worth due to her courage and willpower, becoming accepted as a legitimate member. She maintained the foresight and lethal nature that she had held as a ninja, even striking down and killing Sabretooth when he became even more of a threat (after his brief stint of being forced to work alongside the X-Men), but like Wolverine, she was able to suppress the murderous tendencies she picked up from the Hand and remain a heroine. She continued to assist the X-Men against the threat of Thanos and his army of the alien Builders.


During the war that followed, Kwannon returned to Japan in order to protect her homeland, and during the confrontation she was surprised by the return of the Phoenix Force, which told her that she had been selected as its new mortal host, and would receive all the power she needed to defeat the threat. Kwannon asked if the price would be her soul, and the Phoenix replied that there was no price, that her soul was too precious to succumb to the temptation of her power. She was granted the power without strings attached because the Phoenix Force also sought to be a force for good.

So Kwannon became the new host of the Phoenix Force, and was a powerful reinforcement for the heroes to defeat Thanos and the Builders. However, when she tried to return to the X-Men, she was not well received. The X-Men said that the power of the Phoenix Force was infinitely dangerous and corrupting power, that even though it claimed it wanted to do good, she now had unlimited potential for evil and could easily succumb to the seduction of power as Jean Grey had done. Wounded for being denied by her teammates, Kwannon abandoned the X-Men and returned to Japan, where she helped the Big Hero 6 against the demonic Shadow King. She was invited to be part of the team, which she accepted after some deep reflection, seeking to show the X-Men that they were wrong about her, and that she would be a formidable force of good. After the departure of Hiro Takachiho and his protector Baymax from the group, she was unanimously accepted by the group as the new leader of the team.

Powers and Abilities


Kwannon possessed essentially the exact same mutant powers as Psylocke did in her heyday, with omega-level telepathy and telekinesis on par with that of Jean Grey.

Possessed by the Phoenix Force, Kwannon controls matter on a molecular level, allowing her to manipulate atomic structures. She can generate and absorb any form of energy in seemingly unlimited scale and turn her form into pure energy at will. She can convert matter into energy on a planetary scale and teleport it over cosmic distances, converting energy back into matter anywhere in the universe. She can also project bursts of psychokinetic energy in the form of highly destructive flaming explosions. She can survive in any environment without harm and travel through space at near light speed. She can open time/space warps to travel into other dimensions or realities. Her telepathy and telekinesis, which were already significantly powerful, were maximized at cosmic levels. Her telepathic daggers and telekinetic katanas now have enough power to kill Greek gods and Asgardians alike.

The Phoenix Force can manifest around her as an enormous bird of cosmic flame when Kwannon uses her powers extensively. As a "peculiarity," the phoenix effect around her resembles the mythical figure of Suzaku, the Red Phoenix guardian of the south.

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