Kurt Wagner is a mutant from Winzeldorf, Southern Germany, born in c. 2001-2002. Sometime before January, 2018, Kurt lost 100% of his memory, not knowing his name or where he came from. He currently lives on the streets of Winzeldorf, having to steal food in order to survive. Since losing his memory, he has never come across people who have offered to help him, or have felt sympathy for him, because of his devilish appearance. In fact, many people have attempted to murder him because of his look.

Kurt tried changing people's minds about him by rescuing people from a burning building. The only person to show any kindness to Kurt was a young boy named Hans Knoblach, who thanked Kurt for saving him. Everyone else at the scene, including Hans' mother, accused Kurt of starting the fire and chased him away.

Hans' mother was later visited by a man named the Black Swan, who claims that Kurt is a vicious murderer known as the "Nightcrawler", and has murdered the Black Swan's father.


  • Kurt Wagner is 16 years old at the time of his first appearance, in Dawn of the Nightcrawler Vol 1 1. It isn't known whether he had already turned 15 that year (2018) or if he hadn't yet had his birthday for that year, making it unclear if he was born in 2001 or 2002.

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