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Kurt Pastorius is a mutant, student at the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning, and a member of the new Generation X.

Powers and Abilities

Omni-Vision: Kurt Pastorius can see in all wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum, see in infrared, ultraviolet, microwave, x-rays, microscopically, telescopically, see the Kirlian aura, psychic aura (and as such can see astral forms or incorporeal spirits) which enables him to visually analyze an opponent in all possible ways.

Optic Blasts: Kurt Pastorius can absorb cosmic energy ambience and convert it into optic blasts of immensely destructive power that can be used in a number of different ways, such as: concussive blasts able to throw away unconscious opponents, blinding flashes of light or bursts of plasma capable vaporize opponents whose power is such that they can pierce sheet adamantium. Unlike Cyclops, these bursts are entirely within Kurt's control, and he can suppress them consciously and does not require anything like a ruby ​​quartz visor to control them. However, he still needs to wear a pair of sunglasses to "disguise" his spectrally glowing eyes when he's not using his optic blasts.

Orbital Optic Array : The ability to materialize energy which enhances, guides/channels and redirects their optical beams. 

Refrax can create and control materialized energy which enhances, guides/channels and redirects their optical beam into multiple directions. They can also have other effects like changing or mixing the natures of beams, charging the potency of the optic blasts, focusing it to a fine point for precision strikes, etc.

They can act as a visual projector connected to Refrax viewing ability allowing them to see anything and everything within a certain radius around themselves possibly even peering into various perceptible spectra.


  • Concussion Beams
  • Optic Blasts
  • 360-Degree Vision
    • Multi-Directional Vision
  • Lens Manipulation
    • Efficacy Manipulation
  • Transitional Phasing Beam
  • Scatter Shot
  • Satellite Generation


    • Ball Projection
    • Enhanced Accuracy
    • Eye Manifestation
    • Trajectory Manipulation
    • Targeting
    • Ocular Techniques
    • Projectile Enhancement

Unarmed Combat: Kurt is 6th Dan in Judo being a competent unarmed fighter who although not "invincible" is quite skilled in combat can use creatively their conjugates visual power with their martial arts.

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