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Real Name
Current Alias

Stellar Cat, Mistress of the Stars



Genetic Council

Unknown, Cineris (Foster father), Reena (Foster mother)


Base Of Operations
Genetic Council Tower, Mobile


6' " Varies


Red, (Lighter red highlights)

Blue(has a tinge of white)

Unusual Features
Feline appearance, Stellar energy form when using powers

Marital Status

Council Personal Body Guard, Enforcer

Taught by the Genetic Council

Inhuman experimented upon as an infant with the mix of Terrigenesis, Antigenesis, and Isogenesis to see what would result


First appearance



Quote1 Look to the stars, they always bring some meaning to life. Quote2
-- Kryja

History of character is unknown.

Powers and Abilities


  • Feline Physiology:As a result of the mixed mutagenic properties from Terrigen Crystal, Antigen Tree Nectar, and Isogen Orbs, Kryja's most obvious change is a feline form. She is humanoid in shape with fine, blue fur covering her body. She also has a bushy tail with the tip being a darker blue then the rest of her fur, long canines, pointed ears, feline eyes, and a habit of purring when excited or content. As a result she has the following abilities:
    • Superhuman Agility:Compared to most, Kryja is extremely agile. She is incredibly limbed and her tendons are twice as elastic compared to most other people, causing her to have greater coordination and balance then most humans. This allows her to perform great acrobatic feats without need of too much training.
    • Superhuman Stamina:Kryja can last for several hours above the finest human athlete, not being affected by fatigue toxins for several hours to a few days before she becomes impaired.
    • Superhuman Reflexes:Kryja has proven herself to have greater reflexes then the average human or Kree, allowing her to have greater then average reaction time. She is good enough she can dodge around bullets from a few feet away to avoid harm or most instances of close quarters combat.
    • Superhuman Speed:Kryja can move at faster speeds then most Humans or Kree. On all fours she can run up to 45 mph while on foot she can run up to 37 mph.
    • Superhuman Equilibrium:Kryja is able to maintain a perfect balance on certain places or objects, even if they are extremely narrow. She can by instinct alter her state of balance in order to maintain her position or quickly correct herself in the air.
    • Flexible Spine:Her spine is capable of reaching a full range of flexibility, allowing her to bend and move in ways most cannot and allowing her to maintain a crouched position without concern of discomfort.
    • Claw Retraction:On the tip of each of Kryja's fingers and toes are sharp, durable retractable claws that allow her to tear through flesh, bone, and even stone or brick.
    • Keen Senses:Kryja's senses are above any human or Kree, allowing her to see with great clarity or even at night. Her sense of smell and hearing are sensitive enough she can trace a scent or smell a scent from 3 miles away or hear a noise from a similar distance unless certain areas amplify it. Her hearing is also acute enough to allow her to pinpoint, mostly anyways, where the sound is coming from.
    • Minor Empathy:Kryja has also shown a minor use of empathy, allowing her to sense the emotions around her within a 5 foot radius.
  • Stellar Energy Form:Believed to be the cause of the mixture of the above results triggering her physical transformation, Kryja discovered she also has the power to take on a stellar energy form. Basically, she can take an energy form made from the same energy coming from stars. She has an energy form equal to that of a blue-white star which triggers her current appearance of the primarily blue with white lines across her body. Her body temperature in this form is 7500 Kelvin or 7,226 degrees, making her a rather difficult person to get near as some of this heat can radiate off her form.
    • Stellar Energy Manipulation:To the extent of her form, Kryja can control stellar energy itself, usually having a variety of effects. It also has been stated if ever given the chance Kryja could control the very energy of already existing stars if she was near one. But this is currently a theory more then reality. But this power gives her the following effects:
      • Concussive Blasts:Kyrja is capable of firing concentrated, destructive beams from different parts of her body that are capable of destroying half a city block at full power.
      • Near-Invulnerability:Due to the fact her form is pure energy in this state, most physical weapons cannot harm her. Though there may be some exceptions to this. Usually, only energy-based or elemental-based powers are likely to have any real effect.
      • Weapon Creation:Through some concentration, Kryja can create solid, stellar energy constructs that vary in terms of what weapons she is knowledgeable in. She normally must know and imagine the weapon for it to take shape and leaves it solid enough even a energy blade can cut through steel or an arrow pierce through the body.
      • Force Field:By projecting this energy outward or manipulating it away from her body she can create various force fields into different shapes, sizes, and densities.
      • Astrokinetic Combat:Kryja is capable enhancing her physical combat prowess above the norm and allowing her to cause more damage with such things as physical blows in combat.
      • Regenerative Healing Factor:Due to being made of energy, Kryja is capable of reforming parts of her body, such as limbs and organs, in a matter of seconds to minutes. She is also immune to alcohol, disease, poison, and other infections. It also has been theorized she could potentially slow her aging from going into this form or become immortal.
      • Self-sustenance:Kryja does not need to sleep, eat, drink, or breathe in this form and go without such needs until she reverts back to normal. This also, unknowingly to her, grants her the chance to travel through space if she so wished.
      • Star Creation:Due to the energy she controls, Kryja has shown she can make miniature stars that can last for a while until she wills it away or depending on how much energy she puts behind it. But this also shows potential for her to create new stars at will.

On another note, it has been theorized that if Kyrja ever came in contact with a star, either by proximity or full contact, she could have her powers amplified beyond now. Or she can, theoretically, become a star itself through the use of her entire body's own energy but at the risk of her own life if she ever did this.


None known.

Strength level



None known.


Equipment: None known.
Transportation: None known.
Weapons: None known.


  • Kryja's name means "chooser".
  • The nature of Kryja's abilities are purely experimental more then based on careful choosing. Unlike most Inhumans, she was not screened for compatibility to change by exposure to any single process, thus her powers have resulted from a mix of Terrigenesis, Antigenesis, and Isogenesis resulting in her current powers.


  • Due to her form and control over the very energy of stars, Kryja is thought to be one of the second most powerful Inhumans, second just to Jaden of Attilian.
  • Despite being raised a warrior, Kryja has expressed a desire to be something far more simple such as an astronomer.

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