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Real Name
Current Alias

Galaxy Destroyer, Eternity's Son, Faker (by mutants), Bolt (by Spider-Man)
Advanced Predator



Galan (father), Luke Cage (adoptive father)


Base Of Operations





Unusual Features
Eyes and veins glow red when angry or in Galaxy Breaker Mode


Marital Status


Genetically cosmic DNA from Galactus. Was sent to Earth to destroy but then lost all memories of previous life then was taken under Luke Cage's wing and set out to become a superhero.

Place of Birth


First appearance



Quote1 I've realized that these powers come with a responsibility. Like what Uncle Ben said...great power comes with great responsibility. Oh wait wrong superhero. Quote2
-- Apex

Birth From Cosmic Core

Kor-ann or more commonly know as Daniel Lucas was born at the very center of his universe. For years he laid dormant inside the Cosmic Egg and months later he hatched, but his powers were very unstable and very powerful. This made his father Galan very surprised, as Kor-ann was in need of a mental block to stable his abilities. After two years of growing, his father sent him to Earth to grow older and destroy it, but his ship crash-landed and an explosion happened in the ship, even though Kor-ann was unharmed he lost all previous memories causing Kor-ann to forget his mission. He would later be found abandoned in the forest by Luke Cage and thus he gained the name Daniel Lucas, and would be taken under Luke's wing as his adoptive son.

The Hero In Training

After almost twelve years of training with his adoptive father, Daniel discovered a few of the very many powers he had. At age fourteen he could already start lifting tractors and large trucks with little effort, and when practicing his endurance it seemed he could never run out of stamina and could barely ever get tired. After a few months, Daniel was sent off to Xavier School For Higher Learning to learn more and focus on his abilities, at first he tried to keep a low profile but then he couldn't keep it up anymore. He had been getting bullied and picked on because everyone thought he had no abilities and they called him a fake and poser. One day Daniel had enough and the bullies came back to pick on him but he fought back slamming one into the wall and punching the other up through the roof of the school. He was later expelled from the school and sent off to other countries to learn about spiritual arts and martial arts.

First Encounter

After two years of training in Spiritual Martial Arts and Dark Martial Arts he began finding and stopping random crimes like robberies and heists. Eventually he became a icon to most people and a guardian to most. Daniel was easily able to stop crimes due to his newly found super speed and electrokinesis. One week later the Earth faced a threat so devastating and powerful it could put the entire universe at stake. Minutes later, the Avengers and X-Men came to stop the threat and Daniel joined in and proved to be a worthy teammate. As soon as he thought he was finished he was teleported into another world filled with darkness and destroyed planets. Then for the first time he encountered his father Galactus. His father attempted to control his mind but proved futile because of Daniel's overwhelming power. Once again Daniel helped saved the day and the Avengers and X-Men announced him an official superhero and he had to think of a name one that would relate to him. That day he became Apex.

Life As Apex

For being a part time hero Daniel had a pretty sweet life while being Apex. He had enough money to last him a lifetime, and had the Key to the City although fighting crime was one of his main and primary hobbies which sometimes was easy and other times wasn't depending if the criminal has super powers or if they are normal humans. He would set off to be a Superhero instead of a Hero, but he didn't want to get to famous or it would attract the attention of his father. But besides that he spent five years under the name of Apex and eventually changed his name to Apex Predator to show how far he has come and how much stronger he is than when he first became a Hero. After two years of being a hero, the Avengers announced him as a full fledged superhero and he would serve Earth and protect it from threats.

Powers and Abilities


Peak Human Physiology

Before gaining his extremely powerful abilities and powers Daniel trained in a special way with the masters of Dark Martial Arts for years before becoming a hero to the public and to the people.

  • Peak Human Condition: Daniel has excessively trained for years with masters of The Dark Arts and excelled faster than any master ever did, his condition allowed him to run and parkour at full speed for a very extended period of time while the highest record ever recorded was being a full 42 minutes, that was until Daniel came along.
  • Peak Human Speed: Using his full speed, Daniel was able to run up to an astonishing 61.5 miles per hour allowing him to outrun a moving car or speeding truck. When his stamina was lowered, Daniel could still run at about 27 miles per hour, he is even seen to be outrunning helicopters.
  • Peak Human Strength: Using his full strength combined with his spiritual training, Daniel is able to lift and or brenchpress up to twelve times his body weight or 1.500 lbs, just below one ton. Without this Daniel is still strong enough to lift three times his body weight.
  • Peak Human Agility: When at his best, Daniel can easily clear obstacles of high distance and far range. Allowing him to quickly escape gunshots and even run on walls for more than four seconds. Although his moves aren't perfect they are a close second almost flawless in almost every way possile.
  • Peak Human Endurance After receiving all his methods of training, Daniel could easily output the fullest of his abilities and combat skills for very prolonged periods of time, allowing him to fight at at fullest and fastest without dripping the slightest bit of sweat in hours.

Passive Abilities

  • Ability Absorption Reflection: After losing his Ability Absorption power, he gained a new one right after. Whenever a person tried to steal his techniques or power by contact or range it reflects back on the person and takes a portion of their energy in the part. This leaves Daniel with an opening to target and strike his foe before they become aware of their surroundings.
  • Organic Matter Regeneration: Just in case a person can completely erase all DNA traces Daniel has the ability to recreate himself by absorbing the dark matter and cosmic matter around him allowing him to make himself whole again in less than a few seconds.
  • Rage Absorption: When facing off with an opponent like The Hulk it is an advantage because Daniel can feed off all hate and rage in the person mind and body. This power is automatic and does not happen at will it happens as soon has rage is sensed or felt.

Cosmic War God Physiology

Due to being the purest son of the cosmic god Galactus...Daniel has received more than just the basic powers of his father but has also received some of the abilities of Galactus' relatives and ancestors.

  • Cosmic God Form: After having the final battle with his father Galactus, he absorbed the power from him and gained a brand new traansformation. This

    Kor-Ann's Cosmic God Armor

    form drastically alters Daniel's appearance and state of mind, in this form Daniel creates insanely strong armor from inside his body consisting of pure cosmic energy and dark matter. This armor includes a dark red cape able to transform into wings, a shield, and spikes made of pure energy and he also has a sword made of dark energy. Note that this form also increases Daniel's powers to an infinite scale depending on his rage.
  • Increasing Rage: When fighting an enemy Daniel's rage tends to increase each moment he is in conflict. When fighting, Daniel's rage grows and grows giving him more power to an immense level an almost infinite level and allows to perform highly destructive moves in a very quick and fluid manner.
  • Pure Energy Being Daniel has no bones or organs in his body but instead is highly dense and concentrated matter, mostly dark matter. This makes Daniel very tough to kill as it is almost impossible for him to die because of matter in his universe. Even if all traces of his DNA is destroyed since he is made of pure matter he will automatically recreate himself stronger than before. This does not change his overall appearance or state of mind.
  • Soul Destruction: Daniel has the ability to enter a person's mind and body and kill the soul completely destroying the victim in the process. A person who has the Soul Destruction Seal on their chest means their soul is gone and cannot be revived in anyway possible.

Martial Art Styles

  • Karate The most basic of Apex's fighting styles. He mostly uses this form of fighting for dealing quick but heavy blows to an opponent as well as blocking heavy punches and kicks. He learned Karate from Black Widow while in the Avengers in his early years.
  • Kung Fu Another form of defensive and offensive maneuvers yet stronger than the basic Karate. Daniel uses this form of fighting for well timed and perfect blows to his opponents pressure points.
  • Boxing Daniel's use of the fighting style is delivering very heavy and devastating blows to his opponents, although unlike his other forms of fighting he punches and kicks tend to be slower than when using other styles of fighting but he attacks are perfectly timed and still faster than the human eye can perceive.
  • Judo This is one of Daniel's fastest and strongest fighting styles. Apart from being a basic fighting style Daniel has immensely and viciously trained primarily in this fighting style because of it's quick effectiveness and how the flow of combat is to him. He has surpassed even the greatest fighters in his universe and could go toe to toe in a fist fight with Thanos.

Mystical Arts

  • Dark Tranquility Arts A form of dark martial arts that releases 50% of their inner demon for a short time, this method of fighting is only used for darkness, vengeance, and revenge, this state also changes Daniel's appearance as his eyes releases a black-like smoke and his voices suddenly deepens. Within this time Daniel will become extremely sadistic and extremely ruthless even going so far as to kill other innocent beings for his own sake. This also completely releases any mental blocks on Daniel allowing him to tap into his true devastating power. In this form, Daniel also appears to gain a glowing red Japanese symbol in his back, symbolizing Darkness (闇, Yami).

Light & Darkness

  • Light Tranquility Arts this method of mystical arts is the exact opposite of it's counterpart Dark Tranquility Arts as it is used only for justice, light, and willpower. In this state, Daniel has an angel-like aura surrounding him and his pupils become angelic blue instead of brown. His power increases dramatically, even enabling him to revive the dead and give willpower to living beings. Daniel also receives a glowing blue Japanese symbol on his back, symbolizing Light (光, Hikari).

Chi Manipulation

  • Chi Sense This ability allows Daniel to sense the presence of every living being on Earth. Daniel usually uses this technique to sense hidden enemies and sense the directions of attacks when fighting an opponent, although he can not sense attacks that do not include the lifeforce of beings such as missiles, grenades, projectiles, etc.
  • Chi Blasts Daniel can create energy blasts infused with his life force, allowing him to easily destroy moving projectiles and destroy planets. His blasts can come in all shapes and sizes and even colors. Yellow Blasts being the weakest only able to destroy small buildings and heavily armored vehicles although they take less time to charge than others. Red Blasts are his medium powered blasts, able to easily destroy small planets and with adding extra life force, he can alter his blasts into projectiles like swords, missiles, or even small aircrafts. Blue Blasts are his most charged and most devastating blasts, easily able to destroy universes and take down even the most powerful heroes and villains.
  • Godlike Strength Daniel's muscle tissue is made of pure cosmic energy and is stronger than even the strongest superhuman in the world. Despite his size Daniel is able to lift over quadrillions of tons meaning he can pick up mountains and lift large aircraft with ease as well as kick even destroy large planets with a single punch.
  • Godlike Speed From the cosmic power of his father Galactus, Daniel has the ability to move at supersonic speeds up to immeasurable levels, allowing him to easily dodge bullets and even vibrate his molecules to the point where he is as thin as air and can pass through solid objects. He also perceives everything in slow motion or frozen still when running and is easily able to match the Flash or even Quicksilver in speed.
  • Time Flow Combat Not only is Daniel fast but he is so fast that when facing a worthy opponent he can move so fast in combat that he literally freezes time. With almost perfect accuracy and precision he can time his attacks to the slightest nanosecond. His fastest feat in combat was when he was able to strike his opponent one trillion times in less than half a second.
  • Invulnerability Daniel's dense molecular structure provides him with unbreakable skin. He can deflect bullets and take multiple rockets to the chest and feel absolutely nothing. Once in a battle with the Hulk, Daniel was smashed through Mars itself and he arose more angered than hurt and was once punched in the chest with the force of 50,000 supernovas and stood up like nothing happened.
  • Electrokinesis One of Daniel's more latent abilities was the ability to
    Electric man by osaelf-d4pcs6

    Daniel's Electrokinesis

    control electricity. With this power Daniel could summon lightning storms, create lightning blades, lift objects, and eject lightning bolts from his hands and shoot beams of electricity out of his eyes causing major damage depending on how much energy he puts into the attack. Daniel can also create force fields and create lightning grenades.
  • Time-Space Manipulation One of Daniel's most powerful abilities would include warping time and space itself to a certain degree, this allows Daniel to travel through time and space with some effort and he can also change time to the point where everything is now reversed.
  • Supersonic Flight Daniel can use the molecules around him to easily lift him in the air allowing flight. Daniel's at max speed would be around the speed of light or higher allowing him to time travel instantly.
  • Cosmic Physiology Daniel's entire body is made of pure cosmic energy allowing Daniel to have a completely infinite supply of energy.
  • Telekinesis One of Daniel's hidden abilities is the ability to move, push, vibrate, and or pull any object with his mind. He has adept skill at this ability and can easily lift cars, trucks, buildings, and easily pull down large starcrafts. The first time he used a massive amount of energy on this skill was when he forcefully pulled his father Galactus down to his knees.
  • Galaxy Breaker Mode When in this form Daniel becomes an absolutely unstoppable force. This mode drastically alters Daniel's appearance. His pupils glow
    Dragon age red eyes2 9974

    Galaxy Breaker Mode

    an insane red and his veins begin to show as they glow red inside his body as well. Also in this mode all of his powers and abilities increase to an incalculable measure allowing him to even go toe to toe with his own father Galan (Earth-61615).
  • Disease Immunity
  • Underwater & Space Breathing
  • Minor Mind & Soul Manipulation
  • Molecular Reconstruction
  • Dimensional Travel
  • Time Travel
  • Phasing
  • Universal Reconstruction
  • Minor Size Alteration
  • Ability Absorption (formerly)
  • Black Hole Manipulation


  • Supreme Martial Artist
  • Genius Intellect
  • Master of Pressure Points

Strength level

Class 500+


  • Superhumans with Godlike Strength
  • Godlike Beings
  • Amnesia


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