Powers and Abilities

Morph has the exact same powers of Beast Boy of DC Comics, being able to assume the form of any animal, be it reptile, insect, bird, fish, amphibian, etc. He can also take on the form of creatures that have existed in the past like extinct animals, prehistoric animals, dinosaurs, as well as mythological creatures of several different cultures. These include, but are not limited to: dragons, satyrs, centaurs, minotaurs, griffins, winged horses, unicorns, hydras, lizardmen, sphinxes, basilisks, lycanthropes (of several different species), hellhounds, chimeras, and alien animals or any form of animal life that he is able to conceive. He is a beastmorph, one of the most powerful shapeshifters in the Marvel Universe, capable of perfectly duplicating any power, natural ability, special sense, or natural weaponry that the animal form he assumes possesses.

In addition, he is very hard to injure physically since whenever he is injured, he mimics the abilities of some animal with incredible healing abilities, such as salamanders. He can survive for weeks without food and water and is immune to poisons and diseases. Morph is capable of temporarily enhancing his strength to super-human levels, mimicking the strength of animals such as gorillas or elephants, and is able to lift twenty tons. Morph is also capable of flight at speeds of around 40 mph mimicking the ability of birds to fly. Additionally, he seems capable of flying psionically, similarly to the power of Animal Man of DC Comics.

Notes / Trivia

  • He has a similar appearance to Morph from the X-Men animated series and Morph from the Exiles, having a slim physique and medium height, but also white skin and eyes, with the unique trait of grey hair.
  • He often uses his shapeshifting as comic relief, or as an annoyance to and/or distraction for his enemies, possessing a sense of humor as unpredictable as that of Beast Boy.
  • Morph is a vegetarian.
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