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Real Name
Kenneth Cavill
Current Alias

Golden Guardian of Good
Golden One, Dear Reflection, Shining One (by Void)


New Avengers


Base Of Operations
New Avengers Headquarters (Danny Rand's Apartment)






Marital Status

Employee of Rand Industries

College Graduate

Child infused with unknown energies

Place of Birth

First appearance



Quote1 Call me the Sentry: Golden Guardian of Good. I have the strength of a million exploding suns; I will fight to protect you, to my last breath. Quote2
-- Kenneth Cavill

As a child, Kenneth Cavill was exposed to unknown Positive Zone energies while wandering at a public playground. At first the effects on his body were unnoticeable, even after a visit to several doctors, but from that moment forward it was his calling to become a superhero.

He later went to college and earned the degrees necessary to become an Aerospace Engineer.

Void's claims

According to the similarly powered Robert Reynolds, Kenneth Cavill is nothing more than whatever good still remained in the man made manifest, with false memories implanted in dozens of people. Void states his reasoning was to finally destroy his remaining good while also shattering hope among the civilian populous.

It is unknown if this is true, and could only be verified if Void were to die or lose his power.

Adult Life

Regardless of his origin, Kenneth arrived in New York and landed a job with an Aerospace subsidiary of Rand Industries.

Several years later, New York came under assault from A.I.M and Hydra while the Avengers had been whisked away due to the newly sparked war between the Kree, Skrulls, and Shi'ar.

As the chaos ensued around him, Kenneth began his first acts as a superhero and helped push back the invaders alongside a number of New York's active heroes at the time, which consisted of only Iron Fist, Daredevil, Spider-Man, White Tiger, and Silk.

The next day, after creating a costume, he introduced himself to the world as Sentry: The Golden Guardian of Good and officially joined the team proposed by Iron Fist. They later gained further members as more heroes rose in response to Hydra and A.I.M's invasion.

Powers and Abilities


Sentry gained his powers after being exposed to unidentified Positive Zone energies as a child. Due to this, he has incredible powers far beyond most other super-humans and is said to possess the power of a million exploding suns. Uatu the Watcher claimed that Sentry was one of the strongest beings in the universe. While he possessed unresolved worries and doubts about what his power would do to him mentally, Sentry unconsciously limited himself to accessing only access 90% of his potential.

  • Augmented Physiology: Due to the unknown energies which bombarded him as a child, Sentry's physiology slowly altered into a highly augmented state.
    • Enhanced Intellect: A by-product of his powers, Sentry's mind is capable of processing, understanding, and take advantage of new information more effectively and efficiently than before.
    • Superhuman Senses: Sentry has highly augmented senses, allowing him to see across vast distances. He could see a stickup from above the cloud-layer in perfect detail. His hearing is similarly augmented and can detect any pitch at almost any volume within several city blocks of his person. He claims his other senses are rather tame in comparison.
    • Superhuman Density: His body is noted to be denser than normal humans, which contributes to his weight.
    • Superhuman Strength: Sentry possesses vastly superhuman strength and can press far more than 100 tons easily. His feats include physically defeating the Hulk shortly after the gamma-being transformed and lifting enormous mechanical walkers engineered by Hydra. Additionally, he has moved asteroids to prevent them from hitting Earth. He is also among the few beings that can hurt the Void.
    • Superhuman Speed/Reflexes: Sentry can move and react to his environment at speeds easily eclipsing even the finest human athletes and the majority of super-humans. He is able to catch advanced sniper rounds fired from multiple sources traveling at Mach 7. While slower, he could also perceive, react to, and catch the Eternal Speedster Makkari, who was capable of moving faster than Iron Man's sensors could process. Quicksilver is much faster than Sentry, as even without his cape dragging his speed down and sprinting, Kenneth was half as fast as Pietro when the mutant was super-speed walking.
    • Nigh-Invulnerability: Sentry is extremely durable, capable of withstanding blows from a newly enraged Hulk during their confrontation and even a blast from a Celestial without being killed, though he was badly wounded. According to Iron Man's sensors, Sentry has no physical weaknesses to exploit. He also withstood a prolonged beating from Void, with every strike enough to badly damage Iron Man's armor. He is immune to all earthly diseases and sickness.
    • Superhuman Stamina: Sentry can engage in highly strenuous activities for around 48 hours before requiring rest.
    • Self Sustenance: Sentry has no need for oxygen, food, or water. He can comfortably exist in space without harm. He does need to sleep, however, but can remain awake for nearly a week before it begins to impair him.
    • Flight: Through unknown means Sentry is able to fly at insanely high speeds, fast enough to escape Earth's gravitational well and even continue flying outside the atmosphere. His top speed is unknown, but can access hyperspace under his own power when flying. He usually keeps his speed to just under escape velocity when traveling across the Earth. A more subtle usage of this power allows him to seemingly reduce his own weight by slightly "lifting" himself, allowing him to go on things like elevators without potentially drawing unwanted attention.
      • Extradimensional travel: Only displayed during his fight with Void, Sentry can, while traveling through hyperspace, enter and exit alternate dimensions. He has only displayed the capacity to travel between Earth-42180's Negative Zone and Positive Universe.
    • Healing Factor: While it is difficult to damage Sentry, it is possible. In this event his body is capable of healing itself from all but the most traumatic injuries within a month. It is unknown if he could regenerate missing limbs or organs.
    • Biological Immortality: Another byproduct of his array of powers, Sentry cannot physically age past thirty.
  • Energy Projection/Manipulation/Photokinesis: Sentry can project energy from himself in the form of light, which allows him a variety of effects. He can also release energy bolts that contain heat and force, with their destructive potential's upper limit unknown. The maximum speed of his energy blasts is unknown, but he can perceive them in motion. Additionally, Sentry can "harden" his energy to craft constructs or project enough force on a structure to prevent it from collapsing underneath its own weight. Strangely, his light can calm Hulk in certain circumstances.
  • Healing: Sentry was able to unknowingly heal the cuts and bruises of a leper while simultaneously curing them of their condition. It is unknown what allows him to achieve these feats, nor the limitations.


  • Genius intelligence: Kenneth is very intelligent, comparable to Spider-Man prior to his superpowers enhancing him. After becoming the Sentry, he now possesses a "world-class" intellect on par with Tony Stark, Reed Richards, T'Challa, Bruce Banner, and Henry Pym.
  • Willpower: Sentry's willpower is such that he can resist telepathic attack and mental manipulation from moderately powerful psychics. However, according to Sentry, he is not as courageous as his teammates. When the New Avengers were trapped in a powerful mental prison which required great will to break free, Kenneth was the only one among them who couldn't.
  • Polymath: Even prior to his enhanced intellect kicking in, Kenneth possesses knowledge and understanding in several scientific fields, as he studied for and is an aerospace engineer. He personally designed and later upgraded an observational satellite for the New Avengers.
  • Average Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Kenneth has little to no formal combative training. Despite this, his overwhelming power allows him to defeat many opponents who are otherwise more skilled than him. Along several other New Avengers, he is being instructed by Danny Rand in martial arts.

Strength level

Class 100+: Even though he can only access 90% of his power, Sentry's might is even with The Incredible Hulk's normal levels.


  • Negative Zone: Sentry's powers gradually weaken the longer he stays in this realm.
  • Energy/Psychological Limitation: Sentry's power can fluctuate depending on how much energy he is accessing. It is possible for Sentry to stop accessing his powers for a time, allowing him to live a normal life without fear of accidentally harming people though this leaves Kenneth highly vulnerable. According to Void, Sentry's fear of his power prevents him from accessing more than 90% of his full potential, allowing Void to simply overpower him.
  • Over-expenditure: If Sentry is forced to use his full power for an extended period of time, he runs the risk of sapping his strength. If this happens, he will temporarily be powerless and need to recover.


Equipment: Sentry Costume
Transportation: Self-Propelled Flight (As Sentry)
Blue Sedan (As Kenneth)
Weapons: None known.


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