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Real Name
Kelsey Shorr Leigh
Current Alias

Captain Britain, Protector of Avalon


European Defense Initiative (leader): MI-13, Excalibur (splinter group; reabsorbed); Avengers (ally; former member of Avengers International, defunct)

Chuck Leigh (father; estranged), Olivia Shorr (mother; estranged), unnamed twin (deceased); Jamie Braddock (former lover; deceased)


Base Of Operations
England, United Kingdom; sometimes based in the main E.D.I. Headquarters, Brussels, Belgium






Marital Status

Adventurer, homemaker, government agent; former schoolteacher

University graduate

Human mutate

First appearance

Modern Comics: Avengers
Vol 1 43


Quote1 I once thought I was good as dead for not getting a wee bit chance to live on me own terms... But bollocks... I was that wrong... Even two roads can become one after all... Quote2
-- Lionheart

Early Years

Kelsey Shorr Leigh was born around the late 1970s to wealthy estate owners Chuck Leigh and Olivia Shorr. Though she was initially assigned male at birth along with her unborn twin sister, her mother was heavily depressed and even often suicidal to find out that her other twin didn't make it, making her an unfortunate victim of the infamous case of miscarriage that was the "vanishing twin syndrome." Trying to solve her mother's unstable condition from worsening, father asked the doctors and surgeons to reassign his newborn son through surgery and any other different methods such as hormone therapy, offering them prices to the highest bidder just to fulfill his desperate request for his wife's sake. Surprised by the amount of pounds Chuck had offer to them, their personal physicians eventually obliged his demand, thus medically reassigning their surviving twin from a male to a female. After finding out about the newborn's gender reassignment, Chuck's wife Olivia was slowly but progressively starting to feel better, appreciating her husband's actions despite initially being skeptic about what happened to their surviving twin. Looking at her daughter as she holds her in her arms for the first time, she felt thankful that she was given a second chance to raise a baby girl into their lives.

Kelsey was raised by her parents as a normal pristine, brave, cheery, persevere, and mostly-respectful girl, as their parents felt nothing was wrong with their daughter, always feeling sincerely happy and contented whenever she's around them. The only problem that was haunting them every night, was the fact that her status as a gender-reassigned infant was something that they decided to keep a secret from the rest of their family, friends, and peers, fearing they might discriminate them to the point that they would start losing clients for their property, and in turn, their livelihood. Unfortunate for the couple, their fear unexpectedly came true, since Kelsey's peers started to find out the secret that she was assigned male at birth, rendering for her friends' parents to started shunning them away from Kelsey, restricting their own child any chances or opportunity to interact or communicate with her ever again, much to Kelsey's dejection the first time she started noticing her friends drift away, albeit with reluctance. Ever since she found out the truth about her infancy in her teens, Kelsey was initially betrayed to the point that her parents' trust was close to being broken, believing for a time that she was "better off dead" due to experiencing existential crises.

Personal Tragedy

Thankfully, her personal ordeal ended when she was eighteen, the time she forgave her parents and came to understand what her mother was going through at the time she was conceiving her and her now deceased twin. Hope was not lost for Kelsey growing up, as some of her most loyal friends always felt how important Kelsey was which rendered them to rebel against their parents just to hang out with her in secret. As a result, some of her friends' were subjected by their parents into moving far away from Kelsey's residence, but there are some whose parents were not so transphobic with Kelsey due to her background, even genuinely seeing her as a great friend and family-like figure to their children until she and her friends had grown up into early adulthood.

Going to college to pursue a bachelor of arts degree in English literature which piqued her interest and passion in reading classics, watching plays and teaching kids about it, Kelsey was inevitably distanced from her parents for the next four to five years, but still got a form of family within her both childhood and newfound friends, in which most of them were welcoming after hearing her birth and childhood. Kelsey experienced Apocalypse's destructive reawakening and experienced it first hand, as England was one of the very countries in the world that was devastatingly affected by Magneto's momentary alterations to the planet's magnetic poles which caused dozen cities to be demolished in the process. In Kelsey's case, she was concerned in horror after finding out her closest friends were still inside their dorm when their building collapsed.

While a lot of survivors were mourning outside the collapse zone hoping that their loved ones are still safe within the debris, Kelsey had the courageous guts to enter the fallen, still structurally-unstable apartment and search for survivors, to which she did find and helped them get out from the debris, though none of them were her friends. Eventually, some people around the neighborhood saw a miracle happened when the group of super-soldiers (agents of E.D.I.) came into the area to rescue more survivors, initially relieving Kelsey that they'll save her friends trapped under all the ruins. Unfortunate for her, Kelsey was painfully heartbroken to experience a personal tragedy after witnessing the Captain Britain and other agents sorrowfully retrieve the lifeless bodies of three of her best friends: Jenny, Marten, and her boyfriend Richard. Kelsey bursts into tears of sorrow at the spot along with a few other survivors as they mourn their fallen loved ones, as a few more corpses were found at the scene, showing the significant amount of casualties across England caused by the global incident.

The New Normal

Surviving the incident, Kelsey was ridden with guilt, going through another internal crisis which led her to believing she was better off dead, feeling mostly alone despite some of her friends and even her family trying their best to help her get through her friends's untimely passing. For the next few months, Kelsey was on her last year in college when she spent her most of her spare time drinking, sleeping around, and partying at clubs, in the pursuit of numbing her unbearable pain and guilt. Her peers and professors couldn't be more concerned about her, since she started skipping several of her classes in order to spend it on alcohol and clubbing, and a few more absents, cutting classes, and incomplete projects would led to her own failure, something they feared would happen. Distracted at her college works by trying to deal with grief in the most extreme ways, Kelsey also purchased a new club drug, which was a "psychedelic serum," while she was partying at a club one night.

Becoming addicted to the liquid substance, Kelsey bought the drug while mixing it with her drinks, as the dealer had told her it was the "standard method" of taking it in. After countless sessions of drinking and partying, Kelsey eventually grew tired of her personal vices and after waking up from a heavy-loaded hangover inside her new apartment, she knew it was time to stop abusing herself and claims to try and get "her sh*te together" since she's months away from graduating, which could've change if she kept goofing around with her life. With her wake-up call, Kelsey gave herself a closure for the loss of her friends, was determined to continue her normal college life until she finally graduated for the sake of honoring their memories. She did what she promised to herself and for her loved ones, but there was another sudden, drastic change that she had to deal with as well.

One night while walking in the streets of London, Kelsey and dozens of bystanders were caught in the front line of a battle between E.D.I.'s Captain Britain and a supercriminal simply named Albion, who was being dealt with due to his crimes for producing an illegal psychedelic drug, the same one Kelsey was responsible for consuming several times. At that moment Kelsey had suddenly done the impossible when Albion threw a car on the direction where they were standing at. With an act of impulse, Kelsey held the car as it was hurling towards them, stopping its momentum and thus saving her and her fellow bystanders. Despite impressing both the superhero along with her fellow citizens whom she instinctively saved, she was no match for the apparently more experienced criminal as it proceeded to blow inflicted several injuries on her, knocking her out. However, it was thanks to her courageous sacrifice that gave Captain Britain a fighting chance to turn the tables back into his favor and finally defeat Albion for good 'till the very end.

Both Roads Taken

In the aftermath of the battle, Kelsey was retrieved and treated by E.D.I. physicians under Captain Britain's orders, who thought her powers was strangely similar to his and his fellow soldiers but was nevertheless inspired by her heroic bravery. Upon waking up in her bed, Kelsey was back at her apartment when she found what seems to be an secret agency card at her desk, abbreviated as the E.D.I., Captain Britain's agency. Later on during a weekend, Kelsey met with agent Braddock, who was sent to recruit Kelsey into joining the E.D.I. after graduating college, to which Kelsey was surprised that the agency already knew her personal background. Kelsey was conflicted, since while she was intrigued by the fact that an intelligence agency was interested in her courage (though actually more on finding out where she got her powers), but reminding herself it has always been her dream to be a teacher as soon as she graduates. Braddock tried his best to convince her why they need someone like her, but in the end, he still gave her a choice that she herself has to carefully make.

She had until graduation to make her decision, to which after the day she graduated, she once again met with agent Braddock to inform him that she'd be joining their team, revealing that although it was painful to think at first, she eventually sacrificed her own career path in exchanged for serving the greater good. Still, despite this reluctant decision, Braddock in return informed Kelsey that she would eventually get the chance to be a teacher as the superiors of the E.D.I. were amused by her expertise in English, deciding to also recruit her into their education crew, helping young non-English European trainees and agents in learning the universal language in preparation for both future missions and their personal lives. Hearing this unbelievable surprise, Kelsey was extremely euphoric to the point where her emotions led her to hugging the seemingly stoic agent by instinct, a habit she frequently does with her close friends. Both were initially embarrassed, though the agent was secretly enlivened by Kelsey's sudden embrace. As a few days pass, Kelsey packed her stuff moving out of apartment to ride an E.D.I.-owned plane and moved in the main headquarters of the E.D.I., in Brussels, Belgium where she began her training and eventually learning her powers (both its application and later its origins) under the codename Lionheart, which interestingly enough something that her peers and family would often describe her bravery in times of distress.

Ultimate War

During the growing threats of the invading Movement Alliance, Lionheart and the rest of the E.D.I., along with the assistance of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Reserves (most notably the size-changing agent Bill Foster) sent from the United States after forming a global Ultimate Alliance to end their devastation worldwide, courageously fended off the continuous forces throughout the entirety of Europe against the forces of the Movement, which included the godly Tricksters of Asgard (led by Loki) who washed up and caused different kinds of mischief and evil all over Europe from ever entering the most-populated countries and cities of the continent, doing their very best to keep the cities safe by letting the wreak and havoc settle far away from the populated landscape, as far away as possible. In the end, the Ultimates were successful in defeating the villainy of the Movement, only at the cost of millions of deaths, which included the E.D.I.'s founder and director, Sir James Braddock. Kelsey was later present during his wake and funeral, helping the Braddock siblings (Jamie, Brian, and Betsy) and other staff in dealing and interacting with its visitors. At a night of the funeral, Kelsey and the siblings got to know each other better, especially Jamie, as she personally opened up the loss of her closest friends back in college due to Apocalypse's modern return.

Civil War

Lionheart 61615

Lionheart leads the E.D.I.-splintered Excalibur against Prime Minister Jaspers' political regime over the United Kingdom

During the official implementation of the global Superhuman Registration Act by the United Nations as a response to the chaotic aftermath of the Ultimate War, Jamie Braddock (now Captain Britain) as the new director of E.D.I. decided to side and fully agree with the worldwide accords, along with the E.D.I.'s mutual ally American agency S.H.I.E.L.D. under the deputy directorship of Maria Hill and Tony Stark's leadership as the public face of the act itself, for the overall betterment of the European Union's own safety from potential attacks in the future, both international and extraterrestrial alike if the latter returns in the future.

During the brief but devastating conflict of heroic ideologies between those who supported the act's objectives, and those who were strongly against it. Commonly known as the Superhuman Civil War, Jamie and the E.D.I. armed forces were desperately tasked by the Parliament after London was placed under temporary martial law, in hopes of investigating and forcibly apprehending countless individuals who were discreetly and secretly suspected as participants in the defunct Movement Alliance during the Ultimate War, without the individuals having any warrant of arrest whatsoever or considering that some of them were actually innocent to begin with. Disillusioned with Braddock and the E.D.I.'s decision to side with the Parliament, Lionheart found her allies' leaders disgraceful for not choosing what was right, and decided to leave the agency after witnessing how a peace-keeping organization and government can easily go out of control first-hand and become a regime of tyranny, in the times of desperation, and in this case she witnessed the Parliament's sudden turn against its citizens, instead of helping each other solve the bigger problem by finding the remaining perpetrators that tragically caused the war in the first place.

Thankfully, the considerably unethical and slightly unrighteous actions of the E.D.I. tasked by the Parliament were intervened by led by Lionheart herself, who publicly became a momentary figure of rebellion as civil rights activist. In response to what she had saw as unfair and injustice for the rights of superheroes and even civilians alike, she founded the splinter group dubbed Excalibur, consisting of activists, defected agents, and a faction of heroes within the United Kingdom under her leadership as they shared they same ideology on the Parliament's authoritative, nation-enforced decision.

The two forces then battle out as the insurgency of Lionheart that was Excalibur, who was in support in Steven Rogers' cause to fight off the proponents of the Registration, decided to protect the surviving targeted citizens and give them refuge in the meantime, while they find a way to determine whether they were truly innocent, or they were involved as criminals in the Movement Alliance during the Global Superhuman War. Nonetheless, Jamie continued his noble mission to apprehend both the insurgency and the targeted suspects, not knowing that they were already manipulated under the strings of the then current Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, the narcissistic genius Sir James Jaspers, one of the true secret masterminds for helping the Movement in their weaponry supply and most of the geographical access to the European Union during the war. The civil fight between both sides continued for several days, until both Jamie and Lionheart finally figured out that Prime Minister Jaspers was the the one responsible for most the manipulations reoccurring within Europe since the months before the Ultimate War had taken place. Using Jaspers' powerful influence against the joint forces, the latter tried to command his royal armed forces as he tried to get out of London and subsequently escape captivity from the authorities.

In the end, the two faction of heroes have settled their differences and decided to temporarily team up to take down Jaspers' secret regime, to which they successfully apprehended the evil mastermind and interrogated him into confessing the true identity of the agent Mark Gruler, who was revealed to be Helmut Zemo. This revelation had consequently helped Steven Rogers and the secret Avengers faction in confronting the true villain at the conclusion of the conflict, after Jamie and Lionheart decided to contact the heroic fugitive and trust him in secret in spite of the United States government labeling him as a fugitive for leading the opposition against the registration act.

In the aftermath of Civil War, Jamie and Lionheart have come upon a mutual decision to disclose their ties with each other for now, with the E.D.I. deciding to let them go and go into hiding with the rest of the registration's countless opponents, instead of handing the latter over to the harsh and overstrict authorities surrounding across England. Shortly afterwards, the E.D.I. began their new mission to investigate the Parliament, confronting and apprehending others may be affiliated with the unhinged former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom since his rise to power and fall.

Secret Invasion

When the stealthy invasion secretly planned by the ruthless Skrull race and empire comes to fruition, the Ultimates have come to reform once again with the willing assistance (consisting of both the 50-State Initiative of Iron Man and the Anti-Registration Forces of Captain America), S.H.I.E.L.D., Lionheart & the E.D.I., the Thunderbolts, the Dark Avengers, and most of the Earth's super-powered individuals must unite to stop the conquering villainous extraterrestrial race, aided by the cosmic heroes, the Guardians of the Galaxy and the entire Ravager Network. In the midst of the climactic battle against the Skrull invaders in the coastlines of the United Kingdom, Kelsey along with her national forces were almost defeated and had the country almost taken over due to the extraterrestrials' strength in numbers, before eventually a miracle was sent to them in the form of Lionheart herself and the noble Excalibur, the once separated insurgent faction unit of the European Defense Initiative, persistent in helping them combat and defend the entirety of Europe from the shapeshifting Skrulls.

Powers and Abilities


Interdimensional Energy Conduit: After she became addicted to a serum, thought to be a psychoactive drug, she had acquired from a dealer at a nightclub, consuming it usually in her alcoholic drinks. Eventually discovering the serum's origin was of a mystical source, Lionheart possesses all the various superhuman attributes that go along the very same source that permanently powered up Captain Britain's might, an unidentified interdimensional energy source originally discovered by scientists Daniel Merlyn and Sir James Braddock.

  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Stamina
  • Superhuman Agility
  • Superhuman Reflexes
  • Superhuman Acute Senses
  • Superhuman Healing
  • Flight
  • Force Field
  • Destructive Blasts
  • Cosmetic Facial Alteration
Power Grid [1]
Energy Projection*
Fighting Skills
* Heightened stats when empowered


  • Gifted Intelligence
    • English History
    • Literature Expert
  • Master Combatant
  • Gifted Acrobat
  • Expert Tactician and Strategist
  • Trained Military Operator
  • Weapons Proficiency

Strength level

Class 16+


None known.



  • Lionheart Uniform
  • Various advanced technology equipment'
  • E.D.I. issue communications equipment
  • Victoria Cross


  • Flight


  • The Sword of Might
  • Personal Quarterstaff


  • No special notes.
  1. Modern Comics: Avengers Vol 2 43


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