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Agent Bee, also known as Kelly Morrison, is a highly trained combat mutant enrolled in the White Eagle Military Organization. She lived in the base since childhood, being trained by her parents. Her father trained her in different combat styles while her mother trainer her to use pyrokinesis, a ability given to her at birth. At 20 years old she participated in an experiment to develop power armor. This armor was to enhance the physical abilities of the wearer by 200%. The results was a success, and she became one of the first ones to take it into battle. Coloring hers yellow and black, she gained the code name Agent Bee. She was also given a shield made of Adamantium. Her first assignment was to gather data on and arrest the vigilante Mythos. That was her main goal until one of the power suits were stolen by a former scientist-turned-thug, wanting to use it for his own personal gains. Unfortunately, the armor was stolen again, but this time it was an ogre-like creature who called himself Dread Ogre. She finds Mythos covered in the rubble of the building Dread Ogre destroyed when he escaped. She arrests Mythos and brings him back to the White Eagle's base for questioning. Unable to get any helpful answers out of him, Bee makes him track down the Dread Ogre's whereabouts, while she accompanies him.


Pyrokinesis- being able to control fire and even use it as projectiles

Power armor- this armor amplifies her strength and speed'. She can fly, project laser blasts, and fire rockets.