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Real Name
Kazuto Fukami
Current Alias

Holy Grail (Supposedly)
Guren Higashikata (Supposed previous life)






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Unusual Features
Dark red eyes, silver hair


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A man with no recollection of his past or any personal memories. With nothing but a book and a cane/sword, he sets out to uncover the mystery of his past.

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Kazuto has no recollection of his personal life. He doesn't know if he has a family, or if he's even human. He has no blood relatives in this world, nor does he know anyone in this world. All he has to his name is a strange cane, and a uniquely-designed book named the "Aegis Encyclopedia." This wasn't a normal book, per se, due to the fact that it projected holographic pages instead of physical, paper pages. It also contained within it a set of strange crystalline objects identified as "Aegis Cores" by the Encyclopedia. Each Core is linked to a specific familiar named after Shinto deities, each with their own abilities and personalities. He would come to bond with them and learn of whatever secrets they may hold. One day, while out working, he encountered a vicious monster who claimed to know of Kazuto. It attacked him, so he fought back with his Familiars, leading him to learn a small, but important detail about his past. He was once known as the Holy Grail, a great warrior who fought to protect people from the monsters who would attack without mercy. Knowing this, Kazuto took on the name "Seihai " and decided to fight crime in the hopes that he would eventually find a clue to his past, be it a person who may have known him or a monster who holds knowledge of his past.

Powers and Abilities


Kazuto's powers come from his Aegis Cores and the Familiars tied to them. He currently has access to six Cores and Familiars, though he's found pages in his Aegis Encyclopedia book that suggest he may have held more originally.

  • Aegis Core Empowerment - Most of Kazuto's powers come in the form of the Aegis Cores, a small crystal in the shape of a Latin Cross with shortened side arms. Each Crystal provides its own manipulable element, Familiar, and combat armor for Kazuto to use. They are as follows:
    • Kagutsuchi Core - A brilliant red gem based on the Japanese fire god, this Core provides a significant offensive boost in addition to a red, fire-based combat armor. Its speed is reduced from Kazuto's default armor, but its defensive capacity is slightly upgraded in addition to fire manipulation. In this armor, the Aegis Driver cane that Kazuto normally carries around transforms into its Incendiary state, becoming a scimitar-like weapon with a blade composed of flames compressed around the sword’s physical blade; it will also display the kanji “炎” (Honō), meaning “flame.”
      • God of Flame: Kagutsuchi - Kagutsuchi manifests as a red male humanoid of similar stature to Kazuto with white armor plating on its arms, shins, and chest; a white mask in the shape of the Kanji for flame imprinted on it in dark red; and a pair of wings made of fire resting on his back. Kazuto personifies Kagutsuchi as a male, and the latter is fine with this. Contrary to what one may think, Kagutsuchi is a surprisingly relaxed individual with a strong will and a rather warm, almost fatherly sense of compassion for Kazuto. When unleashing a punching barrage, he’ll shout “Achachacha...!” over and over again before ending with one last “Acha!”
    • Kuraokami Core - A pale blue and white gem based on the Japanese snow god, this Core and combat armor focus on stealth, with slightly enhanced speed to assist in free-running if needed. Navy blue and black armor plating can recolor themselves to match the surroundings in order to blend in, even camouflaging his weapon. The Aegis Driver will display the kanji “氷” (Kōri), meaning “Ice,” in addition to transforming into its Permafrost state: a short sword-like weapon which can extend its blade length with ice constructs.
      • God of Snow and Ice: Kuraokami - Kuraokami takes on the form of a blue male humanoid encased in a sleek samurai armor made of ice with a helmet that features a mask shaped after the kanji for Ice. Kuraokami is a reserved, quiet character who prefers to get things done as quickly and efficiently as possible. His punch barrage cry is “Gaki gaki gaki... Gakin!”
    • Raijin Core - A green gem based on the Japanese lightning god, this Core and armor grant increased mobility and gliding abilities. The green armor plating hides thrusters and boosters that allow him to glide by discharging static electricity or they can be used to launch him forward by rapidly discharging electricity and traveling along the current. The Aegis Driver will display the kanji “雷” (Kaminari), meaning “thunder,” while shifting into a large sickle designated as its Tesla state.
      • God of Thunder and Lightning: Raijin - A humanoid figure wearing green robes with yellow lightning bolt designs and a emerald mask with the kanji for thunder engraved on it. Raijin himself is a mischievous and rather lecherous character, playing pranks or ogling anyone he finds attractive, much to Kazuto’s dismay. His punching barrage cry is “Hora hora hora...!”
    • Sarutahiko Core - A dark amber gem based on the Japanese earth god, this Core provides an armor in shades of brilliant amber brown and yellow, with heavy plating and built-in, high-durability energy shields for maximum defensive capacity. Its physical strength is perhaps the greatest among the base armors, though its speed is definitely the slowest. This form will have the Aegis Driver display the kanji “土” (Tsuchi), meaning “earth” as it takes on its Quake state: a Kanabo club.
      • God of the Earth: Sarutahiko - A humanoid figure enveloped in a heavy samurai armor made of beautiful amber and brown, with a mask in the shape of the kanji for “earth.” Sarutahiko is a stoic individual who holds deep, immense wisdom and knowledge within him. He has amazing tactical prowess, but knows when to provide sage advice to Kazuto in his times of need. His punching barrage cry, because he is capable of performing one, is “Dododododododo... Don!”
    • Tsukuyomi Core - A dark purple gem based on the Japanese shadow god, this Core provides Kazuto with a black and purple armor that harnesses the power of the dark, allowing him to hop through shadows for surprise attacks or high maneuverability. The Aegis Driver will display the kanji “影” (Kage), meaning “shadow,” as it assumes its Eclipse state: a blade of pure shadow energy.
      • God of the Moon: Tsukuyomi - A black-and-white striped humanoid figure wearing a black cloak that splits into many coattails with additional red detailing, a mask in the shape of the kanji for “shadow,” and a strange plume-like design on its head resembling a crescent moon that’s been partially destroyed with jagged chunks of it floating away. Tsukuyomi presents himself as… a mysterious and cryptic figure, offering vague hints and showing a similar level of wisdom to Sarutahiko that is obscured by his cryptic bullshit. He shares his barrage cry with his sister and [REDACTED], which is “Muda muda muda...!”
    • Amaterasu Core - A brilliant gold gem based on the Japanese light goddess, this Core equips Kazuto with a white and gold armor that wields the power of the sun, granting him blinding lights and the ability to fire laser beams at will. The Aegis Driver changes to deploy a blade made of pure solar energy, designated as its Aurora state, while displaying the kanji for light “光” (Hikari).
      • Goddess of the Sun: Amaterasu - A female figure made of sunlight and cloaked in a beautiful white and gold kimono with a mask featuring the kanji for “light.” Being one of the few goddesses/female Familiars working with Kazuto, she has to present herself as a noble lady with high morals and a benevolent exterior. However, she is capable of acting in a more casual manner and only presents herself nobly when around people other than him. She shares her barrage cry with her brother and [REDACTED], which is “Muda muda muda...!”


  • Multilingual - Kazuto is well versed in Japanese, English, French, and German, with some knowledge of Latin.
  • Skilled Melee Combatant - While incapable of fighting on his own, he does hold inherent knowledge of multiple fighting styles and is capable of executing one or two of these maneuvers in order to assist his Familiars and finish off enemies.
  • Creativity - The abilities his Familiars provide are capable of straightforward damage, but Kazuto's unique mentality allows him to make use of their abilities in much more creative and tricky ways.
  • Advanced Learning Rate - Kazuto can learn to perform tasks at a highly accelerated rate, though combat techniques take longer to learn due to their complexity.

Strength level



  • Physiology - Despite being a rather fit person with above average strength and stamina, Kazuto's existence renders him incapable of fighting on his own. However, the more Kazuto exists on Earth-2977, the more his body can adapt so he can fight for himself.
  • Aegis Core Familiars - Kazuto's Familiars draw their physical existence from him, and any damage inflicted on them will be reflected on Kazuto. If enough damage is dealt, Kazuto will die, and his Familiar will perish.



  • Aegis Encyclopedia - A book that opens up to reveal a holographic interface. It actively records information for Kazuto to read over at his leisure, as well as holds his Aegis Cores when inactive.
  • Aegis Cores - The aforementioned set of crystals that give Kazuto his powers and armor.
  • Aegis Driver (Cane Form) - Normally, the Aegis Driver disguises itself as a cane three feet in length with T-shaped grip, a circular protrusion 5 inches in diameter approximately 6 inches away from the grip, and various Japanese Kanji written along its length. These Kanji are the same ones it displays when in its active weapon form while channeling a specific Aegis Core's abilities, which are 炎 (Fire), 氷 (Ice), 雷 (Thunder), 土 (Earth), 影 (Shadow), and 光 (Light). The cane itself is made of a brilliant silver metal.

Transportation: Customized Honda CBR1000RR

  • Aegis Driver (Sword Form) - In this form, the Aegis Driver becomes a single-edged sword with a circular handguard and a T-shaped pommel. The Kanji on the cane are gone, instead featuring lines indicating a separation. Indeed, the sword's blade splits open and shuffles around slightly before projecting an energy blade from the now-exposed gaps. The circular handguard will display the Kanji corresponding to the Aegis Core currently being channeled, which is also inserted into the center of the guard and held in place by an unknown, undisturbed force that perpetually holds the Core in the guard's center until Kazuto manually removes or replaces the Core within. Its additional formations are mentioned above, but will be listed here for convenience's sake:
    • Incendiary State - A scimitar-like weapon with a blade composed of flames compressed around the sword’s physical blade; linked to the Kagutsuchi core and displays the kanji “炎” (Honō), meaning “flame.”
    • Permafrost State - A shortsword which can extend its blade length with ice constructs; linked to the Kuraokami Core and displays the kanji “氷” (Kōri), meaning “Ice.”
    • Tesla State - A large sickle arcing with electricity; linked to the Raijin Core and displays the kanji “雷” (Kaminari), meaning “thunder.”
    • Quake State - A Kanabo club with extreme weight; linked to the Sarutahiko Core and displays the kanji “土” (Tsuchi), meaning "earth."
    • Eclipse State - A sword similar to the default Aegis Driver's sword, though it has a double-edged design and deploys a blade made of shadow energy; linked to the Tsukuyomi Core and displays the kanji “影” (Kage), meaning “shadow.”
    • Aurora State - The same sword as the Eclipse State, but with a lighter color scheme and a blade made of light energy; linked to the Amaterasu Core and displays the kanji “光” (Hikari), meaning "light."


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  • Kazuto's vigilante alias "Seihai" is the Japanese word for "Holy Grail," his supposed original alias before the amnesia.
  • He doesn't know his own age due to amnesia, but has legally defined it as 25 years old.

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