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Katherine Pryde, also known as the Wolverine and as Kitty is a young mutant. Her parents where well known scientists who where working on a top secret project for the government when he and his entre crew where assassinated by a unknown assassin, leading Kitty to be taken in by a man claiming to be related to her, Nathaniel Essex. He began experimenting on her in secret. Charles Xavier then rescued her and ended up adopting her, she became a founding member of the X-Men

Powers & Abilities 

  • Intangibility - Kitty posses the ability to walk through solid objects or to make other solid objects go through her, if she touches somebody else as she turns, she can make them intangible also.
  • Air & Water Walking: She can use her phasing abilities, Shadowcat can freely walk on both air and water. 
  • Retractable Claws - Kitty was given retractable metal claws by Essex, these can cut through nearly anything.
  • Super Strength - She has incredible strength and is able to go toe to toe with even the strongest of foes
  • Super Agility - She possesses superhuman agility and has reflexes that are greater than most humans and even than some mutants
  • Super Senses - Katherine was also given enhanced smelling and enhanced hearing by Essex.
  • Healing Factor - Essex also gave her a regeneration ability that allows her to heal her own wounds, she is also to able to grow back severed limbs.
  • Camouflage: Kitty can blend into her surroundings, practically making her invisible to anything seen to the naked eye.
  • Expert Martial Artist - Kitty has been well trained in many Martial Arts by many teachers over the years.
  • Genius-level Computer Expert - She is an expert in the field of computer science.
  • Expert Marksman -  She is an expert in armed-combat and is well trained in the use of many different types of weapons.
  • Master Spy - She is extremely well trained in the art of espionage.
  • Multilingual: She speaks fluent Japanese, Russian, Gaelic and Hebrew.
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