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Current Alias

Kate Bishop, Bishop, Hawkingbird, Mockingbird, Weapon Woman, Taskmistress, Knightress, "Female Archer", Hawkette, Katie, Lady Hawkman, Lady Hawkeye



Hawkeye's partner; formerly Young Avengers

Derek Bishop (father);

Eleanor Bishop (mother, deceased)
Heather Bishop (step-mother)

Susan Bishop (sister)


Base Of Operations
Bishop Publishing, New York City, New York; formerly Avengers Mansion, New York City, New York






Marital Status

Student; Adventurer; Fugitive

Enrolled at Hawthorne Academy preparatory school


Place of Birth


First appearance


Quote1 I have no powers and not nearly enough training, but I'm doing this anyways. Being a super hero is amazing. Everyone should try it. Quote2
-- Hawkeye


Kate Bishop grew up as the youngest daughter of a rich Manhattanite family. Her father was emotionally distant and busy with work while her mother died while she was still young. Though Kate was close to her older sister, Susan, she developed a very independent, blunt, and stubborn personality.

A few months prior to her sister's wedding, Kate was assaulted while walking in Central Park. The event initially left Kate traumatized and isolated. However, the ordeal eventually motivated her to learn several forms of combat fighting and self-defense. She quickly became proficient in swordplay, archery, and martial arts. She also met with a therapist during this time to work through some of her issues.

Young Avengers

Kate first encountered the Young Avengers when they attempted to save her and two hundred other guests at her sister's wedding in St. Patrick's Cathedral. Unfortunately, the Young Avengers were only successful in starting a fire and becoming hostages themselves. It was Kate that saved them using one of Patriot's throwing stars. The Young Avengers were able, however, to escape the scene before the police arrived.

After the attack, at the hospital, Kate was approached by Cassie Lang, daughter of Ant-Man. Together the girls tracked down the Young Avengers to the ruins of the Avengers Mansion, where the girls confronted the team and invited themselves on as members. To join the team, Kate donned gear from the Mansion including Mockingbird's Battle Staves and mask, Swordsman's Sword, Black Widow's utility belt, and Hawkeye's Bow. After saving the world, Kate and Cassie remained on as permanent members.

Powers and Abilities


Kate Bishop is a baseline human with no superhuman powers. However, she does possess several skills, including:

  • Photographic Memory/Reflexes: Kate possesses photographic reflexes/memory and abilities similar to that of the super villain Taskmaster.


Kate Bishop is a baseline human with no superhuman powers. However she does possess several skills, including:

  • Skilled Athlete: Kate is very athletic.
  • Proficient Martial Artist: She has been trained in self-defense, and is skilled in boxing, jiu jitsu, and other forms of unarmed combat.
  • Master Archer: Kate is an excellent archer.
  • Adept Swordswoman: She is adept in both fencing and sword fighting.
  • Cellist: Can play the cello.
  • Weaponry: She is skilled at using swords, bows, arrows, and battle staves.

Strength level

  • Kate possesses the strength of an average athletic teenager.


None known.


Equipment: None known.
Transportation: Hawkeye's Volkswagen Beetle
Weapons: Kate wields a variety of weapons modeled after ones she had obtained from the Avengers Mansion before returning them to Captain America:

  • Hawkeye's Battle Staves: Kate wields battle staves modeled after Mockingbird's Battle Staves.
  • Hawkeye's Bow: Kate formally used a bow of her own design before being given Hawkeye's Bow by Captain America.
  • Utility Belt: Kate wears a utility belt modeled and based after the one worn by the Black Widow.
  • Hawkeye's Sword: Kate wields a sword modeled after the Swordsman's Sword.


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  • Although Kate officially took on the mantle of "Hawkeye" when formerly given it by Captain America, her codename or lack thereof has been a recurring theme or sometimes joke:
    • She's been called "Hawkeye" for her surprising skill with Hawkeye's Bow.
    • She's been called "Taskmistress" because her photographic reflexes/memory ability is very similar to the super villain Taskmaster.
    • She's been jokingly referred to as "Hawkingbird" because of her combination of Hawkeye and Mockingbird's costumes.
    • "Weapon Woman" was offered as a suggestion because of her prowess with various weapons.
    • The media identified her simply as "Female Archer" while covering the Young Avengers early exploits.
    • She used her surname, "Bishop", as a codename from time to time.
    • She finally officially donned the title "Hawkeye" when Captain America decided it was a fitting honor.
    • She was passingly referred to as "Hawkette" once to differentiate her from Clint Barton, who was present in the same battle.
    • Kate and Clint jokingly call one another "Hawkeye" in exchanges to highlight the confusion of their shared nom de guerre.
    • She was called "Lady Hawkman" by the owners of a pharmacy after she saved them from looters following hurricane Sandy.
  • Unlike many of the other Young Avengers, Kate did not have any relation or connection to the Avengers or her namesake.
  • Kate can accurately shoot up to five arrows at the same time.
  • Kate has had several romantic interests as follows:
    • Hawkeye and Patriot showed some mutual attraction.
    • Hawkeye and Speed have frequently flirted with one another.
    • Hawkeye finds Bucky Barnes very attractive.

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