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Karla Sofen, also known as Moonchild, was just an ordinary police officer out on a call. She approached the subject of the call: a crashed alien spacecraft. From it emerges the injured Noh-Varr, who reveals that they must act quickly in order to stop the impending attack from the Kree faction led by Mra-El. She aids the alien against the Kree to stop the attack and save her life. Unfortunately, Noh-Varr's spacecraft exploded, seemingly injuring Karla and killing Noh-Varr. Karla emerged from the spacecraft with incredible powers equal to those of a Kree. Later, it is revealed that Noh-Varr was a mutant Kree, giving him enhanced abilities, and the ability to survive in a host's mind as a parasitic psychic entity. As such, he acts as Karla's guiding heroic force despite her troubled background.

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